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The last place you would like to find yourself or a loved one is in a jail cell. If by chance you unfortunately end up in jail, your first concern should be to secure your freedom. You can achieve this by posting bail, which is a set amount of money you pay in exchange for your freedom until the determination of your criminal case. Hollywood Bail Bonds is committed to helping clients navigate through the overwhelming process of posting bail. If you are in the Hollywood area, you can seek reliable Bail Bond services from our agency.

Understanding the Bail Bonds Process

After an arrest, the police take you into custody and initiate the booking process. Booking entails recording your personal information, including date of birth, name, and physical characteristics. The police also make a written statement of your alleged crime. Booking also includes checking your criminal history and recording your fingerprints and photographs. The police may also search you and confiscate your personal belongings, including purses, keys, or phone. The police later return the seized items to you upon your release. The final stage in the booking process entails placing you in a local jail or holding cell.

For minor offenses, the police may give you a written citation and release you. All you have to do is to sign the citation and promise to show up in court later. However, for some offenses, you have to go through the bail and bond process.

Arraignment is the next step where the law enforcement officers read to you your charges, then allow you to make plans for your release. Before your freedom, the authorities have to be sure that you will show up in future court proceedings. In some instances, the authorities may release you on your own recognizance. This entails making a written promise to show up in court when you are required to. In deciding whether to release you on your own recognizance, the authorities may consider several factors. The factors include your criminal history and the nature of the offense. The authorities also consider whether you will be a threat to the community and whether you are likely to flee. 

At times, making a written promise to show up in court is not adequate to warrant your release. The court may require a monetary guarantee that you will be present for all court hearings in the future. You are required to pay a certain sum of money to gain release from police custody. This is where Hollywood Bail Bonds come in where you may not be able to raise the bail amount on your own.

A bail bond is an agreement expressed in the form of writing between the court, bail bonds agent, the defendant, and a co-signer.  The co-signer takes charge and ensures the defendant meets all the court requirements. A defendant pays a certain portion of the bail amount and a fee amounting to 10%. The bail bond agency covers the rest of the amount. Upon paying bail, you also make a promise to show up in court for future court proceedings. If you honor all the important court dates, the court may return the bail amount to you. However, failure to honor future court dates may lead to arrest and forfeiture of the bail amount. 

In deciding whether to grant bail and the bail amount, the court holds a bail hearing. At the bail hearing, the court considers the physical and mental condition of the suspect. In some instances, a bail schedule helps determine the amount of bail a defendant has to post to seek release from jail.  Other factors considered include family ties, financial resources, criminal history, drug use history, and previous record regarding the suspect's court appearances.

After How Long Are You Released from Jail

Immediately after bail posting, the release process begins. The amount of time it takes for your release depends on the jail facility. Different jail facilities have different procedures, and these determine the time of the release of detained persons. Typically, a defendant can gain freedom in as little as 2 hours or as much as 12 hours, depending on the facility.

Bail Bond Fees in California

Different states have different mandated bail bond fees. In California, the prescribed bail bond fee is 10% of the entire bond amount. According to California law, the bail bond  fee is non-refundable, and it is not negotiable. Some bail bonds providers may offer some preferential rates for personnel actively involved in military duties or for elderly persons. 

Types of Bail Bonds

Several kinds of bail bonds exist.  A property bail bond entails putting up personal property as collateral to cover the cost of bail bond. If a defendant has a domestic violence charge, he/she may require a domestic violence bail bond. Defendants arrested on a weapon's charge may require a weapon's bail bond. If you are visiting the United States from another location and you face an arrest while in the U.S, you may require an immigration bail bond. 

Paying for a Bail Bond

There are many ways of paying for a bail bond. A cash bond entails making a full cash payment of the bail amount to the jail to secure the release of a defendant. In the case of a surety bond, a co-signer pays a 10% fee upfront on top of the bail bonds agency fee. When making a payment for a surety bond, various payment methods can apply.  The methods include cash payment, money order, cashier's check, debit or credit card payments, among others.

Skipping Bail

A defendant may be guilty of skipping bail if he/she leaves his/her place of residence or fails to show up in court. In this case, the court issues a warrant of arrest of the defendant and allows sometime before bail forfeiture. If the defendant shows up in court, the court may reinstate bail as long as the defendant offers a reasonable explanation for failing to attend court proceedings. If a defendant totally fails to show up in court, the court forfeits the full amount of bond. The bonds agent pays the full bond amount to the detention facility and later collects the money from the defendant’s co-signer.

Release of Bail Money after the  Close of a Case

The amount of time it takes to release bail money may vary depending on the court that tried the case. Typically, it may take between four weeks to six weeks after the completion of the case before the release of the money. In instances where the property is used as bail collateral, the process may be longer. Upon the release of a bail bond, your Hollywood Bail Bonds agency picks up the money and paperwork. The agency then meets with the co-signer, and together they close the case.

Contacting a Bail Bondsman

You should contact your Hollywood bail bonds agent immediately after you learn about your arrest.  A reliable agent should be available at any time of day or night. After all, an arrest happens when you least expect it, be it at night or during the day. Your bail bond agent should be there for you even on weekends, holidays, or at night. The role of the bail bonds agent is to make your release easy.

Other than availability, other qualities of a reliable bail bonds provider include:


Consider the rates and fees of different Hollywood bail bond providers. This comparison will help you choose the provider that offers affordable rates. Consider whether the provider has some additional charges. For instance, some bail bonds providers may charge you an extra amount for appearing at your bail hearing and yet, some other providers may not charge. If your case extends beyond 365 days, some providers may charge an annual premium usually 10%. Consider whether the provider charges liability or resumption fees, which are fees on bonds reinstated after forfeiture. At times, the District Attorney (D.A) may file the charges late. This would call for a replacement bond once the D.A files the charges. Consider whether your provider charges bond rewrite fees. 

A bail bond is an unexpected expense. Most people find it hard to pay even the 10% premium on the total bail amount. A good bail bonds provider should offer clients a flexible and affordable payment plan. 

Competence of the Bail Bonds Agent

You should only go for a provider who is highly skilled and trained in bail bonds. A qualified agent should uphold your privacy throughout the bail process. In addition, you have a right to confidential and secure paperwork and files. No matter your situation, you have a right to privacy and ultimate security of any information you provide to a bail bonds company. 


A good Hollywood bail bonds provider should walk with your every step of the way. An arrest can be extremely frustrating, especially if you have no experience dealing with courts or law enforcement officers. A good bail bonds agency should offer you the necessary expertise and knowledge to take you through the release and court process. The agent should help you understand the court obligations as well. Often bail bonds providers work hand in hand with law enforcement agencies and courts. Your agent should advise you on the decisions to make concerning your court case.

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