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Securing a bail bond in Cypress, CA, can be confusing, especially if it is your first time being arrested. You need someone to systematically take you through the process to gain your freedom from custody. Bail Bonds is here to assist you. We will make you feel comfortable and help you secure your custody release promptly. Our bondsmen have high academic qualifications, expertise, and decades of experience. We handle many cases, including traffic offenses, DWI/DUI, misdemeanor offenses, and felony offenses. You can count on us to secure your release from custody at the most affordable rates. We will do everything in our power to speed up your release from jail.

After Your Arrest In Cypress

People arrested within Orange County could be taken to different detention facilities. If you fall in trouble with the law enforcers, you need someone by your side to assist you in getting out of custody to reunite with your family and friends. If you do not have cash, you should contact a reliable Cypress bail bonds provider who can post bail with the jail. You will soon be out of custody after only a few signatures on the standard bond application forms. You need a reliable bondsman who can respond to your questions about bail amount, payment terms, bail process, and collateral, all with confidentiality.

Booking And Bail

The process booking process for arrestees is the same no matter the charges you face. It does not matter whether you face charges for shoplifting, domestic violence, or DUI. The Cypress police or Sheriff’s Department will take you into custody in any of their detention facilities. You will remain in the detention facility until your arraignment. Technically, an arraignment is your first appearance in court. Your friend or relative can post bail in any detention facility.

You will not know if you qualify for bail until you pass a ‘’live scan’’ background check. This special machine connects county, national, state, and city databases. If you have any pending warrants or holds anywhere in the state or country, they will be displayed during the scan. Once cleared using the live scan system, you will be allowed to post bail to gain freedom from custody. The jailer will review the application for bail by the bail bond agent, bail will be posted, and you will be set free to go home.

Once the jailer accepts the bail, it can take 30 minutes to 3 hours for you to get out of custody. In this situation, having a Cypress bail bonds agent familiar with the local statutes is essential. The time it takes to get out of jail can vary based on the detention facility and workload. After your release, your bondsman will probably suggest that you seek the services of a reputable criminal defense lawyer to get your case underway.

About Bail In Cypress, CA

In the United States, cash bail is a system that has been utilized for the pretrial release of arrestees since the Revolution War. If you face charges for an offense and do not wish to stay in custody until your trial, you must post bail with the court. Bail is a guarantee that you will attend all the court hearings and trials until your case is completed. The court will then refund the money to the person who paid the bail once the case has been concluded.

The judge is charged with the power of setting the bail amount. Each county has a bail schedule agreed upon each year that permits arresting offices to determine the amount of bail for a particular offense. If there is no bail schedule, you could wait for a hearing before a judge to know the bail amount to organize to post bail to gain release from custody. The availability of a bail schedule at each processing center or jail allows arrestees to post bail much faster than they would if they had to wait for a bail hearing.

The Uniform Bail Schedule in Cypress, CA, is set annually by the Superior Court of California, Orange County. This schedule contains information regarding the most common offenses for which individuals in Cypress face charges.

Generally, the amount of bail is contingent upon the felony or misdemeanor nature of the case and the previous arrests. It is also contingent upon any warrants on your record and convictions. Cypress bail bond companies provide you with a lower capital outlay option.

Choosing a Cypress Bail Bonds Provider

If you require quick bail bond service in Cypress, you can always reach out to us for convenient and super-fast bail bond service. We are a reliable bail company providing affordable bonds for arrestees who need to get out of custody in and around Cypress. This reputation is what sets us apart from other Cypress bail bonds companies:

Positive Service Experience

We understand that you need to be bailed out of custody as fast as possible, and we always respect that. In addition to offering quick bail bond services in Cypress and other locations, our professional agents and staff treat every client with respect and the utmost dignity they deserve.

You should leave jail with something positive to help you move on to better things in life. Our company is structured to make positive impressions on clients since we are not merely committed to bailing people out of custody. We aim to also assist you in getting the second chance that nature has in stock.

Affordable Bonds With Flexible Payment Plans

We care about clients and understand the inconvenience and frustrations of being arrested and put in custody. We are committed to assisting you and your loved one in securing your freedom from custody as fast as possible. We do not complicate the already complicated situation. Therefore, we make bail services as convenient and affordable as possible. Often, you only part with a 10% fee before the bail agent can post bail on your behalf.

Reliable Cypress bail bond providers are affordable and make it easy to negotiate your release from jail, irrespective of your current financial standing or budget. We have various flexible payment plans and packages, including no-credit bonds, bonds for good credit, and bonds for bad credit. As soon as you assign an experienced professional bond agent to begin working on your case, nothing will stop your release from custody.

Diverse Bail Bonds

Since our Cypress bail bonds agents have robust experience and expertise in bail services, we offer different types of bail: Traffic bonds, Appeal Bond, Misdemeanor Bonds, Appearance Bonds, Cash Bonds, and Assist With Arrest Bond. We also provide bail if you face an arrest for aggravated assault, aggravated robbery, kidnapping, theft, or any other offenses requiring bail.

Your Bail Rights In Cypress

Bail is a right, and you need to know your rights. The right to bail is older than the constitution of the United States and has its provisions stated within the 8th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. In the past, bail was meant to secure an arrestee’s release from jail while the community waited for an official or a magistrate to hear the case and determine the appropriate fines or penalty. This allowed an arrestee to secure at least personal obligations while waiting for a court hearing and sentence. The delays in this process in modern times arise from overloaded courts and not from waiting for legal authority to be available to preside over the court hearings.

