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An arrest can pose a set of new situations and problems, and you might find the process frightening and confusing. Many people are unprepared for the circumstances, especially when it comes to the need to pay the bail. Under the 8th amendment, you have a right to post bail and leave the detention facility amid the pending case. If you or your family member lack enough money to post the bail, you might seek legal help from a reputable bail bond company to provide legal help throughout the process.

At Bail Bonds Company, our bondsmen are licensed, insured, and determined to protect your constitutional rights. We understand that many clients calling us do not have enough funds to post the bail within the provided period. We are available around the clock to ensure our clients receive the bail services they require at any time. Our primary goal is to ensure our clients obtain the best bail services and exit jail as soon as possible. If the police arrest you in the Sierra Madre, contact our bail bonds agents immediately, and they will help you post your bail.

Arrest and Booking Process in the Sierra Madre

When the law enforcement officers see you committing a crime, they may take you to the detention facility. During your arrest, the police should not violate your constitutional rights. For example, law enforcement officers should not carry out unreasonable seizures and searches. After taking you to jail, the arresting officers perform a booking exercise. During the booking process, the arresting officers perform a series of activities. Usually, the booking process entails the following steps:

  • Recording your full names
  • Property confiscation
  • Taking of fingerprints
  • Full body checks
  • Health checks
  • Conducting background checks

Types of Bail Bonds

When the police arrest you and seek to exit the jail via posting bail, you want to understand the available types of bail. Ensure you also learn more about the type of bail bond that suits your case. Remember, each type of bail bond is unique and has different requirements. Please speak with our Sierra Madre bail bonds agents to help you understand more about the available bail bonds. Below is an explanation of the possible types of bail in California.

Cash Bonds

Cash bail bonds are the most common and easiest form of bail bonds to understand. The name explains much about the bonds, paid in cash. Although the court may accept other payments, cash bonds are commonly used in some instances. For example, the cases where the court thinks the defendant is of higher flight risk or in situations where the defendant faces severe violent offenses. In this case, the criminal court judge sets the bail higher that the defendant cannot afford it.

Surety Bonds

Bail bond companies commonly offer surety bonds. When you, as the defendant, have insufficient funds to post your bail in cash, you may rely on the bondsmen to help you post the bail. However, how do the bonds work? In surety bonds, the bondsmen pay the total bail to the court. But, they make the payment under an agreement that you will show up at the court dates as scheduled. Complying with the court orders to appear before the court will allow the bondsmen to secure their money back during the case trial.

Many bail bond companies usually charge around 10% of the entire bail amount. For example, when the court sets your bail at $20,000, the bail bond agents will charge you a service fee of $2,000. Also, the bondsman will follow up to ensure you appear for all court scheduled dates.

Own Recognizance Release

Release on own recognizance is the second most available type of bail bond. Under this type of bond, you do not need to pay anything to the court. However, you promise to show up at the court proceedings. You need only to sign the paperwork showing you agree to follow the court orders.

The law enforcement officer handles the own recognizance release. The only difference from release on citation is that you may fight for the release on your own recognizance at the criminal court. What is the advantage of release on own recognizance? The great benefit of this bail bond is that you walk out of the detention facility without paying any bail.

Property Bonds

Another common type of bail bond is a property bond. The property bonds are bonds paid using the property as collateral. Under these bail bonds, you use the entire property to secure the bonds, meaning you cannot use partial property to secure the bail bond. In other states of the US, property bonds are not allowed.

The main difference between surety bonds and property bonds is that the property bonds take an extensive period to be processed. Under surety bonds, you can secure the bonds within hours, while the property bonds take weeks, if not months, to be processed. The court requires more time to inspect your property before accepting it as collateral.

Federal Bonds

In California, federal bonds are available for federal offenses. So, when you commit a felony offense, federal bonds could be the only available way to walk out of the detention facility and wait for your trial in the comfort of your home.

Immigration Bonds

The last type of bail bond is the immigration bond. Immigration bonds are available to the immigrants. Since the defendant is not a US citizen, obtaining a bail bond can be challenging. The bonds require a set of information. So, if you are a non-American and seek to exit jail through immigration bonds, you want to seek legal help from an immigration attorney.

How Sierra Madre Bail Bonds Company Post Bail

When charged with an offense in California, bail is the amount of money you pay alongside a promise to appear at the court for the scheduled court dates. The law in California allows you to pay the bail in the form of cash, property, or bail bond. The courthouse accepts money orders, cash, cashier, and personal checks. When you comply with the court and appear for the predetermined court dates, and the court finds you not guilty of the alleged crime, or the court dismisses the crime, the court will return your bail.

However, when the case is complicated, it might last for years, and the defendant cannot use the bail funds while it is active. Even when the court dismisses the case, it might take up to 12 weeks to receive the funds after the day of case dismissal. Once the court finds the defendant guilty of the alleged crime, the court may use the bail to pay part of their fines. Also, when the defendant fails to appear at the court as ordered, the court can forfeit the bail.

Posting the bail in cash might not be simple for every arrestee since the arrests occur when unpredicted. Although you might pay the bail in full, the law also allows you to seek bail services from a recognized bail bond company. So, ensure you work with our bail bonds agents to help you learn more about how bail works in California.

How Much is Bail in the Sierra Madre?

In California, the amount of bail the arrestee pays changes according to several factors, including the nature of the offense and the defendant's criminal history. Every county in California has a list outlining the offenses against their bail amount. The bail amount for severe violent crimes is usually higher than the less serious offenses. But if you cannot afford the bail or think the court set the bail higher, you want to speak with your lawyer to help you know what to do next.

