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If your loved one has been taken into custody, it is comforting to know that they could reclaim their freedom before the case is resolved. According to California law, those who have been arrested can be discharged on bond from custody to await and get ready for their court appearance. But to be released, the court will require you to post bail. Bail is a set sum of money that the defendant has to pay to the court to guarantee that they will show up for their court hearing.

Bail isn't always cheap, forcing you to look for other ways to get yourself or your loved one out of custody. You can get assistance from a Long Beach bail bonds company that will agree to take responsibility if you don't show up for court. At the Bail Bonds Company, we provide reputable bail bond services in Long Beach so that you will not have to stay in custody longer than necessary.

What Happens After Being Arrested in Long Beach?

The police can detain you for one of two primary reasons; if they are inclined to think you are perpetrating a crime, or if they catch you in the act of perpetrating the crime. When law enforcement officers believe you were violating the law, they will procure an arrest warrant from the judge. This warrant enables the authorities to apprehend on sight, from just about anywhere, including your home, place of work, school, or church. 

Then the authorities will hold you in custody even before the judge makes a ruling on your case. If you do not make bail to be released, you can be held in custody until the beginning of your trial. Luckily for you, California law enables you to ensure your release from custody up till the case is resolved. The judge, nonetheless, must be certain that you'll show up for your hearing on the given date. Because of this, bail amounts are sometimes raised significantly. A large sum is most likely to put off defendants who are unsure about their appearance in court.

The upside is that being arrested does not necessarily indicate you are responsible for the accusations you are facing. Some individuals can be wrongfully detained by the authorities. Others could be arrested due to someone lying to law enforcement agencies. For the court to establish if you are culpable as accused, you must go through a trial. When the court obtains enough proof that you are responsible, only then can the authorities make an arrest. The law permits you to continue living your life up to this point, or until the case is resolved.

However, there are several exceptions. If the judge suspects that you will not show up for the trial, they will not release you on bail. Additionally, to safeguard the public, those accused of committing major or violent offenses can not be eligible for bail. If your situation doesn't fit into one of these classifications, you can be qualified for bail. Ask the arresting police about the bail amount to find out what amount you may put down to get out of jail. The judge can decide the sum of your bail during your initial court appearance. You'll be able to go home once you've made the payment.

You might, under certain circumstances, be able to avoid posting bail and be released from custody. You can be granted release on your recognizance by the judge. Typically, first-time offenders, as well as low-level offenders, have access to this alternative.

Keep in mind that the bail amount is refundable. After the case has been resolved, the court must return the entire amount of bail. However, if you don't show up for your hearing on the scheduled dates, you risk losing your bail.

What are Long Beach Bail Bonds?

As previously stated, bail is occasionally set outrageously high for different reasons. For serious crimes, a California court may establish a high bond to deter convicts from making bail and safeguard the public. The sum of bail is typically based on how serious the offense is. When your case has aggravating elements, such as perpetrating a criminal act against a child (someone under 18), the sum will be greater than if the same act is done against a grownup.

You might not be able to afford bail if it is too high to ensure your discharge from custody. Sometimes families need additional time to gather the required amount. This suggests that you could have to stay in custody for a lot longer than you had anticipated. You can avoid this by using the assistance of a bail bond agency. The agency can reassure the court that you intend to be present for the trial by committing to accept responsibility when you do not show up on the scheduled day.

Consequently, bail is a surety bond that a bail bond agency or its representative provides to the court to ensure your release from custody. Because the bail bond agency is in business, you'll be required to settle a small portion of the amount as a premium. This amount is non-refundable because it's the cost you will incur for the services offered by the bail bonds agency.

When dealing with a bond agent, the bail procedure is typically simple. If you can't manage to post bail, you should get in touch with a reputable bond dealer right away once the responding officer has informed you of the bail amount or following your initial court appearance. To ensure that you do not need to spend any additional time in custody, the agency will dispatch a representative right once to begin the bail procedure.

A dependable Long Beach bail bonds agency will provide services either online or/and over the phone. As a result, you won't need to personally go to the bail bond firm to get help. The representative can swiftly fill out the necessary paperwork for your release by getting important information over the phone.

You will only pay a tiny fraction of the bail amount, only 10 percent, as a charge for the bail bondsman's services. This might be the only cost you have to incur for your release. Additionally, you'll need to reassure the bail bondsman that you'll show up for the hearing. When you fail to show up, the court will penalize your bail bondsman the whole sum of your bail.

To offset risks like this, bail bond providers typically demand collateral. Collateral must be provided by either you, a close friend or a family member. If you show up for the court hearing on the scheduled day, the judge returns the entire bail amount, then the bail bond business will give back the collateral to the individual who gave it. Alternatively, you'll forfeit the bail when you fail to show up in court. The judge will levy your bail bondsman the total bail sum, and the bondsman will liquidate the assets to recoup the amount.

Types of Bail Available in Long Beach

There are different bail types issued in Long Beach. They are provided in line with the relevant scenarios in which offenders find themselves. A few are widespread, whereas others are only accessible in rare circumstances. The following are the most typical Long Beach bail bonds:

Cash Bonds

This is a form of bond where you must pay the bail amount in cash before being released from custody. It usually occurs when the bond sum is reasonable and can be afforded by the offender, members of the family, or friends. The judge will require you to present a banker's check or money order for the total bail amount if you choose to post cash bail. The cash will be accepted by the court's clerk and returned once your case has been settled.

