If you face criminal charges in Somis, the bail system ensures you remain free until a jury trial finds you guilty. You can attend your trial from home, and any other court hearing the judge sets regarding your case. You can also continue working, attending school, or caring for your loved ones as you did before the arrest. However, you could face challenges in posting bail if it is more than you can afford. Remember that bail must be expensive to ensure all defendants honor their court dates.

Fortunately, bail bonds are making this even more affordable and straightforward. You do not have to stay in jail until the conclusion of your case. A bondsman can post bail on your behalf for a reasonable fee, reinstating your freedom almost immediately after the arrest. If you need a quick way out of jail or cannot afford to post cash bail, we can assist you at Bail Bonds. Our bail service is reliable, confidential, affordable, and professional. We will not let you stay in jail longer than you should.

How Your Bail is Determined

After arrest and booking, the judge will have your initial hearing to determine your plea and bail. The bail matter comes after you enter a not-guilty plea, meaning you will undergo a jury trial to decide whether or not you are guilty of your charges. The judge raises the bail matter if you are eligible for release before trial. Some defendants are ineligible for bail, including those likely to flee after a bail release and those facing serious felony charges. If you qualify for bail, the judge will tell you exactly the amount you must pay to warrant your appearance in court.

The judge considers different factors when determining your bail. They consider the bail allocated to the kind of charge you face under the bail schedule. The bail schedule sets bail amounts according to the case details. Bails for felonies are higher than bails for misdemeanors. Bails for simple misdemeanors are lower than those for aggravated misdemeanors. Even with a bail schedule, the judge has the final say on the amount you should pay. They can raise or reduce the amounts, depending on the facts of the case and your criminal history.

If there are aggravating factors in your case, for example, if you injured or killed a person, the judge will likely increase the bail. If you do not have strong community ties and the judge considers you a flight risk, they will increase your bail or deny it altogether. The judge can increase or deny bail if you will likely commit a crime once released on bail. Judges handle bail matters on a case-to-case basis. You can negotiate for a favorable outcome with the assistance of an aggressive criminal attorney.

In some cases, judges do not set bail for the defendant. The judge will likely release you on your own recognizance for a first-time offender facing simple misdemeanor charges. An O.R. release means you will not pay any money to warrant your court appearances. But you must assure the judge of your readiness to attend trial.

What You Need to Know About Bail

You post bail after an arrest to give assurance of your court appearances. You will likely skip trial if the judge lets you go without requiring some form of guarantee from you. A small amount will also not serve the purpose because some defendants will opt to lose the money due to the uncertainty of a trial. That is why bail is usually expensive. The fear of losing a substantial amount will push you to honor all court hearings to receive a refund after your case.

The court keeps the bail amount and refunds the total after the final verdict, regardless of the case’s final verdict. However, the court can forfeit bail if you skip trial or violate your bail in any other way. Failing to appear is a serious matter. When the judge grants you a bail release, you must agree to make all court appearances regarding your case without fail. You post bail to guarantee that, allowing the court to keep the money in case you violate your bail. Bail is substantial money to lose, mainly if it is expensive. The only way to receive it back in full is by abiding by all your bail conditions.

You can post bail in cash, provide a property bond to the court, or use Somis bail bonds to obtain a pretrial release. While the judge specifies how you post bail in some cases, you could choose the most convenient means according to your financial ability. Judges only issue cash-only bonds in specific situations, including when you have a history of failing to appear. But you can negotiate for the most favorable means with the assistance of an attorney. If you cannot afford to post cash bail, you can seek the help of a bail bondsman.

A bail bondsman will support you with bail payments even if you have sufficient resources to post cash bail. You choose how you want to bail yourself if the court allows it. If you feel that processing cash bail could prolong your time in jail, a bondsman can help. You can speak to a dependable bondsman if you need more time to liquidate some of your valuables to raise the money required. Bail bondsmen offer financial support without considering your financial ability or criminal background. Your readiness to go through trial and honor all set court dates matters.

Reasons to Choose Somis Bail Bonds

If you have been arrested before, you will know how much valuable time you lost behind bars. If you have been working, running a business, or simply taking care of your loved ones, you are not able to do that after the police detain you. Bail allows you to return to that life before you lose more valuable time. However, it could be challenging if you have limited finances and cannot guarantee court appearances. But a reliable bondsman can assist you. Here are some of the reasons to use Somis bail bonds for freedom pending a trial:

Bail Bonds Minimize Your Jail Time

You cannot do much after an arrest. Your interactions with your loved ones are also minimized. You could lose valuable time while behind bars. Sadly, you could remain in jail for weeks or months pending the conclusion of your case if you cannot make bail. But a bail bondsman will help process your release right after the arrest. That minimizes your jail time and reduces the impact of arrest on your social and professional lives.

Additionally, bail bond companies are familiar with jail and court processes. Thus, they save time processing your release. A reliable bondsman will process your bail in minutes, significantly reducing the time needed to remain incarcerated.

If you are eligible for bail and the judge has set the amount, you should find a reliable bondsman immediately. Retaining your freedom and returning to your life will take a little time.

Bail Bonds Help You Plan Your Defense

A jury trial is challenging, even for defendants facing false accusations. You must prepare well to convince the jury of your innocence and obtain a no-guilty verdict. But preparing for a trial could be challenging while you are behind bars. You must depend on others to find an attorney, gather evidence on your behalf, and look for eyewitnesses. This could be more effective if you did it in person.

Additionally, Somis bail bonds help you obtain a much quicker release from jail. That enables you to return to the crime scene and gather evidence before valuable evidence is lost. It also allows you to obtain eyewitness testimonies before they forget what happened. You can look for, interview, and hire the right attorney for your case. You can also plan your testimony better when you are free.

