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The California justice system allows defendants to post bail to secure their release from jail. Bail is money that serves as security to ensure the offender shows up during the set court dates. Even though you do not have an absolute right to bail, the constitution prohibits judges from denying bail unless clear and convincing evidence proves your detention is necessary to public safety. If you are eligible for Westlake Village bail bonds, turn to the Bail Bonds Company for fast, convenient, and reliable assistance. We can offer you the easiest way to secure your release from jail.

Depending on the charges you face, the judge could set bail at ten thousand, one hundred thousand, or even one million dollars. For most defendants, posting cash bail is not an option. Fortunately, a bond dealer can secure your release for only a tiny fraction of the set bail. If the bondsman's fee is also not within your financial means, the agent can help design a payment plan that allows purchasing a bail bond in installments.

The Meaning of "Bail"

Bail is a predetermined amount of money an arrested individual or their loved one must post with the court. The money is given as surety that a defendant released from custody will come back at appointed court dates. Once you post bail for a defendant, they can leave jail for home and follow through with their case until trial.

Under the bail agreement, defendants have the right to receive their money back as long as they appear in court as scheduled. You can still collect the bail money after the trial, whether acquitted or convicted.

However, failure to turn up in court without a valid reason attracts the following consequences:

  • Issue a Bench Warrant — When a judge issues a warrant of arrest, you can be taken back into custody by any law enforcement officer who spots you at your home or workplace. A police officer that accesses the information during a routine traffic stop can also handcuff and transport you to jail.

  • Jail Sentence and Fines — If you fail to show up in court when out on bail, you will be held in contempt of court. The offense can be a felony or misdemeanor, depending on the charges you face. For instance, an FTA is a felony if you face charges for a felony.

  • Bail Forfeiture or Revocation — An FTA can also lead to bail revocation or significant changes in your conditions of release. Unfortunately, failing to appear in court under the legal presumption that you intended to dodge the court processes will lead to the automatic forfeiture of the posted bail.

Remaining in jail for months before your trial can be difficult and stressful. If posting bail is a priority and you intend to see your case through until the trial, a Westlake Village bail bonds agent can offer the much-needed help. You can start the bail bond application process online to ensure your loved one returns home within the least time possible.

Westlake Village Bail Bonds: Factors That Influence the Bail Amount

After an arrest, the police will take you through the booking process, where you will provide your personal information and have your fingerprints and photo taken. The authorities will then impound all personal items, give you your right to one phone call, and put you in a jail cell. Generally, you have to wait for a bail hearing which should take place within 48 to 72 hours following an arrest.

Depending on the alleged charges, you could secure your freedom from jail by posting bail based on the bail schedule. Waiting for the bail hearing will be necessary if accused of a high-level offense. During the hearing, the judge will set bail based on the bail schedule, waive it, increase it or lower it based on the facts of a case and your criminal history.

Judges can set bail at whatever amount they deem fit and fair. Generally, the court will do a risk-based assessment to gauge your likelihood of returning to court if granted pretrial release. Apart from your flight risk, the judge will also consider if you pose any dangers to the victim(s) or community. If you pose a high flight and public safety risk, the court will increase the bail amount or deny bail.

Other aspects considered when setting bail include your criminal past, community ties, and history of missed court dates. If you do not pose much flight or public safety risk, the court could even release you on a promise to appear for future court dates. A release on recognizance (O.R.) means the court will waive your bail, although you still have to abide by any court-imposed release conditions.

Options for Paying Bail

Westlake Village bail bondsmen offer a convenient way to secure the pretrial release of a loved one. However, it would help if you considered other bail options to ensure you make an informed decision. After the preliminary bail hearing, you will know whether your loved one is eligible for bail and the amount of money you must post with the court.

Here are the three main options for paying bail:

Settle the Set Bail in Cash

If you have money amounting to the set bail, you can pay it in cash at the courthouse. Showing up for all court dates ensures that you receive a refund of the bail after your trial. If you miss a scheduled date, the court will forfeit the money, and you will not receive a dime in refunds. It is crucial to understand the risks posed by posting cash bail.

It is also vital to know about "suspicious bail," which can trigger an inquiry into your finances. If the police, prosecutor, or judge believes you obtained the cash bail feloniously, the court will put it on hold pending further investigations. The "hold" implies that a defendant must remain in custody as the issue is resolved.

Proving that you obtained the funds legally can be time-consuming. The surest way to ensure a smooth and quick process is to allow the authorities to dive into your finances and discover where you get your money. Unfortunately, any "fishy" information unveiled during the investigations can have legal consequences. You owe yourself the favor of gauging the risks of posting cash bail before considering the option.

Post Bail Using Personal Property

If you cannot raise the cash bail but have valuable personal property like a car, house, expensive jewelry, etc., you can use these items as collateral. Again, you must understand the risk of the court forfeiting the property if a defendant fails to appear on the scheduled court dates.

Moreover, the property you post must be more valuable than the set bail. For instance, when intending to use your land as collateral, you need to hire an appraiser, obtain documents showing the property's value, and present them when posting bail. Property assessment and valuation are time-consuming, meaning your loved one has to wait longer in jail.

Opt For Westlake Village Bail Bonds

The third and most convenient option is hiring a Westlake Village bail bonds agent. The bail bondsman will require an upfront payment of 10% of the total bail amount. Bond dealers make it clear in their contracts that this fee is non-refundable.

