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If you’re arrested in California, your top priority is to secure your release. You may have the opportunity to be free before the court hears and determines your case. The court can release you on your recognizance. Your Own Recognizance means the court releases you without having to pay any cash. However, you have to promise in writing you will attend all your case hearings. The court can also release you after you post a cash bail if you have the financial capability. However, at times, the court charges a very high amount as bail. If you aren’t in a financial position to post the bail, you can use the service of a Huntington Beach Bail bonds company. The bail bonds company posts the bail on your behalf, and you pay them a fee which is usually 10% of the bail amount.

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How Bail Bonds Work In Huntington Beach California

If the police arrest you in California, they take you to the precinct. At the station, the officers book you and place you in a holding cell. The booking process involves taking your pictures, fingerprints and other personal information. They also take your personal effects and store them in a secure storage room. The law requires the authorities to take you to court within forty-eight hours after your arrest. At your first court hearing, the judge may decide to release you on bail. Bail is the amount of money you pay to the court.

If you can’t pay the bail amount, you might enlist the services of a Huntington Beach bail bonds agent. The agent posts the bail on your behalf and secures your release. Bail bond agents usually charge a fee for offering the service. The law in California has set a cap at 10% of the bail amount as the maximum fee the bail bond agent can charge. If, for example, the court charges you $50,000 as bail, the bail bonds agent will charge you $5,000 as the bail bond fee. Remember, the fee and other related costs you pay to the bail bonds agent are non-refundable. 

You will also have to secure the remaining balance. In this case, the balance is $45,000, and you will have to provide collateral worth more than $45,000. You can ask your friends or relatives to assist you with collateral if you don’t have enough property.  Some of the collateral you can use include houses, land, vehicle and jewelry.

Since you can be arrested at any time of the day or night, most bail bond companies operate 24/7. California bail bond companies also accept electronic payment and paperwork to hasten the bail bond application process. When you use the services of a bail bonds company, you enter into a contract with the bail bondsman. The contract states you clearly understand you owe a financial responsibility to the company. The contract also outlines the terms and conditions of the bail bond. The contract will state the property you have offered as collateral. It will also show the bond’s fee.

If you’re posting bail on behalf of a loved one, you need to have with you their full names, the booking number, and the charges that led to their arrest. You should also know the location of the jail where they are held.

Once you give the bail bonds agent this information, they will visit the jail where the defendant is held. The court officials give the agent the court date, a receipt, and other necessary information to help them follow up on the matter. The time it takes to be released from jail will depend on several factors. If the jail where you are held is busy or far from the courts, it can take some time before the court processes your bail bond.

Liability Of The Bail Bond Agent

If you fail to show up for your court hearings, the bail bond agent is liable to pay the full bail amount to the court. That’s why the agent requires collateral to shield themselves from financial loss if you fail to appear for your hearing. Before the court forfeits the bail money, it gives the bail bondsman a grace period to bring you back to custody.

Most Orange County bail bonds agents use a bounty hunter to find you. If the bounty hunter can’t trace you, you can lose the collateral used as security. Any other person who used their collateral to secure your bail bond can also lose their property. However, it’s not a great idea to skip town when you are out on bail. If you’re arrested, the judge will pass a harsher punishment.

What Is A Bail Bond Hearing?

In California, the judge sets the bail amount through a bail hearing. The amount of bail the court sets depends on your alleged crime. However, California has a bail schedule that highlights the bail amount for various crimes. Bail for less severe crimes is much lower than that of more severe crimes. The judge has discretion on the bail amount to set. They can increase or reduce the bail amount stipulated in the schedule. When setting bail, the court will consider several factors. The judge will consider the nature of the crime and your criminal history. They will also consider if the crime was violent or non-violent. The court will also consider if you pose a threat to society.

Although you may not need a lawyer, it’s advisable to have one present during the bail hearing. The attorney will help persuade the prosecutor and the judge to reduce the bail amount. Depending on your charges, the judge may decide to release you on your recognizance. Your own recognizance means you sign a written agreement that you will attend all your court hearings. In California, you don’t pay any fees for your own recognizance bond. A recognizance bond can save you cash. Your lawyer can argue your case and pursue the court to release you on your own recognizance bond.

However, the court will not consider such a bond in some cases. The court will not grant you this type of bond if your case is a violent crime,gang-related or a felony.

