If you, your friend, or a relative has been arrested and put behind bars, you need to seek the service of a competent Duarte bail bondsman. When you need answers, a good bondsman will put your mind at ease and answer all your questions. If you reach out to an unreliable bondsman, you will incur more costs, and they will cause you unnecessary anxiety. Bail is a surety that you will attend the court-scheduled proceedings. The courts in California do not impose bail on all offenses. The applicable bail depends on the offense's severity and nature. For example, domestic violence is a severe offense, and the judges are usually quick to impose bail. If you need bail bond service in Duarte, you can count on Bail Bonds Company, a local bail bond provider.

Bail Bonds In Duarte

If the police arrest you in Duarte, they will take you to the station for booking and processing. The process can take hours to complete, and it is only afterward that bail is set. You could be transferred to a larger, long-term holding facility if you remain at the on-site jail for longer than 72 hours or if the on-site jail becomes overcrowded. After a transfer, you will be ineligible for bail for 12 to 24 hours as you are processed in the new facility. At times, if the process of bail commences quickly enough, your transfer will not take place. Therefore, you should have a reliable bondsman you can call upon at any time, even at night. An arrest can happen anytime, including a night, holidays, or weekends.

Bail lets you go about your life as you wait for your day in court. You can continue seeking legal counsel, taking care of family obligations, and attending school or work during this time. Unfortunately, it is hard for you to take care of anything on the outside while in police custody. Often, most people fail to pay rent and mortgages, miss classes, and even lose jobs. When this happens, your life will have crumpled by the time you are out of custody. However, you can reduce the likelihood of this by securing bail.

Bail Posting And 8TH Amendment

If you are arrested in Duarte and do not have access to the entire bail amount, you can reach out to a licensed Duarte bail bondsman and arrange to post bail. You can arrange it by yourself or have a family member or a friend do it on your behalf. The bail bondsman will walk you through the bail process, and he/she will assist you in securing the necessary collateral or premium for the bail. Once the bondsman has arranged for collateral or premium required, he/she will promptly inform the jail facility that bail has been posted. At that point, you will secure your freedom from jail with the condition that you must honor the court-set hearings. After your release, the bail bondsman will meet you to review the bail agreement.

On December 15, 1791, the Eighth Amendment to the United States Constitution took effect. This Amendment protects people against imposing costly bail. In addition, this Amendment acts as a limitation upon the bail companies to the price of obtaining pretrial release. The Eighth Amendment also prohibits offering bail to a person who commits certain serious crimes.

Ways Of Posting Bail

Once you are arrested and placed in custody upon committing an offense, you can avoid remaining behind bars while your case is in progress. If the judge allows you, you could post a money called bail to guarantee that you will honor all court hearings when needed. You will receive a refund of the money if you attend all the court-scheduled proceedings. However, if you fail to appear for the proceedings, you will forfeit the money and face charges for jumping the bail. This different offense could cost you penalties that exceed those imposed for the original crime. In addition, you could face charges for failing to honor court hearings even if you are acquitted of the original offense. The typical types of bail in Duarte include credit cards or cash, bail bonds, and valuable assets like cars or jewelry.

You can post bail directly by credit card or cash if you can afford to pay the amount the judge imposes on you. However, most people prefer posting bail by securing bail from a bail bond company. Posting bail entails paying a non-refundable premium because the bail bond company assumes the risk of losing the bail amount if you do not honor the court-scheduled proceedings. The premium you pay often amounts to about ten percent of the bail the judge sets.

Securing Bail Bonds Using Collateral

A third and rare option is to surrender to the court some tangible assets that amount to the bail. Assets would include items like vehicles, jewelry, or clothing. You will have your assets back after the case is complete, just as in the case of cash bail.

If you obtain a bail bond via a company, you could be required to secure it using collateral. Besides paying the premium, therefore, you could be required to give the company an interest in your vehicle, home, personal property, or another asset. Collateral will cushion the bail bond company's loss if you do not honor the court-set hearings. It will be hard to sell the asset you used as collateral because a lien is placed on the asset offered as bail bond collateral.

If you do not want to provide collateral, you should choose a company that does not need collateral, but it is rare. Whether your Duarte bail bondsman will request collateral will depend on several factors, including the amount of bail and the seriousness of the crime you commit.

Accessing Bail In Duarte

If you require bail from a bondsman, you should make a call and provide your full name, date of birth, time, and date of your arrest. Your Duarte bail bondsman will use the information you provide to locate the defendant and determine if they qualify for bail. If the defendant qualifies for bail, the bondsman will have the applicant fill out their bail bond application forms and sign the indemnitor agreement. All bail application forms are straightforward. However, if you have any concerns, you should seek clarification from your bondsman. Once the forms are processed, the bail bond provider will send a bondsman to the facility where you are held to post the bail.

When choosing a bail bond company in Duarte, go for one that operates 24 hours every day of the year. This way, you will have a go-to person whenever you have any questions or concerns regarding the bail bond process. The main aim of a reliable bondsman is to help their clients to the best of their ability. Bondsmen understand the difficulty of reaching out to a bail agency. Therefore, they make bailing a loved one or a friend easy and fast.

