When the police arrest you in California, the first thing running through your mind is how you can exit the jail. The police can either release you on own recognizance (OR) or after you post bail. You may post the bail either through property or cash. If you cannot post bail, you can seek legal help from a bondsman.

The criminal court can hold a bail hearing to determine the bail. During the bail hearing, ensure your attorney is present to help convince the court to reduce the bail. At Bail Bonds Company, we stand by to help you secure your release. We offer our bail services regardless of when the police arrest you. Therefore, we are here if you seek to post bail in Covina.

Understanding Bail and Bonds in Los Angeles

In California, bail is the amount of money you post at the courthouse in exchange for your release. During your release, you promise to appear for the scheduled court dates. Failure to comply with the conditions has serious consequences. Alternatively, the bail bond is the agreement between you and the bondsmen to post the bail.

When the police suspect you have violated the law, they take you to the nearest detention facility. Do not panic when you find yourself in jail for the first time. In the detention facility, the arresting officers conduct a booking process. The process involves many activities, including taking your fingerprints and confiscating your property.

The booking process takes a maximum of eight hours after the arrest. Remember, you have a right to an attorney. Contact your criminal defense attorney immediately when you are in a similar situation. The attorney will guide you on what to do next. Posting bail is one of the best pieces of advice the attorney will offer.

Bail Hearing in California in Los Angeles

A bail hearing is a court proceeding in which the arrestee convinces the court to release them on their own recognizance or release them after posting bail. If the court grants the release on personal recognizance, you promise to appear at all scheduled court dates without posting bail. The courthouse may place monetary conditions as part of the release on personal recognizance.

During the bail hearing, the judge listens to the arguments from both the arrestee and the prosecution team. The hearing ends if your criminal defense attorney is happy with your release on your own recognizance. Alternatively, if the judge denies you the freedom of personal recognizance, your criminal defense attorney can attempt to have the court reduce your bail.

In California, a bail hearing can occur during the court arraignment or anytime during the court proceeding. The law requires your criminal defense attorney to give the court two days' notice before requesting the bail hearing. During the bail hearing, the court assumes the charges are true. To set, deny, or grant bail, the judge considers the following factors:

  • Public safety.
  • Your past criminal records.
  • The severity of the crime.
  • The probability of the defendant showing up at the court.
  • Previous FTAs.
  • Your ties with the society.
  • Your employment status.

The main factor to consider when setting bail is public safety. When the crime in question is serious or the security of the public becomes an issue, the judge sets the bail according to the bail schedule unless unusual circumstances surround the crime. A bail schedule shows all crimes compared to their fair bail amounts. But the court also considers unique factors like the defendant's age and medical situation.

Since the judge can deny or reduce the bail, they also have the power to raise it. The prosecutor can present other factors against the defendant during the bail hearing. For example, the prosecutor can bring up facts like previous probation violations.

The law gives judges great discretion when setting bail. So, you require the services of a well-skilled attorney after your arrest. The lawyer will advise you on what to do following your arrest. Also, the attorney will help you convince the court to reduce the bail.

How Covina Bail Bonds Service Can Help You to Post Bail

Bail is the money you pay at the courthouse to secure your release. The court will return your money if you return for all scheduled court dates. However, if you fail to return for the court-ordered dates, the court forfeits the bail.

You may post the bail by paying in cash. Also, you can use the services of a well-experienced bondsman to post bail. Many bondsmen in California charge you a certain service fee. The bail service is often 10% of the entire bail amount. Remember, the bail fee is nonrefundable.

Sometimes the bondsmen require you to place an item of value as collateral. The collateral can either be property or cash. If you skip the court dates, the bondsmen can sell the property to recover their money. The court gives the bondsmen a grace period if you, as the defendant, fail to appear for the predetermined court dates.

Many bondsmen hire bounty hunters to apprehend you and take you back into custody. The bounty hunters can locate you or even fail to find you. If the bondsmen fail to take the defendant into custody, the court forfeits the entire bail.

Conditions of Bail Bonds in Los Angeles

Your criminal defense attorney can present recommendations before the judge when the court decides to release you on bond with the pending trial. The recommendations are known as conditions of bail. Also, the judge can propose the best conditions for your release.

Therefore, when the court imposes conditions, you want to observe the conditions. Violation of the conditions can have a significant impact on your future. The following are the potential conditions your criminal defense attorney can present before the court:

  • Surrendering your passport.
  • Travel restrictions.
  • Entering a treatment facility.
  • Surrendering your professional license.
  • Installing an IID device in your vehicle.

Remember, according to California law, you have a right to an attorney. The attorney is essential in helping the court impose conditions in exchange for your release. Working with an experienced attorney immediately after your arrest is a step forward. Remember, the attorney will help you before you post bail and after you post bail. As the arrestee, ensure you follow the court-ordered bail conditions.

What Happens When You Fail to Appear at the Court as Ordered?

When you agree to work with a bail bond company and secure the bail through bondsmen, you must appear in court as scheduled. When you violate the contract, you place both you and your bondsmen in trouble. For example, the court can issue an arrest warrant against you. Again, the bondsmen can forfeit your property. Therefore, ensure you observe the agreement and comply with the requirements.

Many bounty hunters in California have a law enforcement background, giving them experience in capturing and locating bail bond jumpers. Also, bounty hunters have good training to protect themselves against resisting criminals. They use trickster techniques, persuasion, and research methods to re-arrest the fugitives. The following are the common methods used by bounty hunters to capture fugitives:

  • Criminal record checks.
  • Surveillance.
  • Contacting friends and family members.
  • Entering the fugitive home without an arrest warrant.

