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Freedom sounds so good when you are behind bars. Being arrested for any reason can be disheartening and confusing, especially if it is your first time in jail. Luckily, the constitution allows defendants to secure pretrial release on the presumption that you are innocent until proven guilty. Our San Fernando Bail Bonds agents will give you information about what to expect and how to secure bail to get out of jail. Our bail bond services help you reunite with your family and friends and to return to your normal life while preparing for your criminal defense trial.

What Are Bail Bonds?

As we mentioned earlier, you have the right to pretrial release. Bail is one way the courts use to enable defendants to get out of jail before the conclusion of their criminal cases. A bail bond is a written agreement amongst the court, the defendant, the bail agent, and sometimes a co-signer, promising that the defendant will appear in court.

The bail agent acts as the guarantor by taking financial responsibility for the bail. In addition, the bail agent will keep in touch with you to ensure that you show up for all your court proceedings. In exchange, you or the co-signer will have to attach a valuable asset of equal value to the bail amount and pay a 10% premium, to offset the risk the bail agent is taking. At the end of the criminal case, the court will refund the bail, and the agent will release your collateral.

How Bail Bonds Work

You should contact the San Fernando Bail Bonds as soon as you or your loved one is arrested. The bail bond process begins as soon as you are booked. Booking involves recording your personal information and the offense for which you were arrested. The officer will take your fingerprints, mug shots, and an inventory of all your personal items. You will then be placed into a jail facility awaiting arraignment or release on bail. 

Depending on the severity of your crime, you may be allowed to get bail as soon as you are booked or wait for a bail hearing.

The bail hearing is a court procedure during which the court determines whether you qualify for bail and the amount you should pay. At the bail hearing, you are not required to enter a plea to any charges. You and your lawyer will, however, have to prove that you are going to show up in court. The court will use the following factors to determine your likelihood of showing up for court:

  • Your personal character

  • The nature of the crime

  • Your family and community ties

  • Your employment status

  • Your past criminal history

  • You past court attendance history

Once the judge approves you for bail, he or she will set the bail amount using the bail schedule. After setting bail, the judge will stipulate the conditions under which he or she grants bail, including:

  • You have to attend a drug or alcohol abuse program

  • You have to go for medical or psychiatric evaluation and treatment

  • You have to check in with the court regularly

  • You will not possess or use firearms

  • You have to stay away from certain people and places and adhere to the set curfew

  • You have to seek and maintain employment

When you contact a bail agent such as the San Fernando Bail Bonds, you should provide information such as the name of the defendant, the crime he or she was arrested for and the facility at which the defendant is held. The agent asks these questions to determine the risk you pose of failing to appear in court.

Once the bail agent determines you are not likely to skip court, you will pay 10% of the bail and indicate what you will be attaching as collateral. It could be a property you or the co-signer owns, jewelry, or any valuable items such as your vehicle. The agent will prepare the necessary paperwork and bring the relevant documents for you or the co-signer to sign.

Co-Signing For Bail

A co-signer is a family member, friend, colleague, or individual with a close relationship to the defendant who agrees to pay bail on behalf of the defendant. Before a bail agent accepts you as a co-signer, the agent will check your credit history, employment status and history and whether you are a responsible person. If you fulfill the requirements, you can sign the agreement and place collateral for bail on behalf of the defendant. Your responsibilities include:

  • Ensuring the defendant shows up for court

  • Pay the 10% premium and provide collateral for the remaining amount

  • Paying fees that may arise if the defendant skips court

As a co-signer, you have the right to revoke bail if the defendant is a flight risk or has violated the terms of release.

What to Expect after Release on Bail

Once you are released on bail, you are supposed to adhere to all the conditions set by the judge and avoid breaking the law. On the court date, you should show up in court at the said time for your hearings.

If you co-signed for the defendant, you are responsible for ensuring that he or she shows up for court. If the defendant skips court, the bail will be forfeited or revoked. The court usually gives the bail agent a window to locate the defendant. The defendant can also surrender him or herself to court and provide a valid reason for skipping court.

If the judge is content with the reason you provide, your bail is reinstated. However, if the judge finds you in contempt of court, the bail is forfeited or revoked. You are then arrested and will attend court proceedings from jail or reapply for bail.

If you have attended all the proceedings without failure and your criminal case ends, your bail will be refunded. The court will return the money placed by the San Fernando Bail bonds. The collateral you attached to the bail bond will be released to you. However, the 10% you paid is non-refundable. Bail agents earn 10% for placing bail on your behalf. 

Bail Forfeiture

When you fail to appear for court proceedings after your release on bail, the court cancels your bail, and you get re-arrested. Bail can also be forfeited for violating the terms of pretrial release. You will lose the amount you put down for bail and are taken into custody. When the court forfeits bail for failure to appear, then it is known as involuntary forfeiture.

Bail Revocation

Bail revocation can happen at any time before the conclusion of your criminal case for violating the conditions of release or skipping court. In some cases, the co-signer or bail bond agent may revoke the bail if they feel you have become a flight risk. The bail agent may also revoke bail if you fail to keep the terms of your bail bond agreement. The bail agent cannot revoke bail because you owe them money; neither can they withdraw, because they no longer want to be responsible for your bail. They have to provide proof that you are a flight risk or have violated the terms of release.

How to Find A Bail Bonds Company

There are many bail agents in San Fernando, which may confuse you on choosing the right bail agent. When you have been arrested, you want to pick up the first person who dangles the freedom carrot in your face. That would be a wrong move. Unscrupulous bail agents are out to take advantage of your situation to reap from you. You need to take a little caution and time before settling on the right bail bonds company. Here are some pointers:

  1. Customer Reviews

Reviews from previous customers will tell you a great deal about the reliability of the bail bond agents. If other customers have had a good experience with the bail agent, then they are probably reliable. You can also ask for references from your friends or your lawyer. Your attorney is most likely to direct you to an agent who is ethical and dependable.

  1. Fees

Some agents charge hidden fees and expensive annual rates in case your case drags on for more than a year. Therefore, make sure you learn about the fees and rates of the agent whom you choose before you commit yourself and your resources.

  1. Customer Service

If a bail agent cannot treat customers with respect, then you are better off without such an agent. Choose an agent who listens to your concerns, treats you with respect, and is patient in answering the questions you may have about the services they are offering.

Find A Bail Bonds Agent Near Me

If you are looking for the best bail bond agency, contact the San Fernando Bail Bonds. We offer affordable and reliable bail bond services. We have no hidden fees or annual charges that end up inflating the cost of bail bonds. Our dedication is to reunite friends and families by offering the best bail bond services in San Fernando. In addition, we have established an excellent reputation with the courts and banks to help you get out of jail at any time of the day, while we handle the payment process. Call us at 323-579-1415. We are available to serve you 24/7. 

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