Apart from the severity and the nature of the offense, the court will also consider other factors in determining whether to release you. Your attorney can argue that you have community ties and your chances of fleeing are low. They can argue you have family in the area. They can also argue that you have business interests and you are less likely to leave. The judge will also be more inclined to release you on a bond if you are employed.

Once the judge agrees to let you go, they will set the bail amount. You can pay the bail in cash or through other financial instruments like a banker’s cheque, debit or credit card.  If you don't have enough cash, you can ask your family and friends for assistance. You can also use a Huntington bail bonds agent to pay the bail on your behalf.

How Much Does A Bail Bond Cost In Huntington Beach?

Different Huntington Beach bail bonds agents will charge varying fees for the bail bond. However, according to California law, a bail bonds company can’t charge more than 10% of the bail amount. Therefore, most California bail bonds agents charge between 8% to 10% of the bail amount. Most agents also allow you to pay the fees either upfront or on a repayment plan.

Understanding More About Bounty Hunters

One of the bail conditions is to show up in court for all your hearings. When you skip town, the court considers you a fugitive and issues an arrest warrant. If you fail to show up, the court will require the bail bond agent to pay the full bail amount.

In most cases, the bail bondsman uses a bounty hunter to track you and bring you back into custody. A bounty hunter is trained at finding and apprehending anyone who skips their court hearing. However, the bounty hunter has to abide by the state’s regulations.  

What Is Bail Forfeiture?

You can pay bail in cash or through a Huntington beach bail bonds agent. If you pay bail through cash, the court can forfeit the cash. You can either forfeit the cash voluntarily or involuntarily. Voluntary bail forfeiture happens when you use the bail to pay for court fines, costs and any legal fees. You can only use the bail money to cover these costs and fees. You can’t use the bail money as restitution.

Involuntary forfeiture happens when the court withholds the money after you fail to show up for your hearing. In some cases, it’s possible to recover your bail cash, but only if you have a very good reason why you missed your hearings. In most cases, though, when the authorities arrest you, the court requires you to post a new bail. However, it’s highly unlikely the court will release you on bail the second time if you failed to show up for your hearings the first time for no good reason.

1% Bail Bonds In California

Huntington bail bonds agents earn from charging a percentage of the bail as their fee. You can negotiate with the bail bond agent to reduce the percentage. It’s critical to be honest with the bail bond company about your financial position. Some bail bond agents in Huntington Beach also offer 1%bail bonds. 1% bail bonds mean you only pay 1% of the bail amount and pay the balance over time. However, the agents will consider some factors before offering you the 1% bail bonds. They will check your criminal history, the assets you offer as collateral. Your financial position and credit rating and the nature of the crime, among other similar factors.

The time it takes to process the 1% bail bonds will depend on the alleged crime, the jail where you’re detained and the bail amount. The Huntington bail bonds company can post bail on the same day. In other cases, it may take more than 24 hours.  1% bail bonds are advantageous since they are less expensive.

Court and jail information in Huntington Beach

West Justice Center

8141 13th St,

Westminster CA 92683

657 622 5900

Superior Court of Orange County

8141 13th St, Westminster,

657 622 6878


1978 Lake St, Huntington Beach

714 374 4045

Lamoreaux Justice Center

341 The City Dr S

Orange, CA 92868,

657 622 6878

Court & Thomas Co

11800 Monarch St

Garden Grove, CA 92841,

510 487 5310

Jail information

Theo Lacy Facility

501 The City Dr S

Orange, CA 92868,

714 935 6940

Juvenile Hall - Orange County

331 The City Dr, Orange, CA 92868

Phone: +1 714 935 6660

Seal Beach Police Department

911 Seal Beach Blvd, Seal Beach, CA 90740,

Phone: +1 562 799 4100

Costa Mesa City Jail

99 Fair Dr, Costa Mesa, CA 92626,

Phone: +1 714 754 5280

William Lyon School-Detention Center

401 The City Dr S, Orange, CA 92868,

Phone: +1 714 935 7668

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When the authorities arrest you, your first priority is to earn your freedom as fast as possible. In California, the courts can release you from custody before the hearing of your case when you post bail. You can post a cash bail if you have the money. You can also use the services of a bail bonds company if you don’t have enough cash to post bail.

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