Surety Bonds

This is the most common kind of bail in California, in part since bail is typically expensive and out of reach for the majority of offenders or their loved ones. The surety bond is obtained when you ask a bail bond agency to help you get out of custody.   For the majority of defendants, securing their freedom before the trial is straightforward thanks to the presence of reputable Long Beach bail bonds agencies. Another advantage would be that bail services are now easily accessible. You can access them over your phone or online.

Unsecured Bonds

If the court does not require you to use cash or your rights to an item of value to guarantee your release, it is known as an unsecured bond. You only have to commit to showing up in court when necessary; otherwise, you will be responsible for paying the entire bond.

Property Bonds

Few defendants, mostly first-time defendants or those accused of minor offenses, are eligible for an unsecured bond. The majority of the time, the court will need you to use money or assets to secure your release. In this situation, you will surrender the equity in that asset to the court. That property's worth must be more than the entire bail sum. The court will continue to rely on that guarantee till the case is resolved. Property bonds are typically utilized in serious cases where a higher bail sum is necessary.

Federal Bonds

If you are facing federal charges, you could be entitled to receive a federal bond. Federal bonds are typically more expensive than other types of bonds, although they function the same as surety bonds.

Why Would You Need a Long Beach Bail Bonds Service Following an Arrest?

You can be arrested when you least expect it. It can interfere with your social, professional, or academic life. You would miss out on a variety of life experiences if you were to remain behind bars till your case was resolved. For example, you will not go to work, school, or even spend time with your family and friends. Even though you are unable to pay for your bail, life does not have to be brought to an end. Bail bond agencies offer assistance in numerous ways, including:

You Can't Afford to Stay Behind Bars

Nobody should be imprisoned for any longer than necessary. Defendants in California cannot even be held in custody for an extended period without being tried. The authorities will hardly ever discharge you without posting bail, as was previously mentioned.

You end up losing a lot of time when you're behind bars that you might never get back. For example, if you skip a day of class or work, your employer might fire you or the school might expel you. You can't afford to stay behind bars any more than necessary.

You also need enough time to prepare for your trial. This can only be done when you're free.  You must retain legal counsel, gather proof, and construct a powerful response to counter the accusations against you.

You will Save Money by Using a Bail Bondsman

Because arrests occur when you least expect it, you are rarely equipped to make bail to ensure your discharge. Sometimes the bail amount is too costly to gather in a short period. You can save a lot of money by using the bail services offered by a reputable Long Beach bail bonds agent.

To Avoid Losing Your Property

Because bail is frequently imposed at a large amount, many families cannot afford it. Some individuals are forced to sell their possessions to pay bail. Using a bail bondsman's services will help you prevent this. Some assets could be priceless to you while others remain useful. Releasing them to pay bail could result in a substantial loss. Partnering with a bond agent takes care of all the worries associated with raising a lot of money quickly. The bail bondsman will ensure your release once you settle a tiny portion of the bail amount.

To Benefit From Flexible Payment Methods

Today, the majority of families struggle to get by. It suggests that they are unable to raise much money, let alone for an essential course. Given enough time, many families can amass a substantial sum through commitment and hard work. Our Long Beach bail bonds agents are aware of this. That's why they provide flexible payment plans because they want to provide their customers the freedom to make payments once they are out of custody. If you don't currently have work, you can look for one and put in a lot of effort to save money for the bond services. Bail bond firms render bail services accessible to everyone by doing this.

Bail Conditions

A California court can only discharge you from custody if you meet certain criteria known as bail conditions. The court anticipates that you will fulfill your half of the bargain and preserve compliance during the duration of your release on bail. The court will typically set forth both general and detailed requirements that you must follow to avoid having your bond forfeited. Among them are:

Showing Up in Court

Making sure you show up for court on the scheduled day is the main requirement for bail. If you have not persuaded California judges that you're willing to show up for a trial, they won't sign your release documents. If you fail to show up, you risk getting incarcerated again and losing your bail money.

House Arrest

You could be subject to home arrest in certain circumstances. Every move will be tracked by an electronic surveillance system that will inform the police of your whereabouts. You might be re-arrested and denied bail when you infringe on this condition.

Travel Limitations

The judge will enforce a restriction holding you in the state or jurisdiction until the case is resolved. As a result, you might not be permitted to leave a certain area unless your case has been resolved. If the court believes you are planning to run, he or she may order you to submit your driving permit, passport, as well as other travel credentials. Violations of this condition will result in being re-arrested.

Observing Court Orders

A restraining order or other special court order can be enforced against you. It's a specific requirement that has been put in place due to the circumstances of your matter. For example, if you are detained by the authorities on suspicion of domestic abuse, you can be given bail with the requirement that you keep your distance from the purported victim for the duration of the release.

Staying Out of Trouble

In California, there is a standard bail requirement that states you must avoid breaking any laws at least during the time you are out on bail. Re-arrests and the risk of having bail revoked result from perpetrating another crime.

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