Costa Mesa Jail Information and Bail

When law enforcement officers arrest you, you might be confused about what to do next. The law in California allows you to post bail to secure your release from the detention facility. The process of obtaining bail might be complex, especially for first-time offenders.

You need to understand how bail works, the available types of bail, and the bail payment options. Also, understand how the court sets the bail and the factors it considers when setting the bail. If you have insufficient money to pay the bail, you need to work closely with a licensed person to help you post the bail.

At Bail Bonds, we offer 24/7 bail bond services, meaning we help you post bail anytime the law enforcement officer arrests you. Do not wait until regular working hours to post bail. The right time to post your bail is now. If you are undergoing a financial crisis, we will assess your situation and offer the best payment plan that suits your situation.

The Legal Meaning of Bail and Bail Bonds

Bail involves the money paid by the arrestee to guarantee they will appear at the court proceedings before the case trial. The arrestee posts bail in the form of cash or property. Bail is crucial in ensuring the defendant leaves the jail and waits for their judgment outside the detention facility.

Walking out of the detention facility by posting bail is possible. But not in every case does one qualify for bail. When you have enough money, you can post the bail in cash. However, if the court sets the bail too high, you may seek legal help from a bail bond company. The bail bond company will likely charge you a service fee of around 10%. Ensure you work closely with our Costa Mesa bail bond agents to help you post your bail.

The process of Obtaining Bail in Costa Mesa

When law enforcement officers arrest you, they place you in a detention facility. Sometimes the officers may be released without filing a charge, but when they file a charge, they put you in jail until the court resolves your case.


While in jail, the officers will conduct a booking process. The process involves obtaining your personal information, taking fingerprints, and taking a mugshot. The court may also decide your bail amount. However, it will consider the nature of the offense and your past criminal convictions.

During the bail determination, the court uses bail schedules to set the bail. The bail schedules show the bail amount for every criminal case. The criminal court judge may decide to reduce, eliminate, or increase the bail amount. But the court will consider certain factors to do so. These factors include the arrestee's financial status and whether the arrestee stays around the city to enable them to attend the court proceedings. A person with a limited earning capacity is at a lower flight risk since they cannot lose money by failing to appear for the court dates.

When you commit a severe offense, the criminal court judge may decide to set the bail too high or deny you the bail, ensuring you remain in jail until your case trial. Also, if your release risks the security of others and the general public, the judge may deny you bail. Before the court sets the bail, the judge considers your family ties and social connections. A person with family obligations should obtain a lesser bail amount than those without family obligations.

Bailing Your Loved One with Costa Mesa Bail Bonds Company

When the police arrest you, your attorney, friend, or family member may contact a bail bond company. The work of the bail bond company will start immediately after the court sets the bail amount. First, the bondsmen gather all the necessary information, including your name and the place of your arrest.

The bondsmen will assess the potential risks involved when they sign an agreement with you. They will ask questions about your personal life and your financial ability. Also, they will consider the probability of fleeing after securing the bond. Once the bondsmen discover you are not a flight risk, they finalize the bail process and post the bail.

After undergoing the paperwork, the bondsmen post the bail, and you walk out of the detention facility. By signing the contract, you must agree to the bail's conditions and terms. The bondsmen sometimes ask you to place an item of value as collateral.

The bondsmen become responsible for your appearance at the court. When you do not appear at the court as ordered, the court grants the bondsmen a grace period to return you to jail. The bondsmen can also hire bounty hunters to apprehend you. The bond's legal fee is usually 10 % of the bail amount.

Apart from setting the bail, the criminal court judges impose conditions, rules, and limitations for you to follow. The limitations issued by the court are similar to the requirements of a probation term. If you violate the conditions, the criminal court can issue an order for your arrest. Again, the court can forfeit the bail amount. The possible conditions the criminal court judge can impose are:

Firearm restrictions: when you walk out of the detention facility by posting bail, the court may order you to refrain from owning or possessing firearms. The condition is more likely to be imposed when you face charges of threatening or violent crime.

Employment: when you secure your release from jail through paying bail, the judge may require you to keep your work during this period. If you are not employed, the court may require you to try to find a job while you are on bail.

Travel restrictions: when you secure your bail, the court may order you remain within the state until the court conducts your trial.

