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When someone you care for is arrested and charged with a crime, it is natural to feel anxious and distressed. The outcome of their situation is usually not certain. Some defendants remain in custody through the trial period, while others are allowed bail and can return home after a few hours of an arrest. It is necessary to figure out quickly what you can do to help someone you care for out of jail soon after arrest in El Monte. That is where we come in as Bail Bonds Company.

Bailing someone out of jail requires you to have enough money or a valuable asset. If that is lacking, we offer help, guidance, and support through the process. When you contact us, we connect you directly to a licensed bond agent who will care for your needs until your kin is freed. Our experience and professionalism have enabled us to maintain a cordial working relationship with jails and courts within El Monte and its environs.

What Follows an Arrest

Arrests in California are conducted randomly by law enforcement officers. If an officer catches a person committing a crime, or the police receive a warrant of arrest for a particular suspect, they act immediately. Arrests can occur any time of the day or night, and a suspect can be arrested anywhere, whether at home, in their place of work, in the streets, or even in entertainment joints.

When the police arrest a suspect, they first book them in the police database before the suspect's first arraignment. Booking involves taking down the defendant's details like their name, address, date of birth, and work-related information. The police also take a suspect's mugshots and fingerprints and feed them into their database. They also check the defendant's criminal history and prepare a report, which they give to the prosecutor. The prosecutor will use that report to open charges for the defendant in court.

Once the police are done with the booking, they detain the suspect until they obtain a court order requiring them to arraign the defendant in court. These processes are done pretty fast. Thus, the defendant can make their initial appearance in court a few minutes or hours after arrest. The first arraignment is the bail determination hearing, whereby the judge establishes the defendant's eligibility for bail. If the arrestee is suitable for bail, the judge also sets the amount the suspect must pay to obtain their freedom before trial.

Judges consider several factors when deciding whether or not a defendant is suitable for bail, including the nature of the offense committed and the defendant's criminal history. For instance, if a suspect is a serial offender, the judge could set a high bail to discourage them from securing their release from jail. The defendant will likely not commit another crime before the conclusion of their case if they remain incarcerated through the trial period. Also, the judge considers the details of the charges the person faces. If they are misdemeanor charges, the judge will likely grant them bail. But serious and violent felonies do not qualify for bail.

Ways to Post a Bail in El Monte

The judge will give the defendant or their family options for posting bail to obtain a pretrial release. Here are standard bail options you receive in California:

Cash Bail

Cash bail is the form of bail you pay in cash. You must have the total amount to pay cash bail on behalf of someone you love. The judge will only sign the release documents once the entire bail is paid.

The challenge with cash bail is that you must have the total amount at hand to help your kin out of jail. Considering how high bail is set in California, that could be a significant problem for most families. Taking time to raise money among your family and friends or to sell off valuable properties will prolong the defendant's stay in jail.

But cash bail is the easiest way to obtain a loved one's freedom after arrest. The process is quick and straightforward. You are assured of receiving the full money back after the case, but as long as the court does not forfeit the bail. You also do not incur extra charges apart from a court fee.

Property Bond

Families also have the option of paying a property bond to use to obtain a loved one's freedom after arrest. A property bond means surrendering something of value to a court for it to keep until the determination of the matter. For instance, if the offender violates their bail terms and conditions, the court could sell off the valuable asset to recover its money.

Property bonds are great options for families that have valuable assets at their disposal. But the court needs time to evaluate the property documents and appraise the property to determine its authenticity and current value. The judge will accept that property and sign your kin's release documents if all is well. But, the property value must be greater than the bail.

You will receive your property back after the case. But if the offender violates their bail conditions, causing the court to forfeit the bail, your family could lose a valuable asset to the court.

Bail Bonds

Bail bonds are prevalent for most families in El Monte. Third-party companies offer bond services to families that cannot obtain the release of their loved ones from jail. Bond dealers do this by paying a surety bond, assuring the court that it will pay the entire bail if the arrestee fails to appear as ordered by the judge.

Bond companies provide bail bond services at a small fee. The dealer you choose will require you to pay a bond premium, which is generally a percentage of the bail ( 10% in most cases). The charge is usually non-refundable and will constitute your fee for the services. Once you pay a bond premium, an agent will begin the legal process.

Bail agents have excellent skills and experience in bail processes. They have also worked with several jails and courts to know what to expect during the process. Thus, bail processing with the help of an agent could take a few minutes. That is the only time the one you care for needs to remain in jail after arrest.

Reasons to Choose El Monte Bail Bonds

When someone in your family is arrested and detained, you want to act as fast as possible if you do not wish for them to remain locked up. Spending more time in jail means that their entire life will be interrupted. They can no longer work and provide for their family or even spend time with their loved ones. But helping them out of jail requires you to have the financial ability to pay bail. If not, you can engage a bond dealer near you for reliable and affordable El Monte bail bonds.