Types Of Bail Bonds Offered By Covina Bail Bonds Service

There are various types of bail bonds in California. The most important types of bail bonds you want to know about include the following:

Cash Bond

A "cash bond" refers to paying your bail in cash. Normally, the judge sets cash bonds in situations where the defendant may be a flight risk. It ensures the court receives the payment even when the defendant fails to appear during the hearing. If you have money, walking out of jail becomes a simple task.

You receive your money back when you successfully attend all your court dates and your case ends. So, you do not lose any money by paying bail in cash. However, at most times, you may need more funds to pay the entire bail amount. In this case, you can contact a bail bond agent to pay your bail amount.

Property Bonds

A "property bond" refers to paying a bail bond using your property as collateral. Property bonds are similar to cash bonds, but the difference is that instead of using cash to secure bail, you use property to ensure your release. When using a property bond, you want to have full rights to the property as collateral.

Property bonds take more time to be processed, as the court requires time to process the bond. The court has to assess the property’s value before it is accepted. It can take weeks to complete all the inspections and paperwork. For the court to accept the property, its value must be twice the original amount of bail determined by the court.

Surety Bail Bond

A surety bond is one of the most common types of bail bonds. A surety bail bond is an agreement between the arrestee and the bail bondsman in which the client pays a percentage of the bail amount and the bail bondsman pays the rest. Usually, the client pays 10 percent of the bail amount.

The bail bondsman pays the amount under the legal assumption that you will pay it back in full.

You also issue collateral to the bail agents to secure a surety bond. When you fail to appear in court, you risk losing the 10 percent bail amount and collateral. Therefore, you want to meet all your court dates and appointments.

Federal Bond

A federal bond is important for you when charged with a federal crime. Examples of federal offenses include kidnapping, homicide, and robbery with violence. It may take days or weeks to secure as the judge handling the case determines the amount.

Federal bail bonds have higher charges and are more difficult to obtain than other bonds. A federal bail bond comes with conditions like drug testing, pretrial monitoring, and travel restrictions.

Personal Recognizance Release

Recognizance release is among the most desirable types of bail bonds. With a recognizance release, you don’t have to pay any money to secure your release. Own-recognizance release depends on the arresting officer’s decision.

Own recognizance release means the judge has determined that you, the defendant, have been granted release on your own trust alone. Therefore, you are granted release on your own recognizance, and you can go home and wait for your trial without making any payment. You can easily secure the release if you have a good record.

Why Work With Covina Bail Bonds Service

After your family member or friend's arrest, you might have insufficient funds to post bail in cash. You must make your decision quickly. Do you know the qualities of the best bail bond company? Choosing a reputable and well-licensed bail bond company will make the process of obtaining bail smooth. That is why you want to work with our Covina bail bonds service and enjoy the following bail bond services:

  • Fair Rates

A good bail bond company should offer you a contract outlining the premiums and any additional fees. Again, the agreement should describe the property you want to place as collateral. You must also know the situations under which you will lose your monetary funds or collateral.

The bondsmen should also inform you of the circumstances under which you will pay the full bail amount. Our Covina bail bonds service charges you 10% of your bail when the alleged crime is a state offense. We charge you 15% of your bail when you commit a federal offense.

  • Well-licensed and Qualified Bondsmen

In California, all bail bond companies should be licensed. Also, the companies should have well-qualified bondmen. Once you ask the bondsmen about their qualifications, they must be able to present documentation to prove they are allowed by the law to work within the state. Our Covina bail bondsmen are well-skilled and trained. Our bail bonds company is well-insured and licensed. Therefore, do not hesitate to work with us today.

  • Around-the-Clock Bail Services

Do you know that bail is posted 24/7 in California? The police can arrest criminals at any time of the day. Therefore, should you wait to work with a bail bond company that offers its services during business hours? No, you want to seek bail services from a bond company that provides around-the-clock bail services. Working with a Covina bail bonds service is the best thing you can do after your arrest. We allow you to post bail in the comfort of your home.

  • Experienced Bondsmen

Experience is everything you want to look for when finding a bondsman. During the bail bond process, you want to work with a bondsman you can trust. Our Covina bail bonds service has extensive knowledge of posting bail.

We have a close relationship with the judges and the arresting officers. Our experience helps us find the best solution for your situation. An inexperienced bondsman can only worsen your situation. We have helped many criminal suspects escape jail after posting bail.

  • We Listen to Your Case

One of the best things to consider when choosing a bondsman is a person who is concerned about your case. You want to be more than just a person on the bondsmen list. You want to work with someone who listens to your case and is focused on helping you. Our Covina bail bonds service has a good reputation with its clients.

We know you do not have sufficient money to post bail, and we do not take this as an advantage of your situation. Do you know that your case does not end after you post bail? We advise you on what to do next after you have posted bail. We know the best law firms and refer you to the best attorneys to take over your case.

  • Bilingual Services

Our Covina bail bonds service comprises experienced bondsmen who post bail for people with different backgrounds. Remember, America is a home for many people with varied backgrounds. Therefore, when a non-American citizen is arrested, the person may find it challenging to post bail.

Although a few know English, the expression might be a great challenge. Therefore, if you are an immigrant in America and seek to post bail, we are here for you. We do not allow language barriers to hinder you from posting bail and enjoying your rights.

Jail Information in Covina

West Covina detention facility

1444 west avenue street

West Covina, California 91790


Covina police station

444 north citrus avenue

Covina, California 91723


Los angeles county jail

450 bauchet street

Los angeles, California 90012


LASD inmate center

11705 Alameda street

Los Angeles, California 90059


Courthouse Information in Covina

West Covina court

1427 west Covina pkwy

West Covina, California 91790


LA municipal courthouse

1427 west Covina # 120

West Covina, California 91790


East Los Angeles court

4848 civic center way

East Los Angeles, California 90022


Pomona superior courthouse

400 civic center plaza

Pomona, California, 91766


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