Bail Bond for Murder Cases

Murder charges attract severe penalties, and the penal code classifies them as felony crimes. Facing arrest for a murder charge may result in detention as the investigation officers undertake their duties. Although release on bail or bond is a right for detained persons, suspects facing murder charges are less likely to receive authorization to exit jail until they appear before a judge.

Dealing with applications and payments to leave prison after a murder accusation can thus become hectic for you, especially if you have not previously interacted with the criminal justice system. Despite this, you can avoid all the stress and worry related to bail bond payments by working with an experienced service provider.

At Bail Bond Company, you can look forward to partnering with a team of reliable and efficient bail bondsmen who understand the importance of securing your release efficiently. Thanks to our years of experience handling bail bond applications for murder cases, we know the various processes to use and the timelines to meet for your release.

Our team is also ready to provide the financial guidance necessary to allow us to make a seamless transaction with the court on your behalf. Our services are available to anyone detained on murder charges in Los Angeles, California.

Offenses that Fall Within the ‘Murder’ Category and the Assigned Bail Amount

Posting bail or bond to exit jail after arrest enables you to prepare for the upcoming trial and return to your everyday life until you receive the case verdict. Bail and bond release terms operate by introducing financial security in exchange for your release. You can return to your daily life after spending a specific amount with the court, ensuring you attend all subsequent court proceedings.

The primary difference between bail and bond is that you will present money to the court account for bail orders to serve as security for your release. On the other hand, a bond order requires you to submit property or ownership documents for a property with a commensurate value as the value needed for your release. The court may issue either, but a bond order applies where the monetary value is significantly higher than bail charges. 

As the primary suspect in a murder charge, the investigation officer and prosecutor handling your case should disclose the specific charge you face. While murder cases involve ending someone else’s life, the California Penal Code classifies them differently. These various classifications depend on the nature of your actions and how they caused the victim’s death.

Some offenses falling within the murder charge include:

Committing Murder

The prosecutor may charge you with murder if your actions fall within the scope of Section 187 of the California Penal Code. The main elements of a crime are that you premeditated killing a victim and proceeded to end their lives using a specific method.

For example, shooting, aggravated violence causing physical harm, and using harmful chemicals may all attract a murder charge if the victim dies. Since murder charges are the most serious offenses in this category, you may have to pay a bail of $2,000,000 for your release.

Voluntary Manslaughter

Manslaughter charges differ slightly from murder charges because the suspect does not intend to cause death. Nevertheless, their actions still resulted in the victim’s death, attracting criminal charges as provided for under Section 192(a) of the Penal Code.

Voluntary manslaughter involves demonstrating an awareness of your activities and the harm they exposed to the victim, yet you proceeded with them. Your case rests on the fact that you understood the possible outcome of your actions but still proceeded with them. Upon arrest, the presiding judge can order you to post bail worth $100,000 for your release.

Involuntary Manslaughter

Alternatively, you may face manslaughter charges even if you did not intend to harm or end someone’s life. Involuntary manslaughter occurs when you engage in actions you could not have foreseen would cause death. While they often involve accidents, you are still liable to face criminal implications because your actions were directly involved in causing another’s death.

Involuntary manslaughter is prohibited under Section 192(b), and the judge will issue a $25,000 bail amount for your release if they allow it. Facing the charge, therefore, requires you to work closely with a bail bond service provider to help you complete your transaction on time.

Vehicular Manslaughter

Additionally, murder charges requiring release on bail also include vehicular manslaughter, which occurs if you cause death through a car accident. The offense is a crime under Section 192(c)(1) of the Penal Code, and you will face a trial if you deny the charges. The bail amount to allow your release is currently $5000, but the presiding judge can adjust it as they deem fit.

You may also face arrest for vehicular manslaughter arising from drunk driving. Since DUIs are an additional criminal offense in the California Vehicle Code, you will face a $100,000 bail fee before securing your release.

Preparing for the Bail Hearing

Murder charges often require you, as the suspect, to appear in court for a bail hearing. This allows the presiding judge to review the case facts and initial presentation before deciding on your bail hearing outcome.

Suspects facing murder charges are often under stricter scrutiny because of the severity of the cost compared to other criminal offenses. Based on this, you must work closely with your bail bond service provider to ensure you are prepared for the hearing.

The court assesses your case and reaches a verdict based on several factors. The main elements for assessment are:

Whether The Court Finds You As a Flight Risk

Criminal cases require the defendant to be present as the matter proceeds in the interest of upholding a fair trial. Since the case's completion depends on your presence, the judge must ensure that you are not a flight risk. The status applies to anyone likely to escape the country to avoid criminal liability.