During the bail hearing, your attorney may ask the judge to eliminate or reduce the bail or release you on your own recognizance. The law allows the judges to deny, eliminate or modify the bail. To modify the bail, the judge considers your criminal record, probability of appearing in court, the general public's safety, and the offense's seriousness.

Can the Judge Increase or Reduce the Bail?

Do you know that the judges in California have the authority to increase or reduce your bail? When you believe the court should reduce the bail, speak with your attorney to help you on what to do. You might present evidence before the court to support your claim for bail reduction. Alternatively, when you face a felony charge, the judge cannot reduce your bail.

Your lawyer may propose certain conditions to the judge to reduce your bail. If you agree with the conditions, the judge may recommend reducing the bail or releasing you under your own recognizance. Violation of these conditions may attract severe penalties. Below are the standard conditions your attorney may advise the judge to impose:

  • Surrender your driver's license
  • Travel restrictions
  • Surrender your passport
  • Wearing a monitoring device
  • Wearing a GPS device

What Happens When You Fail to Appear at Court as Scheduled?

When you secure bail with a bail bond company, you sign a contract with the bondsmen indicating you will appear for all court dates. Once you fail to appear at the criminal court as required, your bail bond company becomes into trouble. Again, you risk rearresting. The criminal court gives the bail bond agent a grace period to return you to jail.

Many bondsmen hire bounty hunters to apprehend you. Remember, the bail might be massive, and thus the bondsmen find it challenging to pay. That’s why they hire bounty hunters to come knocking for you. The bounty hunters have experience and skills in apprehending the defendants. For example, the bounty hunters may use several methods to capture you, including:

  • Background Checks
  • Surveillance
  • Entering your home without a valid arrest warrant
  • Contacting friends and relatives

Primarily, the bounty hunters charge a fee on the entire bail. Again, they include the traveling fee. Therefore when you skip the predetermined court dates, the bondsmen will still hire bounty hunters to apprehend you. Speak with your attorney whenever uncontrolled substances force you to skip court dates.

Why choose Sierra Madre bail bonds company?

The bail bond company you choose will determine the period you spend in jail. A well-licensed bail bond company with experienced bondsmen will ensure you exist the bail faster. Working with our Sierra Madre bail bond company will enjoy the following bail services.

Bilingual Services

In the US, the country has many immigrants, meaning the nonamericans find themselves behind bars and require bail services to secure a bail bond. However, the bail process is challenging for immigrants with little or no English knowledge. For example, in the past, the Spanish-speaking community has been growing rapidly. So when Spanish-speaking client seeks bail services, they might fear because of the language barrier. That’s why our Sierra Madre bail bond agents are here for you. Our agents are bilingual and understand different languages, including the Spanish language.

24-hour Bail Services

Any arrest may occur outside business hours. So you want to seek bail services from the bail bond company that offer 24/7 bail services, including weekends and over the holiday. A round-the-clock bail service assures customers their interests will be addressed even at midnight. Our bail offer around-the-clock bail services. So reach our bail bond agents any time the police arrest you.

Bail Over the Phone

Do you know that a well-licensed and insured bail bond company can allow you to bail out your loved one over the phone or online? Yes, our bail bonds agents are ready to help you post the bail without moving to the detention facility. But we require certain information about the arrestee. The information includes:

  • The arrestee's full names
  • Address and phone number
  • Payer occupation
  • Birth dates

Easy Payment Plans and Lowest Fees

Whenever the police arrest you and seek to exit the jail through posting bail, you want to find a bail bond company that offers easy payment plans. Our xx bail bond agents provide a down payment. We understand you might be undergoing a financial crisis and lack enough funds or property to place as collateral. We discuss with you the best payment option that suits your financial ability. We allow our clients to make their payments over the phone or online.

Experienced Bondsmen

For your legal process to be smooth, you must work closely with well-skilled and experienced bondsmen. To bail out your friend faster and efficiently, you must work with experienced bondsmen. It is sad to miss the bail because of working with inexperienced bondsmen. Our Sierra Madre bail bonds agents have decades of years offering bail bond services in and across California. Therefore bail your close friend faster with our bail bonds agents today.

Good Reputation

Reputation is everything when it comes to the bail industry. So, it would help if you worked with a bondsman you can trust as an alien with your item of value as collateral. With our bail bond agents, your property will be in safe hands until your case trial. Remember, we know the police might have arrested you when you least expect it. We even help you understand more about the bail bond process. So, immediately after the police arrest you in California, do not wait until it is too late. Start by contacting our Sierra Madre bail immediately, and we will offer the bail bond services you require.

Work with Licensed Bondsmen

California law requires all state bondsmen to be well licensed and insured before they start offering bail bond services. Working with our well-licensed Sierra Madre bail bonds agents keeps you ahead of others since your release becomes efficient, free, and affordable. Feel free to post your bail with our licensed and insured bondsmen today.

Court and Jail Information in the Sierra Madre

Los Angeles superior court

150 west commonwealth avenue

Alhambra California 91801



Metropolitan court

1945 south hill street

Los Angeles, California 90007



Stanley Mosk court

111 north hill street

Los Angeles, California 90012



Glendale court

600 east broadway

Glendale, California 91206



Sierra Madre detention facility

55 west sierra Madre Blvd

Sierra madre, California 91024



Los Angeles Sheriffs Center

441 Bauchet street

Los Angeles, California 90012



LAPD Metropolitan Jail

180 north Los Angeles street

Los Angeles, California 90012



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