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Most people do not leave their houses and think they could end up behind bars later in the day. An arrest by police is an unexpected event that can occur at any time of the day and anywhere. When police arrest you or a loved one for an alleged offense in Hidden Hills, you need to know it is not the end of the world.

While being under arrest is an emotional and stressful experience, you have options. Instead of worrying about what the accusations could result in at trial, you should figure out how to protect your innocence and freedom as the accused case continues. One reliable way to do so is by posting the scheduled bail amount for your charge.

If you cannot bail yourself out of jail, you could need the services of a bail bondsman or agent. A bond agent can intervene to guarantee the court that you will avail yourself to fight the alleged offense. In exchange, the court presiding over your case will require the agent to pay all your required bail amount when you skip bail or fail to show up in court as required.

For speedy bail bond services, you can count on our proficient Hidden Hills bail bondsmen at Bail Bonds Company to do whatever is necessary to help you secure your freedom. If you require bail bond services, or perhaps you want to learn about bail bonds, this article is yours.

What Not to Do After an Arrest in Hidden Hills

Generally speaking, most people do not know it, but a police officer can arrest you without probable cause or a reason to believe you are a culprit in a crime if the following is true:

  • He/she has a court-issued warrant to arrest and detain you

  • He/she did see you committing an offense, like peddling unlawful drugs

Typically, when a law enforcement officer arrests you on suspicion that you are the culprit in a criminal case, he/she will take you into custody, where you will stay with other arrestees. Because the criminal justice system begins with an arrest, it is important to remember your legal rights while in police custody.

Knowing what to do and not do is critical if you want to achieve the best possible results on the alleged charge. Here is what to avoid following an arrest for any alleged crime in Hidden Hills:

  1. Do Not Resist the Arrest

If you want to stay on the safest side of the law, do not resist an arrest. When an officer decides to arrest you for any alleged criminal case, let him/her do so without unnecessary trouble. Even if you are confident that the accusations against you are false or untrue, do not fight or yell at the police officers if they want to arrest you.

Not only is it a crime on its own, but resisting or fighting an officer could aggravate your alleged case, leading to harsher penalties upon conviction.

  1. Do Not Talk Too Much

While you could feel the need to prove your innocence to the arresting officer, it would help if you remain quiet because your words or statements could apply against you at trial. An officer could attempt to act friendly with you when he/she wants some information from you, but you do not have to talk to him/her.

Unless it is the basic information like where you live or your name the officer wants to know, anything else will be unnecessary and probably a plan to trick you into disclosing incriminating information.

  1. Do Not Implicate Another Person

In addition to cooperating with the officers, do not list any other person you think the officers should arrest instead of you in connection with the criminal allegations that put you in that place. While you could have concrete evidence to prove the mentioned person is the real culprit who should be behind bars, saying this upfront can validate your arrest even more because you know something about the case.

  1. Do Not Forget to Hire an Attorney

The chances of fighting the alleged charge will depend on your defense attorney's skills and experience in the court system, particularly in defending clients with charges similar to the one that put you in jail. Your defense attorney will be your voice during the prosecution process to convince the court to reduce or drop the alleged charges.

Considering the severity and impact of the penalties you could face upon conviction, it would be in your best interest to have a skilled attorney represent your best interest at every stage of the criminal justice system.

The sooner you hire an attorney, the better because you will need his/her legal services during your initial court date to help you convince the judge you deserve a release on bail.

Bail Hearing at a Glance

As mentioned in the previous paragraph, one of the viable ways you can protect your innocence upon an arrest is by posting bail. Bail is the amount an arrestee deposits with the court's clerk following an arrest to guarantee his/her future court appearance.

Once you attend all your court dates as required, the court will exonerate your bail, meaning you will receive all your money back. Typically, the court will hold a bail hearing no later than 48 hours after your arrest to determine the amount you should deposit as security for your release.