Bail Bonds Give You Peace of Mind

An arrest and detention are stressful situations. The way an arrest interrupts your life can cause you and your family to suffer stress and, sometimes, depression. The thought of remaining behind bars for weeks or months before the verdict on your case is out is also devastating. But Somis bail bonds can take all that away.

Bail bonds give you hope of regaining your freedom right after an arrest. Legally, everyone is eligible for bail. Judges can only deny bail under specific circumstances. For example, the judge can deny bail to a flight risk or a threat to the community. But if you are eligible for bail, a bondsman can support you if you do not have money to post bail.

Bail bondsmen also give you peace of mind, knowing you will be well prepared for trial. You can do a lot to improve your situation when you are free. That improves your chances of obtaining a favorable outcome.

Bail Bonds are a Quicker Way Out of Jail

When the police arrest you, everything about your life comes to a halt. You only resume your daily tasks once out on bail or the prosecutor drops their charges. If your case must go through trial, you must quickly post bail to regain your freedom. Then, you can complete crucial tasks in your life.

However, it could take time to process your bail if you are unfamiliar with the bail process. While a friend or family member can help, they, too, could take time as they understand the process and requirements. However, an experienced Soms bail bondsman will quickly process your release to reduce jail time.

Bail bond companies are familiar with the local courts and jail processes. They also work with the criminal justice system personnel almost daily. It is easier for a bondsman to navigate the bail process than a clueless defendant.

The Right Bail Bonds to Consider

Bail bonds are more common today than they were a few years ago. As the crime rate increases, so does the number of defendants requiring financial assistance to obtain a bail release. Many third-party companies have come up to assist defendants and families lacking the financial ability to post bail. Sadly, not all bail bondsmen in Ventura County are trustworthy. You must carefully choose to receive reliable, inexpensive, and timely bail bond service. Here are some considerations you can make to arrive at the right bondsman:

How Affordable the Service is

Affordability is a crucial factor when choosing a bail bond service. Recall that bondsmen offer their assistance for a fee. You must consider the rate at which they provide their service to ensure you are paying only what you should. The standard rate for bail bonds in California is 10%. You should only spend that much. Look for a bail bondsman offering a lower rate, which translates to a lower fee for you or your family. Considering how expensive bail is, you can save considerably by choosing a lower rate.

Any Hidden Charges You Will Incur

Ask about all the charges involved before agreeing to the bail bondsman’s terms and conditions. Some companies offer a low rate but have hidden charges that significantly raise the service fee. It helps to know precisely what you will pay beforehand to develop a payment plan according to your financial ability. A trustworthy bail bondsman will be straightforward about their charges. They will give you a once-off fee that will cover all the charges. Then, you will not have to worry about additional charges.

The Company’s Timeliness

How soon you can receive a bail bond service is essential, as it determines how long your stay in jail will be. The best bail bondsmen are timely in their service delivery because they want to help their clients out of jail as quickly as possible. Your chosen bondsman will understand how important your freedom is and work swiftly to grant it. It also helps to consider how long the bondsman has been operating to know how familiar they are with the bail process. An experienced bondsman will process your release more quickly than an inexperienced one.

The Company’s Reliability

Reliable bail bondsmen will help you, regardless of your criminal history and case details. They will offer quick assistance to ensure you are out of jail before you lose more valuable time. It helps to know that you can count on your chosen bail bondsman during the most challenging time of your life. The right bondsman will come to you once you contact them. They will obtain your details and other information to help them process your bail. You are guaranteed a swift response once you call or message them online.

Their Professionalism

A professional bail bondsman will treat you with respect despite your criminal record. They will not consider your case details to determine how much respect you should be given. They are professional in their dealings with you. Offering professional assistance and support throughout the trial period. An experienced bondsman will also care about your reputation. They will keep your arrest and bail records confidential to protect your image. No one will know of the arrest and your pending charges except you.

Where Does the Bail Go?

The court will hold the money once the bondsman pays your bail until the judge determines your case. Then, the court will return the money the bondsman paid in surety bonds. The court pays back the bail regardless of the outcome of your case. If the jury finds you guilty, and the judge sentences you to a court fine or restitution, you must make those payments as part of your penalty.

Note that the bondsman does not reimburse you or the money you pay as a premium for bail bonds. The money doubles up as the bail bond fee, which is the company’s profit.

If you violate your bail and the court forfeits the bail, the court will charge the bondsman your full bail. The company will find a way to recover their losses from you. Some bail bondsmen ask for collateral before posting your surety bond to ensure they have something valuable to cover their losses in case you fail to appear. It is advisable to honor all court dates related to the case and abide by all bail conditions to avoid incurring significant financial losses and facing additional charges for failure to appear.

Jail Information

East County Jail
the Ventura County Sheriff – East County Patrol Station
2101 E. Olsen Road, Thousand Oaks


Court Information

Ventura County Superior Court
800 South Victoria Ave., Ventura,
CA 93009

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An arrest can affect your life in many ways. For example, it can result in job loss and the loss of family and friend support. But you can avoid all these by reducing your time in jail after an arrest. You can do so by posting bail. However, that could be a challenge if your finances are not enough to do so. We can help at Bail Bonds.

We help defendants facing different kinds of criminal charges to pay their bail. We do not consider your current or former charges or financial status. What matters to us is your freedom and willingness to attend trials and await the judge’s verdict on the case. Our services are timely, professional, affordable,  and reliable. Call us at 323-579-1415 for detailed information about Somis bail bonds and our service.

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