Facing an arrest is an awful experience, but thankfully, Bail Bonds Company is here to assist you. You do not have to stay in custody waiting for a court trial, yet we have pocket-friendly bail rates in Vernon. We will help you gain freedom from detention and resume your daily chores. You do not need to meet us physically to complete the bail process.

We allow our clients to apply for bail bonds from their homes through online platforms or phones. We have walked the journey with many defendants for decades, providing affordable Vernon bail bonds. Our Vernon office has local bondsmen with full knowledge regarding the courts and local detention facilities. We do everything possible to provide impeccable customer service. You can contact us for prompt help in three convenient ways: online, by visiting our office, or via phone.

Myths About Vernon Bail Bonds

Several myths exist regarding bail bonds in Vernon. Most people associate bail bond companies with rough-looking men and symbols of chains. The big problem that faces the bail industry is proving to clients that seeking bail bonds is not shameful but a convenient way to freedom. In addition, not all bondsmen are power-hungry or corrupt; most bondsmen have a genuine interest in the well-being of their clients. They are always willing to go the extra mile to provide the best services to their clients. Below are some of the common myths and misconceptions about bail bonds:

Bondsmen Abandon Clients After Posting Bail

Even after posting a bond, a bondsman stays close to ensure that you abide by the terms of release. You will still need to report to court even if you are out on bail. You must also adhere to the rules imposed because failure could lead to more brutal repercussions. For example, if you break the terms and conditions of release, the court could issue a warrant for your arrest to have you back in custody.

Your bondsman could create more conditions to ensure you meet the payment conditions. A reliable and good bondsman will do more than secure a client's freedom from custody. They will assist the client in wading the legal process and always inform them of when the court hearings are due.

Bail Bondsmen Are Scammers

The biggest myth regarding bondsmen is that they do not follow the legal process but only want to defraud you of your money. This is false because bail bond providers are highly regulated, and bondsmen must have a license to offer bond services. Bondsmen are regulated since they play a vital role in the criminal justice system. More often than not, when you seek the services of a bail bondsman, it is beneficial because it allows you to gain freedom from custody and resume your daily chores. This also allows you to hire an attorney to help create a defense for your charges. You can use your money to hire an attorney instead of using it to pay a massive sum of the bail amount.

The Bail Bonds Industry Is Not Regulated

The Vernon bail bonds industry is highly regulated. Bail bond agents must have a valid license before they provide bail bond services. In some States, bondsmen must take continuing education courses and meet various financial requirements. They also must sit and pass state exams and background checks. Unlike in the past, the bail bonds industry is far more regulated and far away from the Wild West.

Most bondsmen are hardworking and reliable people who cannot take advantage of their customers. Many bondsmen will work around the clock to ensure they secure your freedom from custody instead of having you stay in detention awaiting trial.

Gone are the days when rogue operators who would do anything to make profits characterized the bond industry. Bond providers are honest people who meet all the requirements for becoming a bondsman in Vernon.

Bail Is Too Expensive, And Bondsmen Control The Bail Price

A common myth that most people believe is that bail is always set at a high value, and you must post it in full. However, this is false; bail is affordable since bail bond providers work with you to meet your financial needs. Bail bond agents have no power to set bail prices, which is another common myth. In setting bail, bondsmen have no authority and cannot order the judge to reduce the bail amount. However, your attorney can request the judge to reduce the bail. However, the judge relies on their discretion to reduce or increase the bail amount.

Bondsmen set payments based on the unique circumstance of your case. If you do not have enough money to pay the bail premium, most bondsmen are willing to work out a repayment plan that suits your financial situation. A bondsman will help you regain freedom from jail and resume a regular life without breaking your bank account.

The most severe myth that keeps individuals unnecessarily locked up is the belief that bail is out of their reach or they will lose everything, including their estates if they seek a bail bond. However, you can acquire bail bonds with affordable monthly installments, gain freedom from custody, and resume your life while awaiting court hearings. You need to make the bail bondsman aware of your financial situation and needs so that they do not set the payment of the installments too high.

A related myth is that bondsmen control the bail cost. The law outlines the highest premium that bondsmen can charge for their services. The bail bond premium is usually 10% of the bail figure. Some bondsmen could give discounts and charge less than this. However, bondsmen cannot charge a premium of more than 10%.

A Bondsman Is The Same As A Bounty Hunter

A bail bondsman and a bounty hunter are two completely separate individuals and professions. However, in rare situations, a bondsman could seek the services of a bounty hunter to pursue a defendant who fails to honor the court-set hearings.

Without Cash, You Cannot Secure Your Freedom

Cash is not the only means to pay a bondsman. You can always use collateral. Collateral is a form of payment to the bondsman using assets. You or your relative will have to pay a percentage of the total bail premium and secure the rest with collateral.

Bondsmen Handle Shady Deals

Often, bond dealers are regarded as bad people who raid people's residents and defraud them. However, that is false because bondsmen play a vital role in the justice system. For example, they assist defendants who cannot post their bail and save time and money for individuals who work in law enforcement.

Choosing The Best Bondsman

Learning that your loved one is in custody or finding yourself in custody can be upsetting. You would make efforts to secure your freedom from jail until you go to a court trial. This means that you need to seek the services of a licensed bondsman.

