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Your freedom is paramount. You can achieve a lot when you are free. For example, you can work, run a business, attend school, care for and spend time with friends and family, and have fun. However, you can lose all that in a minute through a criminal arrest. If the police suspect you of a crime or a judge issues a warrant for your arrest, you will lose your freedom. That could be for a moment (if you are acquitted) or for a very long time( if convicted). No one prepares you for such eventualities. But it helps to know you can obtain a bail release if arrested in Meiners Oaks.

If the judge grants you freedom, you must post bail. The amount could be reasonable or more, depending on your case details and criminal history. An expensive bail can be challenging to raise, but we can help at Bail Bonds. We can post a surety bond with the court for your pretrial release for a small fee.

Reasons You Deserve a Bail Release

A criminal arrest takes a lot from you, including your immediate freedom. If you have a job, run a business, are in school, or are a family person, you can do all that once you are released from police custody. The truth is that once the police arrest and book you, you will remain in jail until the judge gives an alternative order. You could stay behind bars until the end of your case, which could take weeks or months (some criminal trials take longer). That means you could lose a lot, including a career or family you have worked hard to build.

Fortunately, the judge can order your release on bail pending the determination of your case. Judges do so to avoid holding you without concrete evidence against you. The law only requires defendants to be kept in police custody if they are dangerous to society or themselves or after a jury trial finds them guilty. It means that you could enjoy your freedom almost immediately after your arrest. But you must post bail. Bail is a payment you make to the court to guarantee your court appearances. It is set according to the details of your case and criminal history.

If you are extremely busy, an arrest significantly disrupts your life. You cannot hold meetings, run a business, earn a living, or care for your family once in police custody. If your family depends on you, they are forced to seek alternative means of livelihood until you can resume your responsibilities. That is why you deserve a bail release. If freed immediately after your arrest, you can quickly resume your life as if the arrest did not happen. But if you remain in jail longer, you could lose valuable time and valuable relationships.

A bail release enables you to seek the truth through evidence, which can help your case. You can visit the crime scene, look for eyewitnesses and obtain their statements, find the police report for any information that could help your case, and prepare a statement that could cause the jury to rule in your favor. You can also find a competent defense attorney to help you with the case. You cannot do all that and more while in police custody. That is why you should fight for a bail release during your initial arraignment.

Your Bail Options

The judge sets your bail and also determines how you pay it. Judges make these decisions based on several factors, including the circumstances of your case, your criminal history, and your community ties. Here are the standard bail options available for defendants in Meiners Oak:

Cash Bail

The most popular bail option is cash bail. The judge can order you to pay a cash-only bond or give you other bail options, including cash bail. Cash bail entails paying in full before the police release you from jail.

If money is available to make cash bail, this is an ideal option as it is quick and straightforward. You can pay the entire amount in cash, by money order, or by check. Once your payment is received, you will be free to go.

Cash bail is also reasonable because the court can give you back the entire amount after the case, regardless of your case’s outcome. However, you can lose it all to bail forfeiture if you skip the trial.

Property Bond

The judge can give you a property bond by allowing you to provide the court with something valuable to hold until your case ends. You will enable the court to sell the property to recover your bail in case of bail forfeiture. If you honor all the court dates, the court gives you back the property, regardless of your case’s outcome.

However, it could take time to process a property bond, which translates to a more extended stay in jail. Also, you must provide something more excellent value than your bond to the court as collateral. If the court forfeits your bail, you will incur a significant loss.

Surety Bonds

Courts allow defendants to post surety bonds if they do not have enough cash or a valuable asset to post bail. If the judge gives you a surety bond, you must find reliable Meiners Oak bail bonds to work with. Surety bonds are the financial assistance from a bail bondsman to pay for a bail release. Bail bondsmen offer these bonds at a reasonable fee, usually 10% of your bail.

Surety bonds come with many advantages, including the quick and easy way the bail bondsman processes your bail. Once you have a bail bondsman to work with, it could take you minutes to regain your freedom.

Bail bondsmen are also available 24/7. Therefore, waiting for a particular time to post bail is not necessary. That minimizes your stay in jail.

The Problems with Cash Bail

In most cases, the judge gives cash bail to defendants who qualify for a bail release. Cash bail is as simple as paying the set bail in full to regain your freedom. The police will only let you go once you provide proof of payment. The process is quick and straightforward if you or your family has the money needed for bail. You can post cash bail right after your first arraignment to resume your life. But the challenge comes when you have a partial amount.

Cash bail is not ideal for defendants who are still struggling financially. You must seek financial help from family and friends to post your bail. That can work well when you have a supportive family. But it could be a struggle if no one in your family has the money needed for your bail. Besides, raising funds from family and friends takes a long time. That will prolong your stay in jail.

You can sell valuables to raise the required bail if you have valuables. However, you could face challenges finding a ready market for all the items you need to sell to raise the required amount. Remember that bail is expensive. Your bail could even be higher if your charges are grave. Sometimes, you will need more valuables to raise the entire bail.

That is why you need an alternative way to post bail after your arrest. If you do not have enough cash to post bail, you could remain in jail until the conclusion of your case. Remember that criminal cases can take weeks or months to resolve. That would be a long time to stay behind bars and seriously disrupt your life.

How a Meiners Oaks Bail Bondsman Can Help

Bondsmen offer financial help regardless of your financial situation or case details. They understand how challenging it is to stay in jail while you could be out there earning a living, caring for your loved ones, and working on your defense. Meiners Oaks bail bonds offer quick assistance to minimize your stay in jail. Then, you will not lose a lot after an arrest, including your job, business opportunities, and the love of your family.