While charges await completion by dismissal, plea deal, or trial verdict, the bail is held. The bail amount will be refunded upon fulfillment of the legal obligations.

The trial process is often lengthy. It could take months or even years for the court to complete your case. Therefore, it always makes sense to post bail and secure your freedom as you prepare for trial.

How To Post Bail In Cypress

Cypress bail bond agents have their ways of authenticating your arrest. When posting bail in Cypress, you can always take advantage of the flexible financing options and payment plans with no collateral. Usually, bail agents are on the side of the arrestees, ensuring the process of securing bail goes smoothly.

Whether a defendant’s arrest comes as a surprise, the relatives who receive a call for help from an incarcerated grandchild, daughter, son, sibling, or spouse should know that bail bond agents are available 24/7. Our Cypress bail bonds agents will be there for you whether you are arrested in the wee hours of the night or during holidays. Online private bail processing and confidential discussions are convenient. The good news is that you can post bail without coming to our offices.

If you face an arrest, you should focus on the best way to proceed towards the least impact on your financial situation and obligations, positive results, and future. We accept a wide range of payment methods. You can post your bail using Bitcoin, all major credit cards, debit cards, and other cryptocurrencies. You can also post your bail over the phone or online, meaning your relative or friend does not have to leave their home to access bail bond services.

The Process Of Bailing Out A Loved One From Jail

If you need to secure bail using a Cypress bail bonds company, you should take various steps for a successful process. Some of the steps you should follow are:

Gather The Required Personal Information

Your loved one could call immediately after your arrest, seeking to bail you out. However, they should remain patient until the bail hearing to know the bail amount. However, before your arraignment, you should inform them about the specific charges you face and the exact detention facility where you are being held. Additionally, you should let them know other details like your date of birth and residence. This information will be needed when filling out the bail application.

Involve A Bail Bond Agent

Your loved one can reach out to a reliable bondsman to initiate the process of bailing you out of custody. Bail bond applicants should ask specific questions when seeking the services of a bail bond agent. Some questions include whether the bondsman has an operating license, how the bail process works, and how long you can take before being set free from custody.

Be Conversant With Your Obligations And Rights

When you post bail to secure your loved one's release, you should know that you are entitled to some obligations and rights. They include:

  • As a co-signer, you will be responsible for bail if your loved one fails to attend the court hearing. You could even be forced to meet any fee for locating your loved one if he/she decides not to attend the court hearing and migrates to another location.
  • You can ask for a bail refund if your loved one is re-arrested and taken to custody, yet the court has not revoked the bond. You only need to inform the bail agent of your intention to release the bail, and they will at the judge’s approval.

Find Out If The Bail Company Is Reputable

You need to investigate and determine whether the bail company is reputable before committing to its services. Various things will show if the company is reputable, including how they address their clients’ concerns, how they handle their clients, and transparency in costs and fees. You can learn about a bail bond agent’s reputation by asking for referrals and reading online reviews.

Be Ready To Offer Collateral

When you seek bail bond services, you will need to offer collateral as a surety for the bail amount. Bail companies often use this strategy to cushion themselves if they go against the bail conditions, which could make the court forfeit the bail. Some of the collaterals acceptable include high-value assets or property like houses, cars, or cash.

You can pledge your stock and bonds as forms of collateral. You will access your investment once the trial is complete.

Any valuable item can also count as collateral, whether big or small. The typical valuables that can be used as collateral include yachts and boats. Some bail companies also use antiques, gold bars, and jewelry like rings, watches, and necklaces. Laptops and sound systems are also acceptable valuables, but they must be in good condition and of high quality. In addition, you will need to show evidence that you are the owner of the items you use to post bail.

When you use smaller items as collateral for your bail, the bail company will have to appraise and store your items. You will have to negotiate with the bail agent on how the items will be stored and who will cater for the storage fees.

Real estate is acceptable as collateral to secure the release of your loved one from custody. Usually, you will only file a deed of trust at your local court to indicate that a bail company has powers over your property. Your attorney can also file the deed on your behalf. After completing your loved one's case, the claim on your property will be lifted. If you are not the primary owner of the real estate, you cannot use it as collateral. This rule also applies to properties that face damage or demolition.

Requirements For Lowering Bail In Cypress

You can seek a bail reduction if you believe the bail amount set is too high and you cannot afford to pay. However, you must show evidence that you tried to post the bail before the court can grant you this request. In addition, you will have to prove that you did everything possible to secure the bail amount, but you failed.

While seeking a bail reduction based on the delay in your indictment, you must provide evidence indicating the period you took in jail without facing charges. For example, the court can reduce your bail if you have stayed in prison for over three months without being indicted. In addition, the court can suggest conditions for a reduced bond amount, like electronic monitoring. This will guarantee that you will not skip court during the trial.

Court Information

Superior Court of California (County of Orange)
700W Civic Center Dr
Santa Ana, CA 92701
+1 657-622-5800 

Jail Information
Cypress Jail
5275 Orange Avenue Cypress
California, 90630

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Facing an arrest is a stressful and confusing experience. The good news is that you do not have to face this experience alone. You do not have to remain in custody until the completion of your case. With the help of a reliable bondsman, you can post bail as you await the outcome of your case. If you need reliable bail bond services in Cypress, you can rely on Bail Bonds. We have provided outstanding bail bond services to Cypress citizens for many years. Our services are reliable, as indicated by the positive reviews from our clients. Call us at 877-373-3631 to speak to one of our bondsmen.


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