If your arrest did not occur on the weekend or holiday, this hearing should occur no later than 24 hours after an arrest. Unless the judge needs your presence at this hearing, your attorney can show up on your behalf to convince the court you deserve a fair or minimal bail amount.

When coming up with a fair amount for your specific case, the court will consider several crucial factors, including:

  • Your community involvement

  • Your family ties

  • Whether or not you can take a flight off the country or state

  • Your history of adherence to your court dates

  • The severity and nature of the accused criminal offense

It is worth noting that certain violent felony charges and all capital crimes under various sections of the Penal Code (PC) will not qualify for bail. Below are examples of violent felony charges that could disqualify you from obtaining a release on bail upon an arrest and detainment by the police in Hidden Hills:

  • Rape under PC 261

  • Aggravated sexual assault of a child under PC 269

  • Murder or voluntary manslaughter under PC 187 and PC 192(a), respectively

  • Mayhem under PC 203

  • Domestic battery under PC 243(e)(1)

On the other hand, you could be ineligible for a release on bail if the alleged offense is a capital crime. A capital crime is any offense punishable by the death penalty upon conviction. These offenses include:

  • Treason

  • Terrorism

  • Particular forms of murder, including the commission of murder (unlawful killing of another person) during a kidnapping and genocide

  • Espionage

Once the judge sets your bail, you can immediately make the necessary payment to the court's clerk to have your needed freedom without unnecessary time wastage. When you decide to post cash bail, the judge will conduct a background investigation to ensure the money is not stemming from an illegal activity like theft or embezzlement before permitting you to obtain your jail release.

According to PC 1275.1, the judge presiding over your case has a right to initiate a "hold" on your release if he/she reasonably believes that your bail money could be proceeds of criminal activity.

Your Options When the Court Decides to Initiate a Hold on Your Release on Bail

When the court decides to initiate a hold on your release on bail or PC 1275.1 hold, the legal burden of proof will shift to you, the accused. That means it will be on you or your defense attorney to provide convincing evidence to prove the money was from a legitimate source.

To do this, the court will hold a 1275 hearing immediately at your first court hearing or at a special closed hearing to avoid disclosing information about your finances to an open court. At this court proceeding, your defense attorney should prepare your financial records to prove how you obtained the money you are using to settle the required bail or pay your agent's premium.

Below are some of the financial documents or records the court will need you to show during this court proceeding:

  • Tax returns

  • Credit card statements

  • Car payments

  • Bank statements

  • Proof of your income

  • Mortgage or rent payment statements

Apart from your attorney, you can have your bond agent or any other person who can help you verify the source of the money you intend to use to clear your bail at this hearing. When the judge ascertains that your money is legitimate, meaning you obtained it lawfully, he/she will lift the hold and accept your bail payment.

Whichever way you decide to settle your bail, you cannot undermine the need to have an attorney in your corner to reduce the hassle of obtaining a release on bail. A skilled and experienced attorney can work with your bond agent to ensure the bail process is quick and smooth.

While several bond agents could offer you bail bonds services, not every expert is dependable. Ensure the agent you will outsource for this critical process upon an arrest for any offense is:

  • Available and accessible 24/7

  • Reputable and credible

  • Licensed and experienced

When your freedom and money are on the line, you cannot risk settling for the services of a mediocre agent. Although the calls the police will permit you to make upon an arrest are limited, do not be desperate to settle for any agent's services. If you already have an attorney, you can ask him/her to recommend a reliable agent for fast Hidden Hills bail bond services.

The Bail Bond Process

If you need bail bonds services, the first step you should take is to call a reliable Hidden Hills bail bondsman. Once you contact the agent of your choice, he/she will require the following information from you to begin the bail bond process:

  • The location of the detention facility you or your loved one is in custody

  • Your legal names

  • Your jail booking number

  • Your scheduled bail amount

Having this information ready before you contact a bond agent will reduce time wastage to begin the process of bailing you out of jail immediately. To post your bail bond, the agent will require you to pay a fraction (typically ten percent) of the total set bail amount as a fee or premium for his/her fast Hidden Hills bail bond services.

