If you have never posted bail before, the experience might be confusing and frustrating. When you or your close friend faces arrest, you might be worried about what to do next. You might ask yourself how to post bail to walk out of the detention facility. In California, the law allows the arrestee to post cash bail or seek legal help from a well-insured and licensed bail bond agency. Before you post the bail, you will want to learn more about the various bail bonds that suit your case.

At Bail Bonds Company, our bail agents are ready to help you post bail. We understand you want to resume your daily activities as soon as possible. We have extensive experience in handling bail in California. We will do everything possible to convince the court to reduce or eliminate the bail. Therefore, do not hesitate to call our bondsmen as soon as the law enforcement officer arrests you.

Understanding Bail

"Bail" refers to the refundable funds you deposit to exit from the jail facility. The money acts like collateral to ensure you appear at court as scheduled. Bail might be either in bail bonds or cash. But not all the cases allow defendants to pay bail. To post your bail, the criminal court judge considers your criminal history and the facts surrounding your case. The criminal court refunds the funds once you appear at all the scheduled court dates. However, when the defendant fails to appear at the predetermined court dates, the court issues an arrest warrant against you. Many arrestees want to exit jail by posting bail to resume their normal activities.

What is a bail bond?

A bail bond is an agreement involving the arrestee and the bail bond agency. If you have insufficient funds to post the cash bail, the court allows you to use the services of a bondsman to assist you in posting the bail. By agreeing to work with the bondsmen, you consent to appear at the court for all the court dates. If you fail to appear at the hearing as scheduled, the bondsmen will hire a bounty hunter to trace, apprehend, and take you back to the detention facility.

What is a Bail Hearing in Los Angeles County?

A bail hearing is a court proceeding where the judge decides whether or not to release you from the detention facility while you are waiting for your trial. During the hearing, the court may decide any of the following:

  • Deny you the bail and order you to remain at the jail
  • Release you on your recognizance
  • Require you post a bail
  • Release you under certain conditions

The criminal court judge uses the bail schedule to set the bail. The bail schedule is a document that outlines the amount of bail for some instances based on the alleged charges, the probation status, and the other pending cases for the defendant.

The law allows the judges to differ with the bail schedule, meaning they may either decrease, increase or eliminate the bail. To do so, the court conducts findings about the likelihood of the defendant appearing at the court as ordered. Also, the court considers whether the defendant will risk the community's safety.

The hearing allows you to ask the criminal court judge to eliminate or reduce your bail. But the judge considers several factors to conclude whether to reduce or eliminate the bail. The following are the common factors the judge puts into consideration:

  • Your criminal history
  • The nature of the crime, like threats or violence to the alleged victim
  • Chances of appearing in court during the hearing
  • Your ability to post bail

Remember, if you face a severe violent felony offense, the criminal court judge cannot reduce the bail unless they have good cause. You need to work with your criminal defense attorney to have a smooth legal process. The lawyer will ensure you do not make mistakes throughout the process. You will also have an opportunity to ask the attorney any questions about the bail.

Common Bail Bonds in Compton

Every criminal case is unique and has a different set of circumstances. If the law enforcement officers arrest your loved one and you are in a detention facility waiting for your trial, you might find it challenging to pay your bail. But you first need to understand the various types of bail bonds. The types of bail bonds are different, and not every kind of bail bond suits your case. The following are the possible types of bail bonds in Compton.

  • Cash Bonds

Cash bonds entail paying the bail in cash. Usually, many arrestees do not have enough money to pay their bail in cash and seek financial help from bail bond agencies. You have added risks when you pay the bail in cash since you cannot access the funds until your case trial. The court allows you to use cash bail in cases where they think you are not a flight risk. So, once you are released from jail through posting a cash bond, ensure you appear at the court dates as ordered.

  • Property Bonds

In California, the law allows arrestees to use bail for their release from detention facilities. Property bonds work like cash bonds; however,  instead of using the cash to post the bail, you use a valuable item to secure your release. Generally, property bonds take longer before they are processed than surety and cash bonds. Property bonds are an extensive process because the court requires enough time to investigate the property placed as collateral. Note that the item you use in property bonds must be valued at least twice the bail.

  • Surety Bonds

You can seek surety bonds when you have insufficient funds to post the cash bonds. Bondsmen commonly use surety bonds. Once you agree to work with the bondsmen to secure the bonds, the bondsmen charge you a certain percentage of the bail. The fee is usually around 10% of the total bail amount. The bonds involve several parties, including the arrestee, the bondsmen, and the court. The arrestee agrees to appear at the scheduled court dates before they secure the surety bonds. If the arrestee fails to appear at the court as determined, the court will forfeit the bond. Also, you will have to serve additional penalties. If the arrestee had placed an item of value as collateral, the bail bonds agent has the power to sell the property. Therefore, when you are arrested and secure the surety bonds, ensure you appear at the court as scheduled.

  • Immigration Bonds

The immigration bonds are special bonds available for undocumented immigrants. The cases related to immigration are handled by the departments of homeland security and immigration customs enforcement. The process of obtaining immigration bonds is challenging and complex. So, if this is your case, ensure you seek legal help from a California immigration attorney as soon as possible. The attorney will help you learn more about immigration bonds. Also, the attorney will help you know whether you are eligible for the bonds.

  • Federal Bonds

Federal bonds might be available when you face a federal offense. Federal cases are severe and include armed robbery, kidnapping, murder, and homicide, among other crimes. Since the crimes attract huge fines and extensive jail terms, the bonds are often huge. So, if you face a federal offense in California, you want to speak with our Compton Bail Bonds agents as soon as possible. The agents will assist you in obtaining the bonds and leaving the detention facility as quickly as possible.

