An arrest is traumatizing to the arrested person and their family. To add to that trauma, the defendant could remain incarcerated for weeks or months before the judge determines their case. If they do not wish to stay in jail, the court expects them to post bail for a release before trial. Bail is usually high and unaffordable to an ordinary citizen. But a bond dealer can alleviate some stress by helping process your loved one's release from jail immediately after arrest. Contact the Bail Bonds Company after the arrest of a loved one in Bradbury. We will smoothen the bail process for them and be there at the most challenging time of their life. We will also ensure that the defendant is not staying in jail longer than they should.

How Bail Works in California

When the police make an arrest, they do so on suspicion that the person has committed a criminal offense. It could be that they had an arrest warrant for the person or caught them in the act. Either way, the police take the person to the station for the booking and arraignment in court. Booking entails entering the person's details in the police database, including their name, address, other identifying information, fingerprints, and mugshots. Once the booking is done, the police will detain the suspect in jail, awaiting more directions from a criminal court judge.

The judge receives information about an arrested person from the prosecutor, who obtains the suspect's report from the police to file charges in court. The law does not allow anyone to be held in jail long before their first arraignment. Thus, the judge will summon the suspect to their first appearance within hours. This first appearance is called the bail hearing. In this hearing, the judge determines if the person is eligible for bail and how much they should pay to the court to obtain a release before trial.

Defendants have several options when paying bail, including cash and property. They are also allowed to seek the help of a bond dealer if they do not have sufficient money or property to post bail. Thus, you can begin the bail process for your loved one immediately after the judge grants them bail. If you have enough money at hand, you can post cash bail. You will receive the entire amount back after the end of the case.

Your other option is a property bond. It is allowed for families that do not have enough cash to post cash bail but have valuable property they can use to pay for their loved one's freedom before trial. However, you should submit the property documents to the court beforehand for the court to conduct an appraisal on the property to determine its current value. The court will also verify the records to determine their authenticity. If all goes well, the court will accept the property and allow the defendant to go home.

Families that do not have cash or valuable properties to obtain a defendant's release from jail can opt for Bradbury bail bonds. Reliable and reputable bond dealers offer them. They intend to help families desperate to have their loved ones back home from jail but have no means to achieve that. Bond dealers provide their services at a small fee, usually 10% of the bail amount or less.

What To Expect in a Bail Hearing

All bail hearings do not go the same for all defendants. It helps to know the possible outcomes of a bail hearing to be prepared for what could happen and what you can do next for your loved one.

In most cases, the judge will grant a defendant bail, and the defendant will be free immediately after they post bail. Californians have a legal right to bail after an arrest. Our jails are not sufficient to hold everyone that the police arrest every day. Additionally, it will strain the available resources and taxpayers if all suspects remain in jail before and after trial.

But in exceptional circumstances, the judge can deny a defendant bail. It happens if the defendant has a severe criminal history or is deemed a threat to society. If the judge feels that the suspect will flee immediately after their release, the court will deny their bail request and keep them in custody until the end of their case. Also, the judge could deny bail to suspects facing charges of serious felonies like murder and rape. If the judge denies a defendant's bail, they will speed up the trial process to avoid keeping them long in custody before the determination of the case.

If your loved one is granted bail, the judge will set the amount you should pay and give you payment options. Judges follow different criteria when setting bail. First, they follow the bail schedule of that particular jurisdiction. The bail schedule is predetermined and shows the amount defendants must pay for the specific charges they face, whether misdemeanor or felony. The judge could set the amount for your loved one in the bail schedule and increase or decrease it, depending on the details of their case and their criminal record.

In some situations, judges grant defendants freedom on personal recognizance. It means the defendant is not expected to pay or provide property to the court to receive their freedom. Releases on personal recognizance are mostly granted to first arrestees facing lenient misdemeanor charges. But the defendant has to agree to attend all court trials until the end of their case.

Obtaining Bradbury Bail Bonds

Bradbury bail bonds are sought by families of defendants that do not have the means to post bail after an arrest. If your loved one's bail is set high, it could be unaffordable for your family. It will take a long time for your family to raise the required amount, which translates to an even longer time in jail for the defendant. Bond dealers speed up the process to obtain a much quicker release for defendants. You can partner with a reliable bond dealer for a smooth process during this challenging period.

But, you have to identify a reliable bond dealer to work with. Bradbury has several bond dealers that offer bail bonds at favorable terms. Choose a reliable bond dealer whose services you can count on, regardless of the family's situation. You also want to consider a company's professionalism when dealing with clients. Choose to work with a bail bond dealer that treats you and your loved one with dignity regardless of the criminal charges they face.

Bond dealers that offer their services round the clock are preferable. You want to be sure that the company is handling your loved one's case despite the time. If the defendant was arrested after office hours or over the weekend, they do not need to wait until office hours to find help with the bond. A bond dealer that offers services when you need them will speed the process of obtaining your loved one's freedom without delay.

Also, choose to work with a bail bond dealer that offers affordable bail bonds. The standard California bail bond charge is 10% of the bail. Some companies provide bail bonds at that exact rate, while others are willing to reduce the rate for their clients. Remember that a lower rate will reduce the amount you need to pay as a fee for the bail bonds.

Once you choose a bond dealer to work with, contact them to understand their services and provide the necessary information and documents the agent needs to start the bond process. When you have everything ready, it will take only a few minutes for the agent to process your loved one's release from jail.