If you do not have the amount ready, a reliable agent can organize flexible ways you can settle this fee overtime through your preferred means of payment, such as:

  • A banker's cheque

  • Cash

  • Debit cards

  • Credit cards

  • Master card

  • Digital money

That means you can post a bail bond immediately to obtain your freedom even if you do not have the required fee immediately. In exchange for your freedom, the agent will carry the responsibility of ensuring your future court dates.

When you go contrary to the terms of your release by not attending the court scheduled dates, the court will forfeit your bail and order a re-arrest. Since the agent's money is on the line when you skip bail, he/she will go a long way to ensure your availability during future court appearances.

For instance, he/she could check up with you a week before each court date or attempt to take you to court physically. Once your case is over, the court will exonerate your bail, meaning the agent will recover the amount he/she posted for your release. However, the fee you had to pay the agent to obtain a bond is non-refundable.

Benefits of Securing Bail Bond Services from a Hidden Hills Bail Bondsmen

There are other ways you can settle the set bail for your unique case after an arrest and detainment by the police, but using the services of a bond agent is the most preferred option for the following reasons:

You Will Save Time

Using the services of a bond agent can help you save time if you are in custody because you will not have to prepare the necessary paperwork alone to post your bail. That means the agent can have you out of jail quicker than when you decide to clear your bail using cash, which the court requires upfront before you step out of jail.

They Have Payment Options

Even the 10% fee you will have to pay your agent could be way out of your budget. As mentioned above, if you opt to work with a bond agent to obtain your jail release, he/she can organize various flexible payment plans to ensure you do not have to break your bank to settle his/her services fee.

You Will Save Money

In most cases, it can be challenging to come up with the full monetary amount the court will require you to pay as bail, especially if the alleged case is a felony. Unlike misdemeanor offenses, felony charges often attract a high bail to ensure you will not disappear after your jail release when you have a lot of money at stake.

Finally, staying in jail is not an option, even if you cannot afford your bail. Although you can prepare your defense while in jail, you will have the best shot at preparing bulletproof legal defenses to counter the alleged charge if you are not in custody. Posting bail after an arrest also allows you to regain the freedom you need to avoid falling behind on your studies if you are a student.

Similarly, if you are employed, you deserve to be out of custody very soon to avoid compromising your job or source of income. For these reasons, you should never hesitate to call a bond agent for speedy Hidden Hills bail bonds if you are in custody as a suspect in a crime.

A dependable and credible agent understands what is at stake if you are in police custody for any alleged offense. Once you contact a bond agent, he/she will prepare the necessary documentation immediately to ensure you do not have to spend even an hour in jail.

Issues That Can Delay Your Jail Release After Clearing Your Bail

Typically, the discharge process could take 30 minutes to 24 hours after clearing your bail. How soon you will have your freedom back after posting or clearing your bail will depend on the following factors:

  • The number of officers on duty that day

  • The number of defendants waiting in line for a release on bail

  • Your number on the list of defendants waiting for the jail release

Because the bail bond process is paper-intensive, the officers must be keen to ensure the defendant they are discharging does not have a separate warrant. Because of this, being released from jail could take longer than you expect after clearing your bail.

For speedy Hidden Hills bail bonds services, you could need the following crucial information before contacting a bond agent:

Jail and Court Information

Jail Information

Malibu/Lost Hills Sheriff's Station

27050 Agoura Road

Agoura, CA 91301


Courthouse Details

Airport Courthouse

11701 S. La Cienaga

Los Angeles, CA 90045


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Being under arrest and having to post bail can be too much to deal with, especially if it is your first time in custody. Fortunately, you do not have to deal with all that alone if you have a bond agent on your side.

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