In a murder case, the judge may order you to submit your travel documents, including your passport and credit cards, to limit your access to funds. They may also require you to adhere to house arrest if you receive a release order to prevent your chances of escaping the country. When the judge is satisfied with your presentations, you can expect a positive outcome after the bail hearing.

The Case Severity

As discussed, the general scope of murder charges encompasses various offenses, some of higher intensity than others. For example, a murder charge under Section 187 of the Penal Code entails more serious case elements than involuntary manslaughter, as you will have planned unlawful actions in the first instance. Subsequently, the judge makes several assessments to determine whether you qualify for release.

Additional considerations are the methods you used to commit your offense, especially if you planned it. You can also expect the judge to inquire about the number of deaths you caused, and having a higher victim toll will reduce your chances of release significantly.

Regardless of the scrutiny that the judge may apply to your case, you can still receive a release on bail or bond if you demonstrate your ability to comply with all court requirements. This, therefore, calls for demonstrated compliance with all court processes from the beginning, which you can quickly achieve by working with a bail bondsman.

Whether You Have a Criminal Record

First-time offenders are more likely to have an easier time obtaining a release order on bail compared to repeat offenders. A criminal record means you did not undergo complete behavioral reform from your previous criminal sentences. As a result, the presiding judge in your bail hearing is less lenient on you because of the perceived impunity.

Despite this, the judge may consider other factors contributing to your repeat offender status and decide to grant bail. You should be ready to present persuasive arguments through a defense attorney, and your bail bondsman can help you retain a reliable lawyer before the bail hearing.

Whether Your Release is a Safety Threat to the General Community

Public safety is a significant priority for the judge presiding over your bail hearing, and they intend to ensure you do not pose additional risks upon release. Before the bail hearing, the investigation officers working on your case can present details related to your case and character from the point of arrest. The details should give the judge a reference point as they decide on your bail release.

If you are a repeat offender, the court may also summon probation officers and other professionals who have worked with you previously to provide details about your behavior. If they issue positive feedback, you are more likely to receive a release order, as the judge is satisfied with your character.

Conversely, while you may have a good history and a track record of behavioral reform, your current case facts also influence the judge’s decision to grant bail significantly. If the alleged facts against you indicate that you used aggressive and gruesome methods to commit murder or were grossly negligent, you are less likely to secure a release.

Why Partnering With a Bail Bond Service Provider Is Important

Navigating the bail bond process alone can be overwhelming, especially for a first-time offender facing murder charges. You must understand the court process, how to obtain information from the bail schedule, and when to make court appearances. Further, you must have all the cash to post bail or bond successfully before your release.

While you may find your way around the paperwork and deadline requirements, the primary challenge is accessing the large sums of cash necessary at once. The conditions are challenging for many, making partnering with a bail bond service a good idea.

Once a bail bondsman takes over your case, they determine the bail amount to pay to have you released through the court-issued schedule. They will then prepare the application paperwork and pay the amount in full on your behalf if the court authorizes your release.

In return, you will only need to pay your bail bondsman a service fee equivalent to 10% of your assigned bail fee. For example, if bail is $100,000, your service fee is $10,000, meaning you do not have to worry about the extra costs.

While working with a bail bondsman significantly reduces the financial pressure to exit jail, some bail amounts still convert to high service fee percentages. For example, a bail set at $2 million equates to $200,000 as a service fee.

Based on this, we understand that you may still face difficulties, and we are open to working out a repayment schedule to help you complete the bail bond charge. You can discuss the most appropriate terms with your bail bond company to ensure you are comfortable with the repayment and will complete it on time.

Once the payments are complete, you can continue your everyday life as you navigate the criminal trial. Your bail bond service provider remains available for consultation throughout the criminal trial process. 

Contact a Bail Bondsman Near Me

After you or a loved one faces detention for murder charges, your release date may be unclear, causing a lot of unsettling circumstances. Since the justice system treats murder charges seriously, you may also have to push for consideration for a bail or bond release from jail. You will also have to pay a significant bail amount depending on your charge, and you may face substantial financial pressure as you try to consolidate funds for your release. Working with a bail bond service provider can help ease the tension and stress, giving you a better chance to exit jail as soon as possible.

At Bail Bond Company, we aim to provide excellent bail bond services to help you exit jail immediately after facing a murder charge. Our team is prepared to provide financial assistance and post bail or a bond on your behalf as you prepare for your first court appearance, if necessary.

We have helped hundreds of clients exit jail on bail or bond after facing murder charges in Los Angeles, and we are prepared to provide practical solutions to your case. You can also count on us for general advice and guidelines to increase your chances of persuading the court to grant your release on bail during the hearing. For more information on bail bonds for murder cases, call us today at 323-579-1415.

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