There are numerous Vernon bail bonds providers. However, you need to choose the right bondsman because not all bail professionals are the same. You will enjoy peace of mind with the right bondsman while knowing that you are entrusting a crucial financial decision to a caring and competent professional. Some of the qualifications of the best bondsmen include:

A Bondsman Should Be Available And Accessible

When you are looking for the best qualities of a bondsman, consider the availability and accessibility. In most cases, a bondsman must appear in jail to post bail to secure your freedom from custody. Your release from custody could be delayed if the bondsman you work with fails to respond when you contact them. Before you contact a bondsman, do your research to learn about their reputation and availability. 

Flexibility In Payment

You should also consider the flexibility of payments when choosing your bondsman. While the law requires all bondsmen to charge the same fees, various companies offer different payment agreements. You will need to find a company willing to create a payment plan if you cannot pay the premium in full or put the collateral for the bond. Your bondsman needs to take time to understand your financial position and create a plan that suits you.

Choose a Bail Bondsman With a Great Reputation

You must look at a bondsman's reputation. Talk to your friends or look up reviews online about other clients’ experiences with the bondsman. It is best to work with a bondsman that has been in the community for years and has a strong history. The bondsman must have great relationships and be familiar with the court systems to ensure that he/she can help you secure your freedom from custody faster and with less hassle.

Choose A Bail Bondsman That Is Licensed

You should consider several qualitative factors when choosing a bondsman. The first thing you should consider is if the bondsman you want to work with is licensed to do business in the state where you are detained. For example, if you are in a Vernon detention facility, you must ensure that your bondsman is licensed to do business in Vernon. Most bond dealers are licensed to do bond business in multiple states.

It is also essential to inquire from the potential bail providers regarding their experience. In addition, inquire from the bondsman about the number of bonds they post each month in court or the detention facility where you are being held. Knowing the protocol for paying bonds in different detention facilities is essential to secure your freedom quickly from custody.

Things You Should Know Before Contacting A Vernon Bail Bondsman

Perhaps you are reaching out to a bail bond agent for the first time to secure the freedom of your loved one from custody. In this case, you do not know the process of securing bail because you have never done this before. Maybe you are not even aware of the information the bondsman requires to enable them to post bail. Often, bondsmen require more information than just the defendant’s name and where the defendant is detained to make the bail bond process easy and fast. Below are some things you should know before contacting a bondsman.

The Arrestee’s Details

A bondsman will require the arrestee's legal name to process the bail bond documentation. Therefore, you should ensure you know how to spell your loved one's name. You should also know the arrestee’s date of birth, the detention facility where the arrestee is held, and the detention location. All detainees have their respective booking numbers. If you do not know your loved one’s booking number, you should inquire from the detention facility’s authorities. You must also be aware of the bail amount set by the judge to find the best bond option.

Bail Agents Could Serve As Bounty Hunters

If you seek the services of a bail agent to secure your freedom from custody and fail to honor the court-set hearings, the bondsman can pursue you. If you fail to honor the court's trial, the bail bonds agent will lose a substantial amount, which is why they often become bounty hunters to search for you. The bail bonds agent's responsibility is to bring you to court.

Signing The Indemnity Agreement

Indemnity agreements govern bonds. You have to sign it when seeking a bond from the bondsman. The arrangement often relieves the bondsman of the risk of financial losses resulting from securing an arrestee's freedom from custody. For example, if the defendant fails to honor the court trial, a bail bond agent can suffer a financial loss to the court that gave the bail verdict to you. If you sign the indemnity, you will be responsible for the entire bail amount if the defendant fails to attend court hearings. Therefore, before you sign the indemnity agreement, you should ensure that you understand its contents and its implications.

Non-Refundable Fee

When you seek the services of a licensed bail agent, you will be required to pay a non-refundable fee. The fee is a fraction, usually one-tenth of the total bail amount. The fee is non-refundable, irrespective of the outcome of the case. Therefore, you must check whether you can afford the non-refundable fee before you reach out to the bondsman for bail.

The Quickest Way To Reach Out To A Bail Agency

When your loved one calls to inform you that he/she is locked up, you would likely do everything to assist them in gaining freedom from custody. In most situations, it can be scary or dangerous to be locked up, thus making the release of your loved one even more urgent. Calling a bail bond agency is one of the best ways to have your loved one released quickly. If a loved one is arrested in the middle of the night, you must find a quick and 24-hour bail bond agency. Below are two quick ways to reach out to a bail agency:

Contacting The Bail Agency Through Internet

The internet does not sleep, much like a bail bond agent. Most bail bond companies provide ways to reach them right on their website. Some companies only list an email address. However, many companies are concerned about their clients and are technologically advanced. They have a form on their website where clients can fill out their details. This will help expedite the setting free of your loved one from custody. You must fill out the forms and have them ready for the agent. Ensure that you only provide the correct information when filling out the form. Providing false information could make the bail bond process even more complicated.

Calling A Bail Agent

You can also receive a prompt response from a bail agent by calling. Because of the nature of the industry, agents are often available on a 24-hour basis. In some situations, a bail agency could have an after-hour answering service, which will forward your call to a bondsman or give you an optional phone number. You need to note down the number and reach out to the bail agent so that your loved one's freedom from custody is granted.

If a bail bond agent cannot be located on the phone, your next best option is to contact them through online tools. There could be some reasons the agent cannot pick up your call, either because they are talking to someone else or otherwise. However, you will be on the agent's radar if you use their online tools, and they will reach out to you as soon as possible to commence the bail process.

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