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Having a friend or family member arrested could leave you feeling helpless and uncertain of what steps to take next. The situation could only get worse if you're the one being arrested. There are certain options available that can make dealing with a loved one's arrest less overwhelming. One of these options is to get in touch with us at the Bail Bonds Company.

We will walk you through the bail bonds process and assist you in ensuring that the defendant is released from detention early. The bail amount is usually determined by the severity of the offense and the defendant's previous record. You can trust us regardless of the bail amount you have to post. An early release from detention will allow you to get back to work, see your loved ones, and get ready for trial. Call us to get in touch with a local Signal Hill bail bonds agent right away.

The Arrest Process

After a crime has been perpetrated, law enforcement authorities often conduct investigations to identify potential perpetrators. Once the offenders have been located, the authorities present their findings to the court, which then decides whether or not to grant an arrest warrant based on the information presented. Once a judge has issued a warrant, an arrest can be made.

Alternatively, if law enforcement officials catch you in the act of commissioning a crime, they will place you under arrest. Additionally, if the police have reason to believe you were perpetrating a crime, most likely because you fit the description of the offender provided by eyewitnesses, you will be apprehended. The police do not require an arrest warrant in either of these two situations.

You should note that even though authorities are required to conduct arrests, they are still bound by the state's laws. There is no requirement to use restraints or physical force. If you find out that an arrest warrant has been issued against you, or if the police tell you and you're under arrest, all you have to do is show up in court. It's best if you don't try to resist arrest, as this could bring more charges against you.

Watching to see whether the police follow the law, such as stating Miranda rights, is one way to ensure your arrest goes well and that your rights are upheld. These constitutional rights include the following:

  • You have the legal right to remain silent till your defense counsel is present, so you can politely decline to respond to the officer's inquiries.
  • Anything you say could be used in court as evidence against you. The officers have to say this to stop you from saying incriminating statements that the prosecution could use to find you guilty of the alleged offense.
  • The right to an attorney. If the authorities interrogate you, you have to only do so in the presence of your legal counsel. If you cannot afford legal counsel, the court will provide one to represent you. But remember that simply stating that you cannot afford legal representation will not get you a public lawyer. The court will also need proof of your financial state to determine if you're entitled to a defense attorney. Even if you've already answered some questions posed by the authorities, you can put the interrogation on hold at any point until your lawyer arrives.

It is important to note that the police department may not always read the defendant his or her Miranda rights, particularly during traffic stops or DUI arrests. Even though they are stated while you have been detained, that doesn't make your detention any less legitimate.

It is only unconstitutional if they don't state them after putting you in detention. You can ask your attorneys to submit a motion to suppress the evidence in such situations. In this way, all self-incriminating remarks that you may have uttered previously and that could have been utilized as evidence against you are withdrawn from the record, which will help strengthen your case.

After you've been arrested and taken into custody, the officers who arrested you will carry out an authorized search of your possessions to obtain evidence that is necessary for your pending criminal case. Once again, the law enforcement agents will seize any documents or assets associated with the offense and use this material as proof in subsequent court proceedings.

Arrests happen when you least expect them, so if you are arrested, remain calm and do not resist since you'll get into more problems. Refrain from answering questions and reserve your rights to do so for situations where your counsel is present.

The police will conduct a search of your person and take any weaponry you might be carrying before taking you to jail. You will then proceed to the booking phase.

Signal Hill Booking Process

The booking procedure begins when a person has been put in custody. In this phase, you'll be asked to complete some basic personal details and record details about the alleged offense.

After that, a mugshot is taken to record your physical information.

Usually, the police take two pictures: one from the front and one from the side. The mugshots will include your dimensions, the nature of the purported offense, and any other relevant information about the circumstances surrounding your arrest.

Once the mugshot has been taken, your clothes will be confiscated, and you'll be given a prison uniform. Other personal belongings will also be removed and put in a designated carton for quick identification; you can only get these items back when you are released from custody. However, if any illegal items, such as narcotics or weapons, are discovered in your possession, they will be seized and included in the find.

The next step when being booked in is getting your fingerprints taken. Your fingerprints are obtained and utilized to either establish or refute your involvement in the alleged crime. Because the law enforcement agencies in Signal Hill have access to the FBI's database, they can look into your criminal record, if you've got one, and determine whether or not you are currently facing any charges, even if those charges are pending in another jurisdiction. Again, there are circumstances where the police will require samples of your saliva, hair, or blood for DNA tests to link you or exclude you from the suspect's list.

Law enforcement officers will also conduct a cavity search to look for drugs or contraband. Even though it's intrusive, the search is a common procedure to prevent illegal items from entering a detention facility. When you are booked into jail, you will undergo a series of medical examinations so that the authorities can prepare for any potential medical emergencies. Additionally, the test guarantees that you don't bring viruses or other contagious diseases into the facility, endangering the well-being of staff members and other prisoners.

You will be taken to detention after undergoing medical examinations. You are only allowed to stay here for a maximum of seventy-two hours before being brought before a judge to answer for the law violations you allegedly committed. The police may issue a citation and release you from custody without appearing before a judge, but you will have to show up for specified court proceedings. These releases, often referred to as "personal recognizance," permit you to avoid going to jail while awaiting the outcome of the hearings.

