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Getting arrested and spending a night in jail can be traumatizing for you and your loved ones. To get out of jail before your case is heard, you have to post bail. To do this, you need a surety bonds agency that has the knowledge and expertise to help you through the complicated process. At Bail Bonds, we are ready to help you by offering consultation and surety bond services for you and your loved one to ensure. This will ensure you do not spend more time in jail. Our experienced bail bond agents who serve clients throughout Newport Beach, CA, are always available to discuss your specific situation.

What is Bail Bonds?

A bail bond is the set amount you must pay to get out of jail before the ruling of your case. Paying bail ensures that you will appear in court for the hearing. You need to leave jail because you will have time to go back to work and work on your defense. After an arrest, you can decide to pay your bail in cash or seek the services of a surety bail bond agency. In most cases, the arrest is not called for; therefore, your best option at getting your loved one out of jail is a bail agent.

A Newport Beach bail bonds agent will help you cover your bail at a ten percent fee of the total amount set by the court. The amount paid as bail will be refunded once you appear for the hearing, and your case is completed. Before getting a surety bond, you will sign an agreement drafted by the bail bonds agency to ensure you appear for your court hearing. The bail agent will be held responsible if you fail to appear to court. Also, you will sign a property to act as collateral. If you fail to appear, the bail agent will seize that property to compensate the amount withheld by the court.

The following are some items that can be used as collateral for a bail bond:

  • Real estate properties
  • Vehicles
  • Expensive jewelry
  • Company stocks
  • Any other valuable possessions

Arrest and Booking

If you are suspected of committing a particular crime in Newport Beach, CA, the police will arrest you and read your rights as indicated in the arrest procedure. The arresting officer will then take you to the nearest police station.

Upon arrival at the police station, you will undergo a booking process. The booking process involves the recording of your essential information such as your name, contact information as well as the nature of the crime you go arrested for allegedly committing. Also, they will get your mugshot, which indicates your height and other information tying you to the crime.

After taking the mug shot, your items will be confiscated, and your fingerprints will be taken. In the case of the crime, you are accused of committing involved prints; they can compare with the ones they make during the booking process. Before entering the holding cell, you will undergo a health check to ensure that you do not need medical attention.

Bail Hearing

The purpose of holding a bail hearing is to make sure if you are released before the trial, you will willfully show up in court on the set date. Also, they will examine your situation to ensure your release does not compromise the safety of victims, witnesses as well as other members of the community. If you have a high flight risk, you may get denied the bail.

At the hearing, the court will examine the alleged charges, your financial status as well as your criminal history. Having a bad criminal record will make it difficult for you to negotiate a release on bail. When the amount set for bail is not at your disposal, a Newport Beach bail bonds agent will help you get your loved one out by providing a surety bond for you. If you are granted release on bail, you will be restricted from traveling out of the jurisdiction. Also, you will be required to submit to a drug test and get a restriction on contact with witnesses as well as the victim.

Types of Bail Bonds

Even without any complications, the process of getting yourself or your loved one out of police custody is not easy. The following are the most common types of bail bonds available for you:

  • Recognizance Release

For a recognizance release, no money is needed to get you out of jail. However, you need to sign a document promising to appear in court for the hearing. If you do not show up, a fine is imposed.

  • Cash Bail

If you have access to the amount of money set as your bail, you can pay cash bail. Although it is mostly paid in cash, sometimes credit cards and cashier’s checks are accepted. However, for severe crimes where your bail cannot get denied, but you have a high flight risk, the surety can only get paid in cash. Regardless of whether you get convicted or not, if you pay a cash bail, the money will be refunded if you appear in court and your case ends.

  • Surety Bond

When you want to get out of jail before your hearing, the only option of getting your freedom back is seeking help from a bail agent. The bail agent will pay your bail at a 10% fee. If you appear for the hearing, and your case ends, the surety bond will receive the amount they paid to the court. Also, they will return back the property you signed as collateral. However, failure to appear will cause a seizure of the property you handed over to bail bonds as collateral. If you or your loved one lacks the cash at hand needed for bail, consider contacting a Newport Beach Bail Bonds agent.

  • Property Bond

On some occasions, you can pay your bail using a property deed. With this type of bond, you use the property’s full rights as collateral. However, a property bond takes longer to obtain since the court must assess the property to ascertain its value.

  • Immigration Bail Bond

If you are a non- resident and you get arrested in the United States, you can stay out of jail on an immigration bail bond.  Due to the lack of legal status, it is quite challenging to obtain, and you must meet specific criteria for eligibility. If you are in this situation, it is essential to find a bail agent who is familiar with immigration bail bonds. An experienced Newport Bail bonds agent will help you navigate the process.

Factors Affecting the Setting of Bail

Every case is different, but the judge will consider the following factors when setting your bail:

  • The severity of the alleged crime - serious crimes get higher bail amounts compared to lesser offenses. In the case of grave crimes like attempted murder, the judge may even deny you bail.
  • Posted bail schedules - Bail schedule is a list indicating different crimes a standard bond amounts for each. The amount is based on the nature of the charges you are facing.
  • Your criminal history – If you have a criminal record for other offenses, the judge is likely to set a higher bail amount for you. The judge may also deny you bail if you have an outstanding arrest warrant in another jurisdiction
  • Flight risk – If the court determines that you have a likelihood of fleeing, they may set a higher bail amount or even wholly deny you bail.
  • Risk of public safety – When determining your bond, the judge will examine the impact you have on the public upon release before your case ends. Defendants who pose a threat to others and themselves may get a higher bail
  • Ties to the community – Defendants who are highly invested in their communities are less likely to flee and fail to appear for the hearing. If your family is living around the jurisdiction, or you have a permanent job, you may get a lower bail.
  • Financial capabilities – Individuals with a high income are likely to flee and leave a cash bail behind if it is not of a significant amount to them. This may compel the judge to impose a higher bail amount to reduce the flight risk.

Since ail setting significantly relies on the circumstances of your case, it is essential to seek the services of a Newport Beach Bail Bonds agent.

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Bailing your loved one out of jail is an involving process, and the greatest fear you may have is the lack of enough money to pay the amount set by the court. Fortunately, Newport Beach Bail Bonds is ready to help you through the process of securing the freedom of your loved one. Our bail agents are well knowledgeable with bail laws; hence will provide the best consultation and representation to make the process easier for you. If you are in Newport Beach, you will need us in your corner. Call our offices today at 323-579-1415 and allow our bail agents to handle the process on your behalf.

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