The Advantage of Working With a Bail Bond Dealer

When your loved one is in jail, your main priority is obtaining their release as quickly as possible. Bond dealers allow you to have them released from custody speedily and affordably. Bond dealers also help through the bail process to protect the defendant's rights. They will be with you until the end of the case. Here are some of the benefits you get once you choose Bradbury bail bonds:

Quick Release from Jail

Arrests in California occur without prior warning. Thus, you are not prepared for an arrest. It could happen while you are working, in the middle of a school term, or while busy taking care of your family. All the critical matters in your life come to a standstill until you are released from incarceration. Bond dealers help defendants obtain a quick release from imprisonment. The agents understand how much your life was interrupted by the arrest and how desperate you are to return home. That is why they speed up the bond process for you.

Affordable Release from Jail

Bond is costly, even for defendants facing misdemeanor charges. Most families cannot afford to post bail for their loved ones. Bond dealers offer affordability to ensure deserving defendants do not spend more time in jail than they should. You can enjoy affordable Bradbury bail bonds if you partner with a bail bond dealer offering the best market rate.

Help With Bail Conditions

Criminal courts in California release defendants on bail but on specific conditions that defendants must adhere to while out of incarceration. For instance, defendants must honor all court dates given by the judge. Defendants must also remain within the court's jurisdiction. It could be hard for your loved one to adhere to all conditions provided by the judge. But your bond agent will ensure that they remember and honor all conditions that way, the court will not forfeit the bail, which could translate to a considerable loss for your family.

Confidentiality is Guaranteed

People tend to treat suspected offenders differently, affecting your loved one's social or career life. That is why defendants need to keep an arrest out of public knowledge. But that could not be easy if you plan to seek your family's and friends' help with bail. Bound dealers offer their services discreetly. No one needs to know of your loved one's arrest and the charges they face. The agent will process your release quickly and discreetly.

Your Money and Assets Are Safe

The need to post bail can cause the entire family to use up all their money or sell valuable property to secure a loved one's release from jail. Out of desperation, families have forgone their own basic needs to see one of their own out of jail. A reliable bond dealer will save you from situations like these. You do not have to spend a dime more than the bond premium to have your loved one released from jail. Also, you do not have to dispose of your valuable assets to raise bail money. Your finances remain the same even as you work towards helping another person obtain their freedom.

Several Payment Options Available

Criminal courts only provide two ways through which you can post bail for your loved one's release from jail. These payment methods are limiting as most families do not have so much money to post cash bail. Others do not have valuable properties they can use as property bonds. But bond dealers give you several payment options that you can conveniently use. For instance, you can pay the bond premium using your credit or debit card instead of cash. You can also pay in installments if your family cannot raise the entire premium.

What To Expect When You Sign Up For Bradbury Bail Bonds

A quick way to help a family member out of a Bradbury jail today is through bail bonds. Fortunately, we have several reliable bail bond companies in the city. Partnering with one of them could help you quickly process the defendant's release.

Bond dealers work through their agents. The agents are on standby, waiting to hear from clients that need their help. Thus, you will experience no delays once you engage the assistance of a bond dealer. Agents have extensive knowledge and skills in the California bail process. Those working within the city are familiar with the operations of the courts and jails. Thus, they will speed up the process for you.

Once you engage the help of a bond agent, they will seek specific information from you about the defendant and the charges they face. For instance, you will be required to give the agent the defendant's name, address, date of birth, work details, what charges they face, and their criminal record. The agent can find any other information they need while processing the defendant's release. This basic information will help the agent trace the jail where the police are holding the defendant.

The agent will also explain the terms of their service to you and how much you must pay as a bond premium before they start the bail process. If the bond is high, you can agree on favorable payment terms.

You will also be expected to guarantee the bail bonds using any valuable asset you have. Bond dealers accept all manner of assets as collateral for their services, including property titles, vehicle documents, valuable jewelry, and valuable art collections. Collateral for Bradbury bail bonds will ensure that the defendant follows through with all court processes. If they fail to do so and the court forfeits the bond, the bond dealer is expected to pay the entire bail to the court. The agent will then sell off your collateral to recover the money.

Once both parties agree, the agent can start the bail process. It takes only a few minutes to process the needed documents and have your loved one out of jail. Ensure that the defendant honors all court dates until the end of the case. That will prevent additional legal problems for your family and financial loss in case the court forfeits their bail.

Remember that failure to appear is a criminal offense in California, penalized by jail time and hefty fines. The defendant will be arrested again if they fail to appear and will not be eligible for bail again. They will have to remain in custody until the conclusion of the underlying case. They will also go through trial for failing to appear. If found guilty of both accounts, the defendant will receive two separate penalties that they must serve consecutively.

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An arrest destabilizes both the arrestee and their family. Nobody in the entire family will rest until their loved one is out of jail. Fortunately, the law allows pre-trial release for defendants that can post bail. Although bail is expensive and unaffordable for most families, bond dealers offer a way out. You can partner with a reliable bond dealer to obtain a quick release of your loved one from incarceration. At Bail Bonds Company, we offer affordable and timely bail bonds in Los Angeles. We also help your loved one through all court processes until the end of their criminal case. Call us at 323-579-1415 to learn more about our services.

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