Payment Options

The cost of a bail bond in Duarte is 10% of the total amount. For example, if the bail amount is $15,000, you must pay $1,500. Most bail bond providers accept payment options, including major credit or debit cards, money wire, bank account transfers, money orders, business or personal checks, and cash. Some bondsmen also offer discounts for the following:

  • Those who have retained private counsel.
  • Senior citizens 55 or older.
  • Active members of the U.S military.
  • Active union members.

Most bail bond providers offer flexible payment options since they understand that posting a bail bond for an individual could be challenging and expensive for a family to afford. If you have good credit or are a homeowner in good standing, bondsmen provide flexible payment options that make bail payment easy and stress-free. You can enjoy flexible weekly or monthly to assist you in meeting your budgetary needs. You do not need to worry about taxes, extra charges, or hidden fees. In addition, you could access zero-interest financing. Usually, a bondsman will make you aware of the payment you will be making before you sign any contract or application.

Applying For Bail Via Email Or Fax

Most bondsmen provide quick and reliable service through the internet. It is all part of the company's commitment to offering quick service to a client who has just received the ''heartbreaking’ news that a loved one, friend, or family member has been arrested and put behind bars. When you call your Duarte bail bondsman, he/she will easily send you an application by email or fax any time of the day or night. The application only takes a few minutes to complete; if need be, the bondsman can even guide you through the application procedure over the phone.

If the police arrest your loved one at night, applying for a bail bond through email or fax is the way to go. Email or fax is convenient if you are tired and stressed out. The last thing you want to do is enter your car and drive, searching for an automatic teller machine, driving to the office, or waking family or friends. You can review the bail details in the privacy of your house by making the bail application through email or fax. You can also use a charge card to pay the bail bond premium. This is the quickest and most efficient way of paying a bond. You or your loved one can be released faster by posting a bail bond via email or fax.

Jumping Bail

After securing your release on bail, you are expected to attend all the court hearings. If you jump bail, the court could charge you with a separate offense in federal and state courts. Typically, a defendant who does not attend the court proceedings could face a separate jumping bail charge in addition to the initial charge. Being innocent of the pending charge for which you did not attend court hearings is not a defense to the charge of jumping bail.

At times, you will only face charges for jumping bail if you do not surrender within a particular period after forfeiting the bond, like 30 days. In other states, you will only face the jumping bail charge if it is categorized as a felony, while in other states, you could face the jumping bail charge as a misdemeanor or a felony. If you attend the first court proceedings and miss subsequent ones, you could still face charges for jumping bail.

The Common Reasons For Missing Court Hearings

Often, a jumping bail conviction requires the prosecutor to provide evidence showing that you intentionally failed to honor the court proceedings. In addition, there must be substantial evidence that you knew of the court proceedings. You can contest the charge if you can prove that you were not served with the court date notice. At times, the notice could involve mailing a letter to you. A notice must be conveyed in a language you understand and should include the date of the first court hearing.

Under certain circumstances, you can provide a valid reason for not attending the court proceedings. This can only be so if a situation outside your control prevents you from attending the court hearings. You could even have the reason for not surrendering within the set period, although this will be more challenging to prove.

At their discretion, the judges can ascertain whether the reason you give is enough to defend a jumping bail charge. For example, if you were using drugs or drunk, this would not be sufficient to convince the court. Generally, intoxication is thought to be a circumstance within your control. On the other hand, providing evidence that you were seriously sick can be a persuasive reason, but you will be required to provide substantial proof of your sickness. You must have suffered a severe illness whereby you were physically unable to attend or otherwise hospitalized. At times, being incarcerated in another state could be a convincing reason, but this does not always succeed.

You should seek the service of a skilled attorney if you fail to attend the court hearings and are worried about facing a jumping bail charge or other repercussions. In this area, the statutes differ based on the state, and various judges adopt different approaches. Your attorney could guide you on whether you can avoid a conviction and surrender within the set period. He/she can also assist you in presenting the evidence supporting your reason for not honoring the court-set proceedings.

Hybrid Bail Posting Structures

Perhaps you cannot pay the entire amount of bail on your own. In addition, you might not be comfortable buying a bond from a bail bond company. Instead, you could finance your bond via a court system based on the state where you live. You must submit ten percent of the total bond amount to the court in this case. You will also be required to obtain the bond using collateral, like what you could do with a bail bond company.

However, the notable difference between the court-financed and private bail bonds is that the court will refund the ten percent fee when your case is over. This is subject to whether you honor all court proceedings. If you fail to attend the court proceedings, you will forfeit the entire amount of the bond and possibly the property that secured it. You could also face charges for jumping bail, and you could be put behind bars until the conclusion of your case.

Whether Bail Is The Same As A Bond

The words bail and bond are often used interchangeably when discussing custody release. While they appear similar, they do not mean the same thing. Bail is the amount you must pay to secure your freedom from custody. On the other hand, someone could post a bond on your behalf, often a bondsman, to secure your freedom from confinement.

Bail is not a punishment; instead, it is a way of securing your agreement to adhere to specific terms and return to court. In this case, bail serves as collateral left with the court to ensure that, after you leave jail, you will return to court for the remaining parts of your criminal case. If you violate the conditions of the release or fail to appear in court, you will forfeit the amount paid.

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