Most people qualify for bail bonds, and the best agents always have fair terms and conditions. Apart from posting the bail premium, you also need to post collateral. You can continue using your property without concerns, provided the defendant shows up for all court dates.

The main benefit of using bail bonds instead of posting property bail is that agents require far less collateral. Furthermore, bail bond agents understand the process of securing the pretrial release and can ensure your loved one returns home without unnecessary delays. The 10% fee is a small price for the otherwise fast, easy, and convenient service.

A Step By Step Guide to Bailing A Loved One Out Of Jail

Most people do not think about arrests and bail money until a loved one is in custody, waiting to be taken through court. If a close friend or relative has been arrested and you want to bail them out, here are the crucial steps to take:

Gather Basic Information

The first step you should take is to learn about the defendant's situation. Find out about the charges they face, how much their bail is, where they were arrested, and where they are held in custody. Once you have their location, contact the jail and request information about the defendant's booking status. You are not required to post bail if the court allows an O.R. release.

Contact a Bond Dealer

If you cannot raise the cash bail or post property bail, you should contact a Westlake Village bail bonds agent immediately. Bond dealers offer surety bonds for a mere 10% of the total bail amount. Once you pay the bondsman's fee and satisfy all other requirements, the agent will post the rest of the bail and secure your loved one's release from custody.

All is not lost if you do not have a property to place as security with your bond dealer. There is also the option of serving as a co-signer. Most processes can take place online to save time, and you can pay the fee through PayPal, credit or debit card, a cash deposit, or bank wire transfer.

The contract between you and the bail bondsman is pretty simple. If the defendant shows up in court without failure, the court will end the bond dealer's liability after the trial. In the meantime, your loved one can enjoy the freedom and work closely with lawyers and investigators to ensure the trial yields the best possible outcome.

Show Your Love and Support

Once you have contacted a bail bonds agent and your loved one is out of jail, showing them as much love and support as possible is crucial. Reliable bond dealers can expedite securing a defendant's release from prison, ensuring they get home before being subjected to the mental anguish of staying behind bars for hours or days. Unfortunately, it is natural for defendants to feel pretty scared and overwhelmed, irrespective of the period they spend in jail.

You must support your loved ones and ensure they are hopeful even as they prepare for their trial. One of the best ways to show support is to hire a reliable defense team. Defendants who enjoy plenty of love and support during their pretrial release are less likely to skip bail or flee to avoid facing the justice system.

Whether your loved one is guilty or innocent, help them realize that they are not alone in the situation. An accused's experience is typically a little less emotionally chaotic when they can count on you for love and support, irrespective of the outcome of their trial.

Await Trial

The pretrial release will not come without specific terms and conditions that a defendant must follow to the latter. The court could order the accused to remain within a specified zone, follow curfew rules, refrain from drug or alcohol use or wear an ankle monitor. Most importantly, the court will order the defendant to be present and punctual during future court dates.

If you have posted bail for a loved one, you must check on them regularly. Ensure they are doing well and keep tabs with the defense team. Also, remind the defendant about upcoming court dates and offer to drive them to court and stand by them until the trial date.

Jail is not a comfortable place to be, even for a few days. An accused can await their trial with dignity and peace in the comfort of their homes through bail bonds. Furthermore, pretrial release allows defendants to work closely with their defense team to increase the chances of a favorable outcome during the trial.

Securing a bail bond is fast, easy, and affordable. Reliable bond dealers are always happy to answer any questions you have. They will also familiarize you with applying for the bond and what to expect during each step. For the best possible experience, choose a bonding company that provides fast, convenient, and confidential services. Such companies can also point you in the right direction when seeking legal assistance.

An Arrest Occurs in Westlake Village — What Next?

Nobody plans to be arrested. If the unfortunate happens and your loved one is in jail, it is best not to panic. Bailing a friend or relative from jail is easy, mainly when you use a bond dealer. The first step is to get online and fill out an easy application. The information you should provide includes:

  • The defendant's full name

  • The accused's date of birth

  • Your contact details (telephone number)

  • The defendant's contact details

  • Your email address where we can send forms and other information

  • Defendant's jail information

A reliable bond agent will allow the justice system to decide whether your loved one is guilty or innocent. You will be treated with dignity, regardless of your friend's charges. The Bail Bonds Company can provide fast bail bonds for felonies and misdemeanors, allowing defendants to reunite with their families within the shortest time possible.

You can secure a bail bond for:

  • Drug Offense

  • Traffic violations (like speeding, DUI, etc.)

  • Assault and Battery

  • Domestic Violence, etc.

Bail bond agents understand how the local legal systems work and can help ensure a quick release. The idea is to ascertain you have plenty of time to find a competent attorney, prepare your defense and have all odds in your favor during your trial. If the online process of applying for Westlake Village bail bonds feels daunting, you can reach an agent on the phone for further assistance. The skilled experts can also answer any questions about the bondsman's fee, payment options, collateral, or the bail process.

Westlake Village Court and Jail Information

Westlake Village Sheriff's Department

27050 Agoura Rd.

Agoura, CA 91301

(818) 878-1808

Thousand Oaks Police Department

2101 E Olsen Rd.

Thousand Oaks, CA 91360

(805) 494-8200

Todd Road Jail Facility

600 South Todd Road

Santa Paula, CA 93060

(805) 933-8501

East County Jail

2101 East Olsen Road

Thousand Oaks, CA 91360

(805) 494-8242

Court Information

County Courthouse Westlake Village

31200 Oak Crest Drive

Westlake Village CA 91361


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