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Despite being apprehended, you still have a chance to exit custody in the fastest and most efficient way possible. A bail or surety bond is the best way to obtain a discharge from a correctional facility. Bail is the funds you deposit with the court as assurance that you will honor scheduled meetings with the court after release pending trial. If you jump bail, the funds are forfeited. You should talk to a bond company if you are behind bars and want to exit jail fast. For arrests and detentions in La Quinta, Riverside County, you should talk to Bail Bonds. We will offer the best surety bond service to satisfy your expectations.

Handling La Quinta Arrests

When law enforcement officers reasonably believe you are violating the law, they can elect to apprehend you. The arrest must have probable cause to be legal. The apprehension should happen as per the provisions of the Fifth Amendment, meaning the officer must read the Miranda rights, which are:

  • You have the right to stay silent until your legal representative is present.
  • Any statements you make can and will be used as proof against you in trial.
  • You have a right to speak to your lawyer and have them present during interrogation.
  • If you cannot afford legal counsel, the state will appoint one on your behalf before interrogation.
  • You can decline to answer any questions from the police if your legal representative is not present.

During arrest, the law allows police to pat and frisk you for concealed weapons. Afterward, they will conduct a thorough search to look for proof of crime.

The police will then transport you to the nearest jail or police station, usually the La Quinta Sheriff’s Station, for arrests in Riverside. At the station, every item you possess during apprehension, including money, a phone, and other personal items, will be confiscated to form part of the inventory. They will then ask you to confirm if all your items are on the checklist before signing.

The next phase is booking. The booking process must happen within a reasonable time after the apprehension, where the police record your personal information like your D.O.B., official name, address, and phone number.

The officers will also take a mugshot and fingerprints. The fingerprints help police determine your criminal history and whether you have a pending arrest warrant.

Depending on your offense, the officers can subject you to a line-up with others suspected of the same crime. For other violations, the officers will take a sample of your handwriting.

After the booking, the police will place you in a cell at La Quinta Sheriff’s Station. This is the right time to call La Quinta bail bonds for a quick discharge from police custody.

Also, you must understand that for minor offenses, the police do not need to take you to the police station. Instead, they will ask you to append your signature to a written citation promising to appear for scheduled court proceedings after discharge. When you disregard the citation, you risk an arrest, and this time, you will need bail to leave police custody while awaiting court hearings.

Understanding La Quinta Bail

A citation does not always assure the authorities that you will honor your promise to be present in court when the judge instructs so, based on your crime’s nature. In these circumstances, you will require bail to obtain freedom. It is a set amount of money that you must deposit with the court as an assurance of future court appearances. The court does not specify the figure as punishment for your crime, but it is a guarantee you will be attending court. If you skip arranged hearings, you risk bail forfeiture and arrest.

However, you should understand that the court does not guarantee bail. The Constitution provides bail as a right, but it could be revoked under specific conditions. The court can deny you this pretrial relief if they believe discharging you increases the possibility of committing another crime outside, or you could flee to another state or country. If the court denies you bail, you will remain behind bars until your trial concludes and the judge issues a verdict. Therefore, you should know your rights and have an attorney represent you to prevent a violation of your rights.

You could be released on your own recognizance if it is your first misdemeanor crime and you have strong community ties. These releases are rare, but if you are lucky enough to obtain one, the court will only require you to sign some paperwork promising to appear in court on a future date when ordered, and in return, you will be released without paying bail.

Very few offenders are lucky enough to obtain own recognizance discharges. You must pay the bail fee to regain your freedom if you are not among the lucky ones. Unfortunately, bail is not cheap, particularly if you have committed a serious offense. The court sets the figure depending on several factors:

  • Your community standing.
  • Your criminal record.
  • Financial resources.

Even though the court has the discretion to set the figure, there is a list containing various crimes and bail fees called the bail schedule that predetermines bail. Therefore, the defendants appear in court for a bail hearing. The arresting officer can check these predetermined figures and advise what you should deposit to exit custody.

Posting Via a La Quinta Bail Bonds Service

After your bail has been set, you must deposit the funds to leave jail. You can pay cash, money order, or cashier’s check. Once the court receives the funds, they will issue you the paperwork authorizing your pretrial release and its terms.

Sadly, with many financial challenges, it is almost impossible to post bail that runs into thousands of dollars upfront. An average wage earner in Riverside County is struggling to pay bills. Adding bail to the monthly bills puts the entire family in a financial crisis. Therefore, do not pay bail in cash when you understand that doing so will put you in more debt and cause an economic crisis. And even if you have the funds to pay upfront, do not because it will take almost half a year for the court to release the funds after your case closes. Also, having your funds lay idle in an account without generating interest for years is not wise. You should invest the money or use it to hire an experienced defense lawyer to help you contest the charges and prevent a guilty verdict.

