Bail is a legal agreement between a criminal defendant and the court. The court releases the defendant before their case goes to trial, and the defendant pays a certain amount of money to the court to guarantee a return for trial. The judge sets the bail amount needed for each defendant at the defendant’s first court appearance. Unfortunately, the bail amounts can be very high, which makes it unaffordable for many defendants.

You could seek a bail bond if you cannot afford the money within the short time needed to secure your loved one's release. Posting bail starts with contacting a bail bonds company and seeking their assistance. The surety company will determine your eligibility for bail bond services and send a bail bondsman to provide the finances needed to secure your loved one's release.

With many companies offering bail bonds in California, you must be careful when choosing the right company to offer your services. If your loved one has been arrested and sits behind bars in Blythe, CA, our expert bail bond services at Bail Bonds will go a long way for you.

Understanding Bail

If you or your loved one is arrested and charged with violating California law, they will be detained awaiting trial and other court proceedings. You can be released before your trial is scheduled by posting bail. The bail money assures the court that you will not flee after release.

The judge will set your bail depending on the statute you violated in your criminal history, among other factors in your case. You can post the bail in cash if you have the necessary finances to present the full bail amount to the court.

Posting a cash bail may be expensive and increase the risk of losing your money if the defendant flees. Cash bail can also open doors for financial scrutiny, invading your privacy. Most individuals explore other options for posting bail, including bail bonds.

Posting bail is a complicated process that needs to be clarified by an experienced person. Therefore, you must contact a surety company for assistance in posting your bail. In addition to offering financial support for your loved ones' bail process, a Blythe bail bondsman sent by the surety company will provide expert guidance.

Bail Reduction in California

The bail amount the judge sets for you or a loved one could make a difference between spending time in jail and going home to be with your family as your case continues. Therefore, reducing your bail to the lowest possible amount is critical to your bail posting process. The following are some ways you can have your bail reduced in California:

Bail Reduction by Attorney Application at Arraignment

Your arraignment will be your first court appearance after an arrest. During the arraignment, you will be informed of your criminal charges. During this court appearance, your criminal defense attorney can apply to reduce your bail by presenting the following relevant facts:

  • You have strong community ties through employment or family.
  • Argue that your offense was not serious.
  • Present evidence of past court appearances.
  • Prove that you are not a threat to the safety of other people.

Bail Reduction Motion

When the judge sets a high bail amount, which is challenging to raise for you and your family, your lawyer can file a written motion to reduce the bail to an affordable amount. Your motion to reduce bail could be based on constitutional or statutory factors. The United States Constitution prohibits setting excessive bail amounts.

There is no rule on the definition of excessive bail. The factors in your case and your financial capabilities will help determine whether or not the bail is excessive.

Bail Reduction Due to a Change in Circumstances

The judge sets your bail by considering different factors in your case, including the severity of your offense. If your situation or the circumstances of your case change, you can petition the court to reduce your bail amount.

For example, if you face charges for an offense with aggravating factors, your bail could be higher than that of a person whose case has no aggravating circumstances. If your attorney can fight to remove the aggravating factors from your case, the judge can agree to reduce your bail.

Bail Bond Co-Signer in California

When a person is detained in jail with a pending criminal case, they may be unable to contact a surety company. Therefore, if you seek a bail bond for another person, you act as their co-signer in the agreement. Any person can become a bail bond co-signer. However, having a close relationship with the defendant could be a significant factor in co-signing their bail bond.

Your Blythe bail bonds company requires you to meet  the following criteria to become a bail bond cosigner:

  • Good credit history. A good credit history guarantees the company that you can make regular payments for the premium if needed.
  • Good employment history. Co-signing a bail bond for a friend or loved one is a significant financial responsibility. Therefore, you must have a good job history. This could help prove you have the savings or financial capacity to meet your responsibility.
  • You must be responsible. When you co-sign a bail bond, you must ensure that a defendant attends court proceedings. If this responsibility is not met, you may have to deal with the financial consequences of a bail bond forfeiture.

