Orange County Warrants

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Orange County issues arrest warrants for a variety of reasons; it could be that the defendant has failed to appear in court after the judge ordered a mandatory appearance or they failed to pay a fine to the court. Often times Orange County Warrants are issued when a defendant has been sentences to community service or participate in an Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) class, but fails to do so, or fails to provide the court with proof of completion. This would cause an arrest warrant to be issued, a.k.a a bench warrant.

Bench Warrant

A bench warrant is issued by an Orange County Judge or Justice of the Peace after reviewing information and evidence provided by the investigating agency, such as the O.C. Sheriff’s Department or other local police departments such as the Santa Ana warrant, Fullerton warrant or Newport Beach Police warrant. Warrants in Orange County are put into a database that can be viewed at the O.C. Sheriffs website or the O.C.courts website.

When a crime is committed in view of a police officer an arrest warrant is not necessary. Examples would by crimes such as driving under the influence (DUI), possession of a controlled substance or felony assault.

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