How the Court Sets the Bail in Compton?

Before the criminal court judge sets the bail, they consider the severity of your alleged crime. If the court finds your crime severe, the judge sets the bail amount high. Also, the criminal court judge considers your criminal records to set the bail. So, when your criminal record shows you previously committed several crimes,  the judge sets your bail high. Again, the criminal court judge assesses your probability of appearing at the arranged court dates. The bail set is low when the judge believes you are more likely to appear at the court proceedings.

Posting Bail with Compton Bail Bonds Agents

When the law enforcement officers arrest you over a specific crime in California, you remain at the detention facility until your trial. When the court finds you are not likely to cause harm to the community, the criminal court judge sets the bail. After selecting the bail, you post it at the courthouse. Ensure you work closely with your criminal defense attorney to help you post the bail. Remember the law provides certain steps you must follow while posting your bail.

If you have insufficient funds to pay the bail amount, you may request your friends, relatives, or your close partner to do so. Bailing someone is challenging since you should confirm that the arrestee will appear for all the scheduled court dates.

Also, if you lack enough money, you may ask a bail bond company to post the bail on your behalf. Note the bondsmen will charge you a specific rate for the service rendered. The charges may vary based on the circumstance during the arrest process and your bail amount. Sometimes the bondsmen require you to place collateral because of the involved risk. The collateral entails any item or property of value. The law, however, requires the bandsmen to charge a maximum fee of 10% of the bail amount.

Conditions of Bail

Besides posting the bail, the court sets conditions you must adhere to. The possible conditions of the bail include:

  • Failure to violate any laws
  • Staying away from the victim
  • Abstaining from alcohol, drugs, possession of guns, and observing a curfew

Remember, violation of these conditions will only attract additional penalties. Also, the criminal court will revoke your bail upon violating the conditions of the bail. Therefore when released through posting the bail, you want to comply with the court-ordered requirements.

Bounty Hunters

When you secure the bail through the services of a bondsman,  the bondsmen will hire bounty hunters to apprehend you and return you to the detention facility. Remember, after failing to appear at the court as ordered, the court issues an arrest warrant. The bondsmen pay the bounty hunters at least 10-20% of the bail. But the bounty hunters receive the amount after apprehending, capturing, or locating the fugitive.

Why Work with Compton Bail Bonds Company?

When the police arrest you or your friend, the bail bond agency you choose to cooperate with will determine your case outcome. Our Compton bail bonds agents are conversant with the bail system in California and ensure you walk out of the detention facility as soon as possible. Even with financial difficulties, we will offer flexible payment options that suit your financial ability. You will enjoy the listed benefits when you work with our bail bond agents.

Experienced Bondsmen

Our in-depth experience and knowledge keep our bail bond agency ahead of other bondsmen. We have decades of experience in offering bail bond services across California. Through our experience, we know how to start working on your case until we see favorable outcomes. Also, our experience has led to a great relationship with the jailers, criminal attorneys, and courthouse clerks. Remember, your case does not end with posting the bail; you still have to fight the charge by developing a solid defense strategy. Speak with our Compton bail bonds agents, and we will ensure you handle the legal process.

 Licensed and  Insured company

Before working with a company, you want to consider whether the company is licensed and insured. Compton bail bonds agents are well certified and insured in Los Angeles. Due to our agents' knowledge, they know how to grant you a faster release. Again, our bondsmen do not work with expired licenses.

Around the Clock Bail  Services

You may face arrest anytime, whether daytime or nighttime. After arrest, you need to go on with your regular activities immediately. Immediately after your arrest, you may find it challenging. If you do not know a bail bondman is available. Our experts at Compton bail bondmen agents are available 24/7 to serve you anytime. You don't want to delay calling our bondsmen even when arrested past business hours.

We Offer Easy Payment Options and  Lower Rates 

Our bail agents know why you want to exit jail. And that is why we offer lower rates than other bail bond companies. Again, we offer discounts to clients facing difficult times to see them come out of jail. We also have varied payment plans, including credit cards, that make your application for a bail bond faster. Again, we use bail bond agents who provide flexible payment plans so that you can pay the bail amount over time.

Bilingual Services

Our well-trained and aggressive agents provide services in both English and Spanish. We, therefore, offer services to non-citizens in need of posting bail in California. Our Spanish-speaking agents are ready to cooperate with you or your family to ensure they obtain the required bail bond services. At times, Spanish speakers face unfair prosecution due to language barriers. You must note that this is the main reason we need to assist them exit jail following their arrest.

Posting Bail Online

After arrest, you want to leave the prison to post your bail, which is time-consuming. Our bail bond agents allow posting your bail over the phone while seated at your house. You will fill out the bail application forms using your phone and secure your release. If you are doing it for your loved one, you want to provide your loved one's name, email address, birthday, phone number, citizen information, and jail information. You also want to fill in information about yourself. When you discover posting the bail online is hectic, the judge permits you to make a call and provide the details.

Court and Jail Information in Compton

Compton sheriff's department

301 south Willowbrook avenue

Compton, California



Los Angeles county sheriff's office

200 west Compton Blvd #404

Compton California 90220



LASD inmate center

11705 Alameda street

Los Angeles, California 90059



Men's central jail

965 north Los Angeles

California 90012



Compton court

200 west Compton blvd

Compton, California 90220



Downey court

7500 east imperial highway

Downey, California 90242



Juvenile Courthouse

200 west Compton Blvd #261

Compton, California 90220



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