At Bail Bonds, we want to save you the financial hardships of paying bail upfront. We have several financing models to help make bail affordable. Contact our La Quinta bail bondsmen to post the bail for you. Our bondsmen will only ask you to deposit 10% of the total bail as a non-refundable fee, and we will deposit your bail. With a La Quinta bail bond, you can attain the same goal as paying cash bail, although at a lower cost, preventing the financial realm.

A surety bond is a signed agreement between you or your family and your La Quinta bail bonds service. In the deal, you pay the company a non-refundable fee, and in exchange, the company posts your full bail. Additionally, you promise to present yourself in court when the judge instructs and adheres to your pretrial discharge conditions.

Before you sign the contract, you should watch out for annual and cancellation fees. The premiums can be within the standard range, but some bondsmen introduce hidden charges in the form of cancellation and yearly renewal charges. If your trial exceeds one year and the contract you signed has an annual renewal fee, you must pay the amount, sometimes equal to the premium fee. With the backlog of cases in the judicial system, a trial can quickly run for years, resulting in additional costs when your contract has annual renewal charges.

Likewise, you should look out for cancellation fees. The prosecutor needs convincing evidence to file formal charges. If the file presented by the authorities does not contain compelling evidence, the prosecutor will not file charges. They will return the file to the police for further investigation. Also, with overcrowded jails, the prosecutor can take too long or fail to bring formal counts against you within a reasonable time, resulting in bail cancellation. If you have already secured bail through a surety bond, the bond will be canceled and reinstated when the prosecutor files the charges. Many bondmen use this situation to exploit clients by double-charging. Be cautious of these bondsmen because they make surety bonds expensive. Luckily, Bail Bonds only charges you the initial fee, so you do not have to worry about cancellation fees.

When you skip court hearings, the La Quinta bondsman will forfeit the funds posted on your behalf. Therefore, they will be responsible for your court appearances and ensure you are present for court hearings. Nevertheless, there is still a risk that you will not present yourself in court, so the bondsman will require collateral. It can be your vehicle, house, or real property whose value is sufficient to cover the entire bail. If the bondsman forfeits their funds, they can repossess the collateral and auction it to recover the lost funds.

La Quinta Bail Bonds Process

If you elect to exit police custody or a correctional facility through a surety bond in La Quinta, contact Bail Bonds. You can acquire the bond yourself or rely on a loved one who is outside. Our bondmen will need your name, D.O.B., criminal record, employer, address, and phone number to locate you. Therefore, if someone is handling your pretrial discharge, ensure they have these details to make it easier for us to find you. Also, you must complete the application forms, which take approximately thirty minutes.

If you and the bondsman handling your discharge fill out the forms correctly, you will pay the premium. The fee is usually a fraction of the total bail. California law fixes the price at 10% to protect clients from exploitation by some bondmen. However, if denoted, your fee can be reduced to 8% or increased to 15%. When the law does not imply an increase or a decrease and your bondsman is under or overcharging, it is a red flag, and you should hire elsewhere or contact your defense lawyer. You can pay the fee in cash, money order, check, credit, or debit card.

Once you have paid the fees to cover the costs of the bond process, we will send a bondsman to the place where you are detained to process your release. Pretrial discharges happen during the day or night and on weekends, so never feel like you need a specific time to contact your bondsman. Your discharge process can start at any time. When your La Quinta bail bonds service pays the bond, you will be released immediately if your application is done correctly.

After release, you must adhere to specific conditions, primarily showing up in court for scheduled hearings. When you do not show up and the court forfeits the funds posted for you, the company will seize the collateral and sell it to recoup the lost funds. Not all companies demand collateral to offer their surety bond services. In these situations, your La Quinta bondsman will send a bounty hunter to apprehend and present you to the police. The bounty hunter works on a timeline, usually a few weeks. If the duration lapses without them tracking you, the bondsman will lose the funds to the court.

Jail and Court Information

La Quinta Sheriff’s Station

(Riverside County Sheriff’s Department)

86-625 Airport Blvd.

Thermal, CA, 92274

760 863-8990

Civic Center Community Policing Office

78-495 Calle Tampico

La Quinta, CA, 92253

760 771-3220

Superior Court of California, Riverside County

Palm Spring Courthouse

3255 E Tahquitz Canyon Way,

Palm Spring, CA 92262


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