However, you must contact a reputable bail bondsman after your arrest. You can do so online or on the phone. If you cannot contact a bondsman in person, a close friend or relative can help. Meiners Oaks bail bondsmen usually wait for calls like those. The bondsman you contact will respond quickly with the information you need to start the bail process. With their help, you could enjoy freedom almost immediately after your arrest.

You also have to pay a fee for the bail bond service. Your bondsman can help you at a 10% or lower rate, depending on your financial situation and case details. Most bail bondsmen want you to pay that fee upfront. However, you can negotiate for a flexible payment plan if you cannot raise the entire amount. Also, ensure that the bondsman accepts the payment method you intend to use before signing up for their services. Fortunately, most bail bondsmen allow various payment methods to enable their clients to make payments conveniently.

Once you agree to the bail bondsman's terms and conditions, they will pay a surety bond on your behalf. Then, you will be freed on bail pending trial. The judge will set some bail conditions you must abide by, including attending all court hearings without fail. The bail bondsman will need assurance of your willingness to honor all your court dates to avoid bail forfeiture. Recall that the company will be required to pay your bail in case of bail forfeiture. That could result in a significant financial loss.

Consequences of Bail Forfeiture

When the judge orders you to post bail, you must do so to guarantee your court appearances. Many defendants will flee the court’s jurisdiction and not attend trial if freed without bail. That is also why bail is usually set high. It discourages defendants from skipping trial. The possibility of losing a significant amount of money could compel a defendant to attend all hearings related to their case.

The main consequence of bail forfeiture is the financial loss you or your family incur. If you paid cash bail to the court, you do not receive a dime back after bail forfeiture. If someone else paid your bail, they lost the entire amount to the court. It also happens to the bail bondsman, who must pay your entire bail once the court forfeits it. The bail bondsman could find other means to recover its losses, resulting in financial losses for you and your family.

The judge will order your re-arrest once the court forfeits your bail for failure to appear. Armed with an arrest order, the police can execute it once they have you on sight. They can visit your home, workplace, business, town, or streets. It is embarrassing, especially if you are arrested in front of your family, friends, or colleagues. Once you are re-arrested, you could lose your eligibility for bail. It means you will remain in jail until the judge concludes your case.

Bai forfeiture could also result in additional criminal charges against you. Remember that failure to appear is a criminal offense, punishable by time in jail and a court fine. This means that you will likely stand trial for two separate crimes. These could receive separate penalties, too, which you must serve consecutively. If the judge sentences you to jail or prison, you will remain in incarceration for a much more extended period.

Thus, understand all your bail conditions and strive towards abiding by them. Your reliable Meiners Oaks bail bondsman will work closely with you throughout your trial period to ensure your case moves smoothly. They will encourage you to honor all your court dates, reminding you of those and many other likely consequences of bail forfeiture. Once the judge concludes your case, the bondsman will receive back the money they paid as a surety bond, regardless of your case’s outcome.

The Bail Process

You can start your bail process immediately after your first arraignment. How quickly you handle the matter determines how long you remain in custody. Remember how disruptive an arrest is. You could suffer severe disruption if you stay much longer in jail. That is why you need a quick plan to post bail to regain your freedom quickly.

You can reach out to a bail bondsman even if you or your family has enough money to post cash bail. If your arrest happens on the weekend, you must wait until business hours to access money from your bank to post cash bail. That could keep you in jail much longer than you wish. Meiners Oaks bail bondsmen are open 24/7, regardless of the day. If your arrest occurs on the weekend, you can post bail the same weekend without waiting until official times to make bail.

You can also contact a bail bondsman if you want to keep your arrest mater private. Your friends and colleagues do not need to know about your arrest and criminal charges. Bail bondsmen are known to keep matters private. If you choose to post cash bail and do not have the money, you could need your friend’s or family’s support. It means that more people will know about the arrest.

Besides, the right Meiners Oaks bail bondsmen will help when you seriously need financial help. They are reliable and can post your bail, regardless of your case details and criminal history. What matters to bail bondsmen is your willingness to abide by your bail conditions.

Once you contact your bail bondsman with your details and the jail where you are held, they will work quickly and efficiently to help you obtain your freedom. Experienced bondsmen who have dealt with the local courts and jails before knowing the exact processes to follow to process your bail quickly. You will be out in time to reunite with your family and return to work or business.

Jail Information

Ventura County Pre-Trial Detention Facility
800 S Victoria Ave, Ventura,
CA 93009, U.S.

+1 805-654-3335

Ventura County Jail Todd Road Facility
600 Todd Rd, Santa Paula,
CA 93060, U.S.

+1 805-933-8501

Court Information

Court of Appeal
200 E Santa Clara St STE 200, Ventura,
CA 93001, U.S.

+1 805-641-4700

Superior Court of Ventura County
800 South Victoria Avenue, Ventura,
California 93009

+1 805-289-8900

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An arrest in Meiners Oaks can significantly disrupt your life. You could lose so much if you remain much longer in jail. But if you are eligible for bail and can pay it, you could be out of police custody within hours of your arrest. The problem is that bail is costly. Not many defendants or families can afford it. That is why you should seek the help of a bail bondsman.

Our service at Bail Bonds is reliable, affordable, and readily available. We offer financial assistance to defendants who cannot afford to remain in jail longer than they should. We also remain committed to ensuring you honor your court dates to avoid bail forfeiture and its associated problems. Contact us at 323-579-1415 for more information.

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