The good news is that if you are arrested and unable to get out of jail using a citation, you can still get out of jail by posting bail. Officers could set bail using the bail schedule's predetermined sums or bring you to court for a bail hearing to see if you meet the criteria for bail.

Once the court decides to issue bail and sets the amount, you can post the entire amount at once, also referred to as cash bail. There is still hope, even if you cannot raise the entire bail amount. A Signal Hill bail bonds agency can make bail on your behalf if you can guarantee your appearance in court if the bail is imposed at a certain amount.

Setting Bail

Bail refers to the funds or money you or another party puts up with the courts to ensure that you will show up for your court proceedings. The funds could be deposited in cash or used to purchase bonds from a Signal Hill bail bonds service provider. You won't be compelled to post this bail if you have perpetrated a minor crime. The amount of money the judge would set as bail varies depending on the nature and severity of the alleged offense. Your criminal history could also have an impact on whether the bail amount gets increased or decreased.

Getting in Touch With a Signal Hill Bail Bonds Agent

Once the court has established the bail sum, you and your loved ones will need to pool your resources to make the cash payment. When the funds become available, you can contact your loved one to drop them over at the court clerk's office.

Having enough cash to cover bail is great, but the challenge arises when law enforcement agencies begin to investigate the source of funds. If that is the case, the court will hold your release on bail while they determine the source of the funds. Money obtained legally will be acknowledged as bail. However, if it has any connections to criminal activity, it would be seized as proof, and you risk being charged with drug trafficking or embezzlement.

Remember that it is your responsibility, not that of the prosecution team, to show that the source of your bail is legitimate when authorities start looking into it. Therefore, it is imperative that you leave detention as soon as possible after depositing the money, as you won't be released until the hearing to ascertain the source of the cash has concluded.

You can purchase a bail bond from a Signal Hill bail bonds service provider rather than spending additional time in jail, demonstrating the legality of your funds. It will be easier to get your bailout because authorities won't question the origin of the cash the bail bondsman used.

Posting Bond

Bail could be thousands or tens of thousands, making it impossible for many defendants to consolidate. It might be suspicious to raise this amount of money so quickly. Therefore, you should get in touch with a bail bonds firm to pay the money on your behalf rather than exposing your private finances to public attention or putting your loved ones under a lot of strain to come up with the bond money.

You can speak with the business directly or send a trusted friend or relative. To start posting bail immediately, contact a bail company of your choosing. To prevent future disappointments, you must comprehend a bondsman's prices as well as any additional or hidden fees before choosing one. To be safe regarding adherence to the law, you should also confirm that the bail bondsman has a license.

A bondsman will often charge you 10% more than the bail amount. However, if you have a low risk of skipping jail, defaulting on your payments, or working with a defense lawyer, some agencies will give discounts that lower the premium to 8%. This does not imply that you should choose bail agents whose services are offered at the lowest prices due to poor quality.

You prevent making commitments you can't keep. Make sure to read the document your Signal Hill bail bondsman provides carefully. Be careful to discuss any worries with the bondsman so they can be addressed.

When you locate the best professional for the job, they will post the money needed and bring the required documents to the jail or the appropriate court for release. A Signal Hill bail bonds agent will require some kind of security in a real or personal property when the bail is substantial.

Failure to Appear in Court

If you are granted bail but do not appear for court as scheduled, you have violated your bail terms. If this applies to you, the judge would forfeit your funds and lock you in custody until the next court hearing. If you failed to appear in court for legitimate reasons, the courts would re-establish your bail. However, authorities can revoke your bail and keep you detained until the matter is resolved.

On the other side, the bail bondsman could track you down and bring you back to court if you fail to show up. The Signal Hill bail bonds service provider will need bounty hunter's services. You'll be taken back to the courts when you are arrested again, and probably won't reinstate your bail.

Jail Information

Signal Hill Police Department

2745 Walnut Ave
Signal Hill, California, 90755
Phone: 562-989-7200

Signal Hill City Jail

2175 Cherry Hill
Signal Hill, California, 90755
Phone: 562-989-7207

FAQs About Signal Hill Bail Bonds

Below are some of the frequently asked questions about bail bonds.

What is Required as Collateral?

Collateral can be real estate, cash, or other assets. The bail bondsman will need collateral to guarantee whether it is a substantial or high-risk bond. The bond's underwriting would be influenced by several variables, including the defendant's prior arrest history, credit history, job history, and place of residence, as well as how long the Indemnitor knew the arrested person. Until the bond is released and the premiums and all associated expenses have been fully paid, a lien will be placed on the money, or the property will be transferred into an escrow account and retained there.

When Will I Receive My Collateral If I Use It To Cover the Bond?

Any collateral security taken from the bond signer(s) would be released to the lawful owner(s) soon after all premiums have been paid in full and the bail has been "exonerated" by the courts. However, all collateral security would be lost if the bond were to be forfeited. Any expenses or premiums that have not been paid in full, along with the face value of the bond, can be collected by liquidation. Before giving out collateral for bail, it's crucial to go through the contract's fine print. If you have any inquiries about collateral or the bail procedure, your Signal Hill bail bonds agent can help.

What Does It Imply When a Bond is "Exonerated"?

When an accused has shown up for all scheduled court appearances and their case is over, their bail bond would be deemed "exonerated." Furthermore, there will be no future financial commitments to the courts regarding the accused's case from either the parties who submitted security or the bail bonds organization.

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