Common Questions Regarding Bail Bonds in Los Angeles | Bail Bonds

Bail Conditions

Special conditions specified in the bail agreement, that vary depending on the type of bail bond and any restrictions imposed by the court. Some common bail conditions that may be specified are regular check-ins with bail agency, limited travel restrictions, continued employment and any court required drug counseling classes and or treatments.

The three conditions that are common to all bail bonds are:

  1. Obligation to appear to all court dates until the case is resolved.
  2. Pay all bail premium payments and fees.
  3. Notify the bail bonds company of any changes in residence address, phone number and place of employment with 72 hours.

The Bail conditions are put in place to ensure the defendant appears in court. If a person violates the conditions of bail, the defendant may be arrested and taken back to the jail or court where they face having to be bonded out of jail again.



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