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The bail system enables people arrested and charged with offenses to remain out of custody and attend court proceedings from home. Defendants facing state criminal charges can seek the services of a bail bondsman for a release on bail. Bail bond companies have made the bail-posting process straightforward and cost-effective. If the police arrest and put you behind bars, your first step should be to contact a bonds company to help you post bail and ensure that you are out of custody as quickly as possible. At Bail Bonds, we provide timely services and easy payment options to make the bail-posting process stress-free. All our Moreno Valley bail bondsmen are licensed and provide confidential and professional bail bond services.

How Bail Bonds Work

You can pay bail in cash, but most people do not have enough money to post bail. This is where a bail bond agency comes in. You can contact a bail bonds company to assist you in securing your freedom from custody if the bail amount is so high that you, your family, or your friends cannot pay it. The bail bond provider will require you or your co-signer to pay a premium in exchange for posting bail on your behalf. A bail bond premium is usually 10% of the bail figure. Therefore, you only pay a fraction of the bail figure, while the bail bond company agrees to pay the full bail if you do not attend court proceedings. The 10% premium is non-refundable. Even if you attend all your court proceedings or your case is dismissed, the premium is not refunded. Depending on the circumstances of your case, some bail bond companies could also request that you provide collateral. 

A bail bond agent posts bail to guarantee you will attend the court hearings. The agent can lose the amount posted for you as bail if you fail to attend court proceedings as required. If this happens, the bondsman will pursue you or your co-signer to refund the money. If you provide collateral, the bail bond agency can sell it to recover its money. Collateral can consist of valuable items like real estate, jewelry, houses, or vehicles.

After An Arrest

When the police arrest you in Moreno Valley, they will take you for a booking in a local jail or detention facility. The police can take you to the Moreno Valley police station or a nearby jail. You will undergo the booking process, which involves the following:

  • Recording your name, contact information, and address.
  • Checking for outstanding warrants.
  • Fingerprinting.
  • Feeding your details into the computer system.
  • Background check.

The booking process can take one hour or less if the detention facility is not crowded. The process can sometimes last several hours if the detention facility is crowded.

The next step after booking is setting the bail amount. Bail is set at an amount meant to warrant that you will appear for court proceedings after being released from jail. Posting bail is similar to depositing a security. The money will be refunded if you show up for court proceedings.

Bail Is Not Guaranteed

It is at the discretion of the judge to release you on bail. The judge has several options, including releasing you on your Own Recognizance (OR release), setting bail, or refusing to grant you bail. Own Recognizance release is a process whereby you do not post bail. Instead, you only sign a written citation committing to attend the court proceedings when required.

You will remain in jail if the judge refuses to set a bail amount. If this happens, you will stay behind bars until the court resolves your case. Crimes that can make the judge deny you bail are those whose penalty is death, like capital murder. The judge will likely refuse to grant you bail if you commit a felony or threaten the victim with significant bodily harm. You will remain in jail if the judge is convinced you will implement your threat once you are out of custody. Felony sexual assault or felony offenses involving violent acts could also trigger a bail denial.

Under California law, the judge cannot deny you bail because you cannot afford it. The judge can only deny you bail if there is sufficient evidence that the public is not safe when you are released on bail. Therefore, judges consider the defendant's ability to pay before setting bail. You must be released from jail even if you cannot afford bail unless you are deemed dangerous to the community or yourself.

Judges consider various factors before denying, setting, or reducing bail. The factors include:

  • If you have failed to honor a court’s hearing in the past.
  • If you pose a danger to the community.
  • The severity of your crime.
  • Your criminal history.
  • If you are a flight risk.

How Bail is Set

Counties in California have bail schedules that judges use to set bail amounts. Moreno Valley uses the Riverside County bail schedule. Judges can set a higher, lower, or impose the same bail amount indicated on the bail schedule. Bail is set depending on whether you are a flight risk, your criminal record, the severity of your offense, and other factors.

Judges set bail during a bail hearing. At the bail hearing, your attorney can negotiate for your own recognizance release or a lower bail amount.

The Process Of Securing Moreno Valley Bail Bonds

A co-signer can contact a Moreno Valley bail bondsman for assistance after the judge sets bail. The bondsman will require the co-signer to provide the following details:

  • The detention facility where the defendant is being held.
  • The charges the defendant faces.
  • If the defendant is employed.
  • The period for which the defendant has been in detention.

