Being arrested is undoubtedly stressful and confusing because of the potential consequences you could face upon conviction. In addition to the stress of being arrested, the court presiding over your case will expect you to pay a specific sum of money (bail) to act as security for your future court dates, pending the verdict of the alleged charge.

Bail is not a punishment for the alleged charge but rather a mechanism of ensuring that you will appear at your court-scheduled hearings to prove your innocence. While it is the most effective and fastest way to obtain your jail release after an arrest, posting the required cash bail is a significant financial strain for most defendants or arrestees in custody.

That is where proficient and understanding bond agents at Bail Bonds Company intervene. If you cannot afford your bail or do not want to post it with your money, our bond agents can post the bail on your behalf. As a token of appreciation, you will pay us a specific percentage of your total bail as a premium for our prompt financial help during your time of need.

We are available 24/7 to ensure you do not have to spend even an hour behind bars following an arrest and detainment by the police for any accused offense in Glendale.

Few Reasons That Could Make You Ineligible for Bail

While every defendant has a legal right to protect his/her innocence by posting bail following an arrest, do not assume you will be eligible for bail whenever you run afoul with the law. Below are a few reasons why the court could deny you a release on bail after an arrest in Glendale:

The Alleged Offense is a Violent Felony or Capital Crime

If the alleged offense is a violent felony like murder or sexual assault and the court has strong evidence against you, you could be ineligible to post bail. The judges will typically assume these severe crime suspects are too dangerous to return to the community as their alleged charges continue through various stages of the legal justice system.

Generally speaking, bail rejection rates for violent and severe felony offenses are higher than petty offenses like shoplifting. Unless you have a severe health issue that could worsen when you remain in custody, the judge will not grant bail for most violent felonies and capital crimes. Capital crimes are offenses that would attract a death sentence upon conviction at trial, for example, treason.

You Are a Repeat Offender

Usually, when determining whether or not to grant you a release on bail, the court will check your criminal record. The court could deny your current bail application if your record shows several past bail requests for the same offense.

In the eyes of the court, one or more arrests mean that you have not learned from your past mistakes, or rather, you are not ready to fix your mistakes. Similarly, if you are on probation for a past offense, the court will not grant you a release on bail following a re-arrest for another alleged offense.

You Have a Record of Not Showing Up to Your Court Dates

When you apply for bail, the judge will also check your record to see your past court dates' compliance. If you have skipped or missed two or more court dates, the odds are high that the court will not approve your bail due to the fear that you could fail to show up on the oncoming court dates.

You are a Flight Risk

The court also recognizes the possibility that a defendant can flee the state or the country after securing a release on bail. When a defendant leaves the country, uncertainty and confusion begin because the odds are high that he/she could fail to attend his/her required court dates. Although every crime can be a flight risk, the court considers non-citizens to have the highest risk. 

Therefore, before granting your bail request, the court will do thorough background research to confirm whether or not:

  • Your home is easy to track
  • You have communities or family ties

In the eyes of the law, defendants with family obligations to meet, like paying their children's school fees, are less likely to flee the country after settling or paying bail.

You Were Disrespectful to the Court

Most people do not know this, but certain behavior like yelling or shouting at the judge could make the court deny your bail request. Even if you do not have a record of skipped court dates or severe crimes, these behaviors could lead to the denial of your bail application.

While you can attend your bail hearing without an attorney, having one in your corner would be a brilliant idea to increase your chances of qualifying for a pre-trial release on bail. An experienced defense attorney will know which mitigating arguments will work out to your advantage during this court hearing for the best attainable outcome.

Obtaining a Bail Reduction

Generally speaking, the set bail amount can mean the difference between freedom and incarceration, pending your case's judgment at trial. Therefore, reducing your bail to the lowest possible amount should be an integral part of your defense strategy. Your attorney can fight to reduce your bail in any of the following applicable ways:

  • Filing a written motion to reduce bail
  • Filing a motion to reduce bail following a change in circumstances
  • Application at the arraignment hearing

Typically, the judge will consider several factors when determining whether or not to reduce your bail, including:

  • The seriousness of the accused charge
  • Your participation in religious and community projects
  • Your current employment status
  • Your community and family ties

Do not let a high bail amount be the reason for remaining behind bars as the alleged case continues through the legal justice system. A skilled and experienced attorney will fight to convince the court you deserve a lower bail amount.

Advantages of Hiring a Bail Bond Agent Following an Arrest

If you or a loved one is under arrest, the whole situation can turn out to be emotionally and financially stressful within a blink of an eye. Apart from hiring an attorney, you could need the services of a bail bondsman or agent if you want to quickly obtain a release from the detention hall without stressing your friends to help you clear your bail.

Below are some of the advantages of working with a bond agent following an arrest:

The Agent Can Speed up the Bail Process

If you need the services of a bond agent for quick Glendale bails bonds services, it is because your freedom is at stake, and you are unready to spend more time in jail pending your case's resolution. A reliable bond agent will ensure you do not have to spend even an hour stuck in the detention hall if you do not have sufficient money to clear the scheduled bail.

Since an arrest could occur at any time or hour of the day or night, most bond agents are available 24/7 to ensure prompt bail bond services to their clients. Knowing you can rely on a bond agent to secure a jail release at night when you have no one to call for help is one reason you should work with these experts if you are under arrest.

In short, if you are looking for Glendale bail bonds, you should hire a readily available and accessible bond agent for the fast bail bond services you deserve to obtain your jail release.

