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When a friend or relative finds themselves in legal trouble, they look up to you to ensure their release from jail. Being someone’s knight in shining armor is no easy position, especially when you lack the required funds to post bail. If providing a property bond is also not a viable option, you may want to consider working with a professional bail bonds service. At Bail Bonds, we can help ease the burden by providing reliable bailing services. We can offer you easy and fast bail bonds anywhere in Costa Mesa, Orange County, regardless of why your loved one is sitting in jail. Our work is to reunite families with their loved ones and ensure they have an easier time preparing for trial.

Your loved one is just one step away from release once you contact us. We are available 24/7/365, ensuring you have a helping hand ready to pull you out in your moment of need. Let us answer any questions you may have and help you navigate the bailing process faster and more conveniently. Note that all conversations with our agents remain entirely confidential.

Bail Bonds Explained

So, what is a bail bond?

If you’re new to bailing someone out of jail, you may want to have a good understanding of what is a bail bond. Well, bail is the money the court demands to secure a defendant’s release from jail. Paying the bail assures the court that you have a vested interest in showing up for all your hearings until the trial where you are sentenced or acquitted.

Once a defendant is arrested, they will attend a bail hearing where the judge will determine the most suitable bail amount. Note that the bail can be higher than the amount listed on the bail schedule in your county, especially if a defendant is seen to be a flight risk. A judge also has the discretion to deny bail based on a defendant’s criminal and flight history.

The bail bond is a solid agreement between a licensed bail bonds company, a defendant, and the court. Like any other contract, this agreement is legally binding. It promises the court that the bail bonds service will pay the full bail amount if a defendant fails to attend the scheduled court dates.

To secure a bail bond, you must have at least 10% of the total bail. This percentage is a fee paid to the bailing service, and it cannot be refunded. As long as you attend court dates without fail, everything will run smoothly, and you can shake hands with your bail bonds agent after a defendant’s trial.

Problems arise when the accused fails to show up for hearings, and an agent has to pay the full bail to the court. In this case, the company has to recover the lost monies from the accused and the involved co-signers. An agent can do this by forfeiting property placed as collateral or seeking the services of a Costa Mesa, Orange County bounty hunter.

Important Terms You Should Know When Being Released On Bail

Working with a bail bonds agent in Costa Mesa Orange County is a convenient option for most people. For just a small fraction of the total bail amount, you can secure freedom from jail and reunite with your family. Most importantly, a speedy release gives you better chances of keeping your job and plenty of time to prepare for your case.

If a judge sets bail and you want to pay it through a bail bond, here are 5 important terms you should know:

Bail Conditions

At this point, you know what bail is, when, and how it is set. Before you call in a bond dealer, you must acquaint yourself with the standard bail conditions. Generally, any defendant released on bail must steer clear of breaking the law. Another arrest may have you sent back to jail and your bail revoked.

Moreover, you must adhere to the specific conditions set by the judge. For instance, the judge may order that you stay away from certain people or locations. Going against the order may see you sent back to jail.


Securing a bail bond is an easy and convenient process. One of the things you need is an indemnitor, also known as a guarantor or co-signer. This could be your friend, relative, or someone close to you. The work of an indemnitor is to ensure that you make your court appearances to ensure you don’t lose the bail money.

Furthermore, your bail co-signer is responsible for paying the lost bail should you skip town and your bail bonds agent cannot find you. Often, companies have set requirements that co-signers must meet before co-signing. For instance, they may need to be employed and have a certain amount of assets that can be used to cover the loss should you fail to appear in court.


Finding an indemnitor who fits the bill of a suitable co-signer is not always easy. In this case, you have the option of setting a property as collateral. Just like the collateral used to secure loans from financial institutions, the property you provide will give some sort of assurance that you will hold your end of the bargain.


Another important term you should know is forfeiture. If you don’t attend court hearings until your trial, the court will forfeit your bail. This means the bail bonds company must pay the full bail under the conditions that they will not receive any refund.

On the other hand, the bail bonds company in Costa Mesa Orange County will have to cushion themselves from the loss of your bail money. This means they will begin the process of the forfeiture of any property you use as collateral. They could also hunt you down for a re-arrest or track down your bail co-signer in an attempt to recover the lost money.

Bounty Hunter

Bounty hunters are fugitive recovery agents. They find people who skip court hearings or flee from town to avoid answering their charges. Bounty hunters work for bond dealers and are paid a percentage of the recovered bail amount. They are enthusiastic about their job and have the skills and training to track and ensure the re-arrest of fugitives.

