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When the police arrest you in Orange County, you have a right to leave the custody on bail. The bail bond will act as insurance between you and the court. You will agree to return to the court for future court dates, and in return, the court will regain their collateral or payment. Many people in Irvine do not have the finances to pay high bail amounts. The court may even place thousands of dollars as your bail, especially when you have a severe crime. Irvine bail bonds are here for you. We offer a flexible payment plan since we understand your financial situation. We have helped countless people seeking to post bail in Irvine.

Arrest and Booking Process in Orange County

When the police arrest you over a suspicious criminal offense, the first stop will be at the nearest police or sheriff’s station. Upon arriving at the custody, you will undergo a process known as booking. The booking process will include the following steps:

  • Taking of fingerprints
  • Interrogation
  • Identity verification
  • Formal charges
  • Property inventory
  • Mug shot

The booking exercise will take approximately 5 hours. Upon completing the booking process, the arresting officers will decide whether to release you on recognizance or release you after posting your bail. You want to speak with your criminal defense attorney immediately after your arrest to guide you on what to do next.

Setting Bail in Orange County

A panel of judges use bail schedules to determine your bail amount. The bail schedule allows the court to determine your bail. The judges have the authority to either reduce or increase the bail amount. They will do so depending on the nature of the crime and whether you pose a risk to society. After the court sets the bail, you might walk out of jail by posting it or wait in custody until your trial. When you have insufficient money to post the bail by yourself, you might speak with a well insured and licensed bail bond company to help you post the bail.

The bondsmen will provide you with a bail application form for you to fill. You might even fill the document online without moving to the bail bond company. After you file the necessary paperwork, the bail bonds company will send one of their bondsman to post the bail. In California, the bondsmen may post the bail anytime, 24/7. So, you will not have to wait for the regular working hours to post the bail. We will even serve you over the holidays or weekends.

What’s the Cost of Bail?

Now you know how bail is posted, but you might still be wondering about the bail cost. The bail amount will vary based on the nature of the crime you are facing. Regardless of the bail amount, the total fee will be around 10% of the full bail amount. For instance, when the court sets your bail at $40,000, the fee of the bail bond will be $4,000. Seek legal help from your attorney to help you calculate your bail.

Upon completing the paperwork and paying the bail amount, the arresting officers will allow you to walk out of custody. Based on the staff, the jail and your situation, it will take around 30 minutes to around 12hours for the arresting officers to release you after posting the bail.

Conditions of Bail in Irvine

When the court sets a reduced bail amount, or you walk out of jail on your recognizance, the judges will more likely inflict conditions. Your criminal defense lawyer may also recommend conditions when attempting to convince the judge to reduce the bail amount.

There are compulsory conditions the court will place on your release. Also, the court may suggest other new conditions. The following are the common conditions of bail in California:

  • The court will put you under a house/home arrest
  • You will have to surrender your driver’s license and passport
  • The court may restrict you from communicating with the alleged victim
  • The court may recommend you avoid drinking any amount of alcohol as you drive

What Will Happen When You Fail to Show Up at the Court as Scheduled?

When you post bail to walk out of the custody, you will risk bail forfeiture to the criminal court. Also, when you place collateral with the bondsmen, they may sell the property to recover the amount of money they will forfeit to the criminal court. When you don't place your item as collateral, the bondsmen will hire bounty hunters to look for you and return you to custody.

The bondsmen will pay the bounty hunters a certain percentage of the total bail amount when they apprehend you. The law gives them authority to arrest and return you to the custody where you fled. The court will provide the bail bond company a grace period to apprehend you. Otherwise, they will pay the entire bail amount. Avoid the consequences by observing the conditions of the bail and seeking legal help from your attorney whenever you don’t understand the legal process.

The Common Types of Bail Bonds in Orange County

Every criminal case is unique and comes with different circumstances. When you or your friend face an arrest, you might find it challenging to post your bail. However, Irvine Bail Bonds is here to help you. By contacting us, we will help you determine the best type of bail bond that suits your situation, as discussed below. Thus we will even help you know the difference in every kind of bail bond. The following are the common types of bail bonds in California:

Federal Bonds

When you face a federal case, you will be eligible for a federal bond. The crimes eligible for federal bends include homicide, armed robbery and kidnapping. Federal bonds come with higher bail amounts than other types of bonds. Speak with your attorney to help you know whether you qualify for a federal bail bond in California.

Cash Bonds

Cash bonds involve you posting the bail in cash. Sometimes, you might not have enough money to post the bail in cash. However, you might request your loved ones or friend to post the bail on your behalf. If you don’t have sufficient money, you seek help from a well-licensed bail bond company. The cash bonds are majorly used under circumstances where the court perceives you as a flight risk. The criminal court will receive the money regardless of whether you will appear at the court or not.