The Agent Can Comfortably Handle Documentation

Undoubtedly, obtaining your freedom on bail is a paper-intensive process. However, you do not have to worry about this issue if you have an agent in your corner. An experienced local bail bond agent will know what paperwork you need in every stage of the bail process until you step out of jail.

The Agent Can Offer You Fair Legal Advice

Your bond agent can also be your source of legal advice if you are in custody for any alleged offense before you hire an attorney. Obtaining your release on bail is not a smooth process, but a bail bond agent's legal advice can help you have a fair shot at having your freedom back without unnecessary delay.

The Agent Can Help You Save Money

Another reason you need Glendale bail bonds following an arrest is that this option is cost-effective compared to other bail settlement options. When working with a bond agent, you only need to pay him/her 10% of your set or scheduled bail as a premium or services fee for his/her necessary and prompt financial help.

Therefore, if your determined bail amount is $500,000, you will pay the agent only $50,000. Fortunately, a reliable bond agent can arrange a flexible and convenient way to pay this premium without a hassle. For example, you can use:

  • A cheque
  • Digital money
  • Straight cash

Unlike the refundable bail, once you pay the agent this percentage, you will not have your money back after the final verdict of the alleged charge.

Finding a reliable agent is a rule of thumb if you need prompt Glendale bail bond services. If you have a reliable agent on your corner, you can obtain your release from jail without the hassle of going home to your family as soon as possible.

How to Find a Dependable Bond Agent for Glendale Bail Bond Services

Appreciating the advantages of using a bond agent is one thing, but finding a dependable agent can be overwhelming, especially when your freedom is at stake. Briefly discussed below are helpful tips that can reduce your options if you are looking to hire a reliable agent for prompt Glendale bail bonds services:

  1. Find a Licensed Agent

To ensure that you are not dealing with a mediocre expert, you should check to ensure your prospective agent is licensed. It makes sense to partner with a licensed agent because there are strict legal requirements a person must meet to obtain this license.

A licensed agent is not only the best option from a legal point of view, but he/she is also likely to help you obtain a release on bail without delay.

Since the number of phone calls you can make following an arrest is limited and your freedom is on the line, you cannot risk settling for the services of an unlicensed agent. Ensure the agent you decide to work with is ready to show you their licensing credentials once you meet with him/her. If not, you should consider that as an indicator or a red flag to find another licensed agent.

  1. Find a Local Agent

While the court can accept money from an out-of-state bail bond agent, it is wise to work with a local agent because he/she is likely familiar with bail rules and regulations that will come into play during the bail process. A local agent can follow the due processes required to ensure you are out of custody within the shortest time possible.

Without local knowledge of the court system and how bail bonds work, your agent could impact your alleged case negatively rather than helping you secure freedom quickly.

  1. Find an Accessible and Available Agent

Typically, most dependable bail bond companies have physical offices strategically located near detention facilities or jails to ensure their agents can attend to prospective clients without delay, 24/7. When you hire a local agent, you bank on the fact that you can conveniently and easily access his/her services to secure your release from jail before your case's verdict.

  1. Find a Reputable Agent

Finally, ensure the agent you will decide to work with has a credible reputation among his/her past clients. Apart from posting your bail bond, a credible agent will also be there for you to ensure your compliance with the required terms and conditions of your release until your alleged case's trial.

If you know a colleague or a friend who has worked with a bond agent before, you can ask him/her for recommendations to find a reputable and credible agent without a hassle.

  1. Find an Experienced Agent

Although every expert was once an amateur, when your freedom is on the line, you cannot risk settling for the services of an inexperienced agent. An agent with significant experience helping defendants obtain their freedom on bail can help you obtain your release within the shortest time possible because they already know the ins and outs of the court system.

Finally, it would be best to trust your instincts when you make that call with a prospective bond agent. If you suspect your prospective bond agent is undependable during this critical time of need, you should trust your instincts and find a different agent.

Information You Need to Obtain a Bail Bond

When you decide to work with an agent to secure your freedom after an arrest, you will need the following crucial information before you contact him/her:

  1. Know Your Booking Number

After an arrest, the police will take you to their station for a booking and processing procedure. Once a jail books you, the officer in charge will assign you a booking number that acts as your identity (I.D) while in custody. Your prospective bond agent will need this information when preparing the necessary paperwork to post your bail bond.

  1. Know Your Bail Amount

If the jail you are in custody has no predetermined bail for your specific offense, you will know your bail amount at your first court hearing, also known as the arraignment. To increase your odds of qualifying for a pre-trial release on bail, you should speak with an attorney before you attend this hearing.

In most cases, your attorney will attend this hearing on your behalf to fight for a fair and affordable bail amount.

  1. Know the Location of the Jail That You Are in Custody

To start the bail bond process quickly, your prospective bond agent will want to know the location of the jail where you are in custody. Typically, the paperwork your agent will prepare to send to the relevant authorities should have current information, including the addresses of the jail where you are in custody.

If you are unsure of the address and location of the jail where you are in custody, it would be best to clarify the issue with an officer before you call an agent for bail services.

Jail and Court Addresses You Could Need if You Need Glendale Bail Bonds Services

If you need bail bond services to help a loved one receive his/her freedom following an arrest, you could need the following courthouse and jail info:

Courthouse Information

Glendale Courthouse

600 East Broadway

Glendale, CA 91206


Jail Information

Glendale Police Department

131 N Isabel Street

Glendale, CA 91206


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