Naturally, you would rather spend the time between an arrest and your trial at home and with the people you love. If you don’t have the money to post cash bail, a bail bonds service could offer you convenient solutions. You simply need an “indemnitor” or “collateral” to secure a bond. Moreover, you can avoid having a “bounty hunter” on your neck by adhering to the set “bail conditions” and attending all court dates to protect the bail and your property from “forfeiture.”

3 Important Things to Do Before Securing the Release of a Friend from Jail

So, your good buddy John is arrested, arraigned in court, and is ready to be released through bail. He desperately needs you to lend a helping hand to ensure he doesn’t sit in jail until his trial date. You love John like your blood brother and feel obligated to offer assistance by stepping in as a bail co-signer.

Before you begin research for the best bail bonds in Costa Mesa, here are 3 essential things you must do to protect yourself from unnecessary risk:

Gather A Few Important Facts

Securing your freedom from jail before trial is a positive step. Ideally, this should ensure that your friend has the time needed to build a solid defense that could increase their odds of an acquittal. Unfortunately, not all defendants want to clear their name or forge a better future.

An easy way to find out whether your friend John has the right intentions is to consider the following:

  • Does your friend have a criminal history?
  • What charges is your pal facing this time?
  • Is your buddy a chronic offender?
  • Can you trust your friend to adhere to the bond conditions?

Moreover, you may want to consider whether you are willing to settle the bail bondsman’s fee from your wallet or you would like a refund. If a refund is necessary, consider whether your buddy can raise the payment in the future.

Weigh The Risk of Co-Signing and Decide Whether It’s Acceptable

If you feel compelled to help your friend so far, the next step is to put the risks of co-signing a bail bond on a weighing scale. Even if your buddy intends to follow all the bond conditions, it is necessary to consider whether the risk of bail forfeiture is acceptable.

To understand the potential risk, you must first consider the set bail amount. For instance, the judge may set the bail at $10,000. Additionally, your bail bonds agent in Costa Mesa Orange County will demand a 10- 15% upfront fee, depending on whether your loved one faces charges for a federal, state, county, or municipal offense.

In short, the amount of money at stake is between $11,000 and $11,500. Before you sign the dotted line, make sure that risking this amount of money is worth it, given your relationship with the defendant.

Discuss the Bail Conditions

The court is responsible for setting the bond conditions. Often, these conditions are set depending on the arresting agency, the severity of a crime, a defendant’s criminal history, and the court system in place. Remember that the bail bond may be in jeopardy if your pal fails to adhere to the set terms and conditions.

Whether paying bail for your friend is worth it or not will highly depend on a range of factors. The most important one is your pal’s attitude. If you are 50/50 about the risks involved, discuss your concerns with your bail bondsman. We are always happy to help you evaluate the situation and make an educated decision.

Is It A Good Idea To Use A Bail Bondsman?

Let’s face it; not even the corrections officers are on your side, let alone the police. When you find yourself in legal trouble, it is the work of law enforcement to be on the side of the alleged victim. Hence, navigating the criminal justice system as an accused is never an easy task.

Fortunately, the law is on your side, and it protects you from spending time in jail before being proven guilty. If the court sets bail, it’s in your best interests to secure your freedom as soon as possible. With a bail bond agent in your corner, you can ensure that the bailing process doesn’t turn out to be a time-consuming endeavor.

Once the courts set the bail amount during the bail hearing, a bail bonds agent in Costa Mesa Orange County can begin processing your release. The law enforcement officers work well with professional bailing services, which may speed up your release, ensuring your freedom within 24 hours.

Moreover, bail bonds companies can get you out of the fix if you don’t have enough money to pay cash bail. Even if you cannot afford the entire 10% fee upfront, you can always work out a payment plan that eases the whole process. Through creative solutions, you can have your paperwork processed in record time, ensuring you reunite with your family sooner than later.

Costa Mesa Orange County Jail and Court Information

The Police Department in Costa Mesa operates a Type 1 jail facility. This is a local detention facility that holds arrestees for a maximum of 92 business hours. The Costa Mesa Police Department detention facility has 32 beds, and defendants are moved to other County facilities when the jail is full.

Costa Mesa Jail Information

Costa Mesa Police Department

Address: 99 Fair Dr,

Costa Mesa, CA 92626

Tel no: (714) 754-5113

Orange County Santa Ana Jail

Address: 550 N. Flower Boulevard.

Santa Ana, CA 92701

Tel no: (714)647-4667

Costa Mesa Court Information

Superior Court of California, County of Orange

Address: 700 W Civic Center Drive,

Santa Ana, CA 92701

Tel no: (657) 622-5800

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