As a co-signer, you also have to answer other standard questions. You can give the necessary details over the phone or in person. After receiving all the details about the defendant, the bondsman will evaluate the risk of granting the surety bond. If the bondsman is comfortable posting bail on behalf of the defendant, they will draft a contract, which the co-signer will sign and pay the bail bond premium.

The bondsman will meet the defendant at the detention facility once the bond paperwork is finalized. The bondsman will proceed to post bail at the detention facility, and the defendant will be released.

The bail will be returned to whoever posted it if the defendant honors all the court appearances as scheduled until the case is resolved. However, the court will keep the bail amount and issue a bench warrant of arrest if the defendant fails to attend court hearings or flees the jurisdiction.

Ways of Posting Bail In Moreno Valley

Here are the most common ways of posting bail:

  • You can call a bail bond agency and request that it post bail for you, usually known as a surety bond. This is a cheap, quick, and popular way to post bail. When you use a Moreno Valley bail bondsman, you pay them a fee, and the bondsman acts as a surety, guaranteeing the court that they will pay the entire bail if you fail to attend court proceedings.
  • You can also secure your release by posting a property bond. The court places a lien on your asset for the bail figure. The court can commence a foreclosure process on the asset to satisfy the lien if you fail to attend the court proceedings. It takes a long time to put up a property for bail. Most defendants avoid this type of bail.
  • You, your family, or friends can post bail in cash or write a check for the bail figure you must This is the fastest and most straightforward way of posting bail. Unfortunately, the amount of bail is usually high, and most defendants do not have that kind of money readily available to pay.

Appearance Bond

You can only secure your release in court by posting an appearance bail. An appearance bond guarantees that you will attend the court proceedings when required. The court can order you to post this bond, whether secured or unsecured. A secured bail can be entirely or partially secured with several items, including cash, bail bonds, and property. You and your co-signer must consent in writing if the bail is unsecured. In this case, the co-signer will pay the entire bail amount if you fail to attend court proceedings as required.

What to Avoid When Dealing With Moreno Valley Bail Bondsmen

You must be careful when choosing a Moreno Valley bail bondsman since not all bondsmen are reliable. Some bail companies do not have your best interests at heart but only want to access your cash. Some of the companies could be operating unlawfully with deceptive practices. It is always advisable that you seek the services of a licensed bail bond agency. You can confirm if an agency is licensed through the California Department of Insurance.

You should be cautious when dealing with the bondsmen waiting at the jails or detention facilities or those soliciting your family and friends. Seeking the services of an attorney before hiring a bondsman will ensure that you are dealing with a lawful bail bond agency.

It is also advisable to ensure that you understand the agreement details that you or your co-signer sign. The agreement should be clear and straightforward. The document should also disclose the amount of money you should pay the bondsman.

Ensuring you understand the contract can avoid the unpleasant surprise of additional or hidden charges. Do not fear asking questions if you do not understand some details in the agreement. A successful relationship can only thrive on clear and open communication. You can avoid the risks of a shady bail bond agency by knowing what to look for. You always have the right to walk away if you feel uncomfortable working with a bondsman.

Your Duty As The Defendant Or Cosigner

Defendants and cosigners have a role to play in the bail bond process:

Contacting a Moreno Valley Bail Bondsman in a Timely Manner

You should contact a bondsman immediately after an arrest to give them ample time to act and post bail. Waiting too long before you seek bail bond services can delay the release process.

Conducting Background Research On Bail Bondsmen

You should not work with the first bondsman you come across. Like other service providers, not all Bondsmen are the same. Some agents do not have the customers' interests at heart but are only out to make profits. You should ensure that you only work with a bondsman you trust.

Providing The Correct Information

Defendants and cosigners have a role in disclosing the right information to the bondsman. Providing incorrect details can make you appear untrustworthy and unreliable.

Bail On Appeal

You can secure your release on bail by appealing your conviction. After your conviction, the judge can grant you bail if you are acquitted of the offense, whose penalty is death. Like getting out of jail on bail in your initial criminal court trial, posting bail secures your release as the judge decides on your appeal.

In most situations, the appellate court judge will consider several factors when determining the amount of bail to impose. Some of the factors include:

  • If you are only filing an appeal to delay your case.
  • If your appeal will lead to a reversal.
  • If you are a flight risk.
  • If you are a safety risk to the victim and society.

The court will keep the bail amount if you fail to attend the court proceedings. The trial and appellate judges can use discretion to grant or deny bail on appeal.

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