The first step to take if you want to engage a bond dealer is to choose a reliable, reputable and licensed one near you. The process of hiring bail bond services is not complicated. Most companies have online pages where you can find information about their services. They also operate online; you can engage them online or over the phone without visiting their offices. Here are the most common reasons you want to go through this process:

Bond Dealers Act Fast

Jail is not the best place for anyone to spend time. It is restrictive. Defendants cannot do much as long as they are detained. It limits their time with family and doesn't allow them to go to work, school, or even mingle with friends. The right thing to do when someone you care for is arrested is to act fast to obtain their release. It could take time for you to raise cash bail or prepare a property bond. But bond dealers do not need any prior preparation. They are always ready to help when called upon. Thus, El Monte bail bonds are the fastest way someone you love can escape jail after an arrest.

Bond Dealers Are Reliable

The best bond dealers provide reliability to assure you of your loved one's freedom after an arrest. If this is the first time someone close to you faces an arrest, the bail process can seem complex and intimidating. Most families give up along the way, and their loved ones remain incarcerated more than necessary. You can rely on a bond agent to get your family member out of jail immediately after an arrest. Bond agents understand the processes better from their skills and experience working with local courts and jails. Once you sign up with a bond dealer, the agent takes over. The defendant could be out of jail in minutes after that.

El Monte Bail Bonds are Affordable

Most families face the most significant challenge when a loved one is arrested, raising the required money to post their bail. Times are tough, and most families face financial difficulties. They barely have enough for themselves and extra for emergencies. But bond dealers provide affordable help to struggling families that want their kin out of jail.

The bond agent will only ask you to raise a bond premium, typically a percentage of the bail. The standard rate is 10% though you could be lucky to find El Monte bail bonds at a lower rate than that. A small percentage of bail is affordable. It constitutes the fee you pay for the bond services. If you cannot raise the entire premium, the agent can allow you to pay in manageable installments, according to your financial situation.

Bond Companies Offer Convenience

When the judge sets bail, they give you a few options so you can secure a defendant's freedom from jail. For instance, you can either pay cash bail or a property bond if you do not qualify for your own recognizance release. You do not get more payment options or even a payment plan if you do not have the entire amount in cash. Bond companies offer great convenience when it pertains to making payments. You can make payments conveniently using the payment method you prefer. For example, you could pay for bail services in cash or through a debit or credit card.

Bond dealers also allow payments in installments for families that cannot afford the premium. The agent assures you of help and assistance with bail regardless of your financial situation.

How a Bond Dealer Can Help You

When you post bail for someone you care about, they will not remain in jail until a judge concludes their case. Instead, the judge will order their release, with the understanding that they will appear in court as many times as needed for the hearing and conclusion of the case. A bond agent will walk the journey with you and the defendant until the determination of the case. There are several ways through which a bond agent can help you, the defendant, and your family.

Bond dealers expedite a process that seems difficult and complex. It is hard to imagine what a person experiences while in jail. Bond dealers understand what is needed to get your loved one out of jail immediately. An experienced agent will quickly prepare the required documents to expedite the bond process.

A reliable bond agent will not halt the process until you pay the required amount. They understand the various financial situations their clients face. The bail agent will be willing to develop a payment plan, starting with a manageable initial payment. The bail agent will proceed with the bail process as long as you can assure them of your willingness to complete the payments and abide by the bail conditions.

The bond agent will be part of your life until the case is resolved. They will ensure that the defendant attends all court hearings as required to avoid losing the entire bail to the court. It will be a significant loss to the family if the arrestee fails to make court appearances as ordered and the court forfeits their bail. The bail agent will ensure that the defendant abides by other bail conditions, including remaining within the court jurisdiction throughout the bail period.

Requirements for El Monte Bail Bonds

Understanding what will be expected of you when you decide to engage a bond dealer is essential. Remember that this third-party company offers financial help to families like yours that cannot afford to bail their loved ones out of jail. Thus, the dealers risk a lot since they will be expected by the court to pay the entire bail if the arrestee fails to appear.

When a defendant fails to appear after a release on bail, he/she can be rearrested and taken to court. The judge will conduct another hearing to determine what will happen to the defendant for their failure to appear. One of the most significant consequences of failing to appear is losing bail to a court. The judge will order the bond dealer to pay the court the full bail. It could be a significant loss for the company if you did not give some form of collateral for bail services.

Most bond dealers in El Monte will require some form of collateral for their services. They will have a valuable asset to sell to raise the bail amount if the court forfeits your loved one's bail. A bond dealer accepts all collateral, provided its value exceeds the bail amount. You could give a title to a real estate property, home, or car or surrender your valuable jewelry or art collections to the bond agent. That way, the bond agent will have a means of recovering their money in case the defendants violate their bail conditions.

The bail agent will also require indemnity for the bail services. An Indemnitor is a person who co-signs the bail agreement to secure a defendant's release from jail. You could act as the Indemnitor, assuring the bond agent of taking responsibility if the arrestee fails to appear or violates any other bail condition. You will also be responsible for reminding the defendant of their court dates and other requirements until the resolution of their case.

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