Responsibility of a Bail Bond Cosigner

If you enter into a bond agreement for a friend or loved one, you will shoulder these responsibilities for their bail posting process:

  • Ensure the defendant attends the trial and other court proceedings. The main aim of posting bail is to assure the court that a defendant will follow through with their criminal case. You must ensure the defendant does not flee and follows the bail conditions the court sets if you co-sign their bail bond. You risk losing your collateral if the defendant flees.
  • Pay the premium. A Blythe bail bonds company will charge you up to 10% of the full bail amount for their services. You can pay the premium in one installment or through a bail bond repayment plan. Before the company offers services, it will assess your circumstances to determine if you can pay the premium.
  • Provide collateral. Besides asking for a service fee, the bail bonds company will also ask for collateral. The collateral secures the bail bond company’s money if there is a bail forfeiture. Collateral could be anything from real estate property to vehicles or valuable jewelry.
  • Pay bounty hunting fees. If you co-sign a loved one’s bond and they flee, the court will forfeit the bail bond. This will cause the surety company to lose the money presented to the court as bail. Before a forfeiture, the court will give the surety company time to find the fugitive and return them to court. This is done by employing bounty hunters. Since bounty hunters are not employees of the surety company, you must pay the bounty hunting fee.

Even with numerous responsibilities as a co-signer, you have rights that you can exercise throughout the process, including:

  • Right to read through the agreement before signing. You have a right to read through the bond agreement before signing it. This allows you to make an informed decision.
  • Right to revoke the bail bond. You can revoke the bail bond if you suspect a defendant will not return to court for trial.

Factors to Consider When Hiring a Blythe Bail Bonds Company

When you contact a bail bonds company, they will send a bail bondsman to post bail for your loved one. However, finding the right company to meet your needs is difficult. You may have to make multiple calls until you reach a company whose services suit your needs.

Your choice of a surety company can significantly impact your bail posting experience. The following are some of the factors you could consider when seeking bail bond services:

Certifications and Licensing

All companies offering bail bonds in California must have the necessary licensing and certifications to offer their services in the state. Bail bondsmen receive licensing after training to offer their services to defendants. Operating a reputable company does not guarantee they have the necessary certifications.

Therefore, you should not rely on their words. You can request to see their licenses during your first interaction with the surety company. Working with a licensed company guarantees you the best services you can get for your bail bond process.

Reputation and Credibility

A critical factor you should consider before hiring a Blythe bail bonds company is its reputation and credibility in the industry. You can find out about the company’s credibility by checking online reviews. This will help you understand the feedback of clients who have worked with the company.

Bail Posting Experience

A bail bond company will provide the financial assistance you need and guide you throughout the bail process. Since the bail posting process could be complicated, it is important to consider experience when working with a company. Working with a company with experienced bail bondsmen ensures a quick and smooth process.


Posting a bail bond is an affordable way to secure a defendant's release from jail with a pending criminal trial. However, you will be liable for a part of the bail, the service fee. California's standard bail bond premium is 10% of your total bail amount. However, some companies could charge higher or lower. When the bail amount is high, the premium may be too much for you to pay. Therefore, you must consider what a company charges before hiring them.

Flexibility in Payments

While posting bail bonds is cheaper than cash bail or property bonds, the bail bond premium can be too high for some defendants to pay in one installment. Fortunately, some companies allow you to make a repayment plan. In the repayment plan, you will make a down payment for the premium and pay the rest in installments. You can inquire if the company offers a repayment plan if you lack the total amount to pay for your bail bond services.


Arrests in California occur at any time. The first thought after learning about your loved one's arrest is what you can do to speed up their release. When you contact a Blythe bail bonds company, you want to receive an immediate response and guidance on the steps to take for your loved ones' release.

You want to work with a company available 24/7 to receive your call and act accordingly. If your first call to a surety company goes unanswered or you receive an automated message, you should consider contacting another company.

The following are jails around Blythe, CA:

Riverside County Sheriff's Department

260 N. Spring St.

Blythe, CA 92225


Courts in Blythe, CA, include:

Superior Court of California, Banning Justice Center

311 E Ramsey Street

Blythe, CA 92220


Find a Reliable Bail Bondsman Near Me

Receiving a call to inform you that your loved one or friend has been arrested is a nerve-wracking experience. The situation becomes more traumatizing when you are the person sitting behind bars. Jail is not the most conducive place to spend your time. Therefore, securing a fast release for the defendant is critical. Under California law, defendants can be released before their trial date through bail.

When you post bail, the court is assured of your return for trial and other court proceedings. Although bail can be posted immediately after learning of the arrest, most defendants and their families lack the financial capacity to raise the bail amounts set by courts in California. For this reason, most people opt to post a bail bond.

When you contact a Blythe bail bonds service, you will provide details about the defendant. The company will send a bail bondsman to post bail for the defendant and offer guidance for the bail posting process. At Bail Bonds, we will offer the expert bail posting services you need in Blythe, CA. Call us at 323-579-1415 to discuss your bail needs.


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