Property Bonds

Another common type of bail bond in California is property bonds. California laws allow you to post bail through a property bond. The bonds will enable you to buy an item or property of value as collateral to secure your release. The property bonds will take much time before they are processed, unlike under surety or cash bonds. The court will have to thoroughly assess the item you provide to work as your collateral. The item must have a value twice the bail amount set by the court.

Surety Bonds

Many licensed bail bond agents use surety bonds. The bond is an agreement between you and the bondsman. You promise the bail bond agent to pay a certain percentage of your bail amount and that they will cover the rest. The bail bond comes with promises and consequences. For example, when you fail to observe the terms of the bond, it will become forfeited and face several other consequences. Sometimes, the bondsmen might ask you to place collateral as you secure the bond. The collateral may include real estate or any other item of value.

Immigration Bonds

The bonds are special and provided to secure the undocumented immigrants walk out of jail. Immigration cases are handled by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). Also, the department of homeland security (DHS) handles the cases. Thus if you are an undocumented immigrant, you want to speak with an attorney to help you secure the bail bond. The bail bonds, however, are not common in the state.

The Charges Which Require You to Post a Bail Bond in Orange County

Many criminal charges will require you to post bail for you to walk out of jail. Minor offenses require cash bonds. The cash bonds are usually below $1,000, and you pay them fully in cash to the court. Since the cash bonds involve small amounts, you will likely not need the services of bondsmen. The offenses which require you to post bail come in two classes, felonies or misdemeanors. The crimes include:

  • Theft
  • Battery
  • Assault
  • Manslaughter
  • Terrorism
  • Sexual offenses
  • Armed robbery
  • Driving while impaired
  • Possessing stolen property
  • Domestic violence
  • Possessing drug paraphernalia
  • Conversion
  • Possessing concealed weapon

The above is a partial list of the charges that will require you to post bail in Orange County. However, you want to speak with your criminal defense attorney immediately after your arrest to help you know whether the crime you face is eligible for bail.

Why Choose Irvine Bail Bonds?

When the law enforcement officers arrest your loved one, you want to seek an experienced bail bond agent for legal guidance but not a slick salesman. Going for the wrong bail bond company might attract unnecessary anxiety and other costs. The right bail bond agent will place your mind at ease and even answer every question you have. Thus Irvine bail bonds agents are the right partners you want to work with today. We will offer unmatched bail bond services and help you enjoy the following services:

Experienced and compassionate Professionals

In a situation like this, you will require an expert to provide legal help throughout the bail bond process and not a salesman or an answering service that lacks professionalism and knowledge. Our attorneys have been serving clients across Orange County for decades. We answer your questions politely and honestly. Thus we are the best bail bonds company to work within Irvine.

No Hidden Fees

Many bail bond companies in the market only advertise to attract many clients. After they attract them, they end up imposing higher fees. Our Irvine bail bonds agents are honest and believe in transparency when providing bail bond services to clients. We don’t charge any hidden fees. We even discuss with you to help understand the fees and why we are charging you. Don’t hesitate to contact our bail bond company as soon as the police arrest you.

We Offer Flexible Payment Plans

Our Irvine bail bond agents understand paying bail might be difficult and expensive. That’s the great reason we come in. Our professionals offer you flexible payment plans to ease the process of paying the bail. We provide weekly or monthly plans to meet your tight budgetary requirements. Don’t even worry about extra taxes or charges. We will ensure you understand what you are paying before you commit yourself to the contract. We might even provide a discount to you when you meet certain aspects.

We Provide Bail Bond Services Over the Phone, Email or Fax

Our bail bonds agents provide reliability and fast via the internet. Also, the professionals offer faster services to the clients who have just received bad news about the arrest of their loved ones. Our agents are spread in Orange County, in the state and even in the country.

After you call, we will send you our application by email or fax anytime, either during the day or night time. You will only take a short time to complete the application. We will keep your paperwork confidential and secure all the time, so don’t worry about your information. We will organize you to complete the bail process online without walking to our offices.

Jail and Courthouse Information in Orange County

Orange county men’s jail

550 North Flower street

Santa ana, California 92703


Orange County Detention Center

525 North Flower Street

Santa Ana, California 92703


Theo Lacy Center

501 The City Dr South

Orange, California 92868


Women’s Central Center

44 Civic Center Plaza

Santa Ana, California 92703


The Superior Court of California

700 West Center Dr

Santa Ana, California 92701


Lamoreaux Courthouse

341 The City Dr South

Orange, California 92868


Orange County Traffic Courthouse

1275 North Berkeley Avenue

Fullerton, California 92832

Old Orange County Court

211 West Santa Ana Blvd

Santa Ana, California 92701


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