Substance abuse: in some instances, like driving while under the influence or other drug crimes, the court may require you to refrain from using or possessing alcohol or other drugs.

No contact: if you face a domestic violence charge or make threats to another person, the court may impose a no-contact order. The order requires you to stay away from the alleged victim.

Bail Refund and Bail Forfeiture in Orange County

When you exit the jail by posting bail, the court will refund your bail after resolving the case. When you paid the bail in cash, you obtained the money back. But you must use the required process to obtain the bail. If you posted the bail through the services of bail bond agents, the court would return the bail to the bail bond agent. The bondsman will return the collateral to you after receiving the money.

If you posted the bail but failed to show up at the court as required, or you violated the terms of the bail, the court forfeits the bail. For instance, if you paid $4000 to post the bail, you will lose the bail when you fail to appear at court as required. Alternatively, when you use the services of bondsmen to secure bail and fail to appear at the court hearings, the bail bond agents will lose the money. If you used property bonds, the criminal court might order the auction or foreclosure of the property.

Bail Bonds in Orange County

Do you know there are various types of bail bonds in California? When you face an arrest and want to post bail, you want to know the different bail bonds available. Our Costa Mesa bail bond agents are ready to help you learn the bail bond types and help you understand the best bail bond that suits your case.

Cash Bonds

Cash bonds mean you secure your bail by paying it in cash. Sometimes, you might pay the bail on credit cards or cashier checks, though jail officials will only accept cash in many cases. You need to have a lot of money. However, many arrestees do not have large sums to post bail quickly, meaning they need to seek bail services from a bail bond agent.

Property Bonds

Although property bonds are not prohibited in all states, California allows arrestees to use this bail bond. In property bonds, you use property to work as collateral. For example, you can use real estate property to secure the release. You can walk out of the detention facility within a couple of hours using surety or cash bail. However, under property bonds, the court handles the bonds. Also, the court assesses the property's value before going into the agreement.

Surety Bonds

If you do not have money to post the bail in cash, you can use the bondsman's services to secure the bail. Many bondmen offer surety bonds. You only pay a fee of around 10% of the entire bail bond. Again you promise to appear in court as required by the criminal court. After paying ten percent of the bail, the bondsmen cover the rest. Many bondsmen offer a variety of bail payment options.

Cite Out

When the police arrest you, you hope to obtain a citation. Under this bond, you are not required to pay any amount or place your property as collateral. The arresting officer offers the citation release. When the officers arrest you, they do not take you to a detention facility; instead, they give you a citation to appear in court. The citation releases are available for minor offenses like violations of traffic rules. The bond depends on the discretion of the arresting officer.

Own Recognizance Release

Under an "own recognizance release," you will walk out of the detention facility after agreeing to appear at the court dates. You do not pay any charges for this type of bail, but when you skip future court dates, the court may require you to pay certain fines. Like the citation release, the release on own recognizance relies on the arresting officer's discretion. But you may ask for a bail bond at the criminal court.

Federal Bonds

When you face charges for federal crimes, you require federal bonds to obtain your release from jail. You can receive federal bonds by using both property and cash. However, you do not need bail bond services. The court handles federal bonds just like property bonds.

Immigration Bonds

In California, immigration bonds are available for undocumented immigrants in America. The process involved in obtaining immigration bonds is complicated. So, you want to work closely with well-skilled and experienced bail bond agents as soon as the police arrest you.

The Benefits of Working With CBB Bail Bonds

After an arrest, you want to seek legal help from the best bail bond agent to help you post bail. Well-skilled and experienced bondsmen ensure your bail bond process is smooth and quick. That’s why you want to work with our Costa Mesa bail bonds to ensure you post your bail as soon as the law enforcement officer arrests you. Work with us today and enjoy the following bail services:

Expert Services

Walking out of jail after an arrest might be complicated and overwhelming, especially when you do not understand the bail bond dynamics. Hiring an experienced bonds agent will help you walk out of jail sooner.

The bondsmen conduct the necessary paperwork immediately. Errors made by inexperienced bondsmen in the paperwork can increase your length of stay in the detention facility. Because the bondsmen understand the paperwork process, they ensure the information is accurate and speed up the bail process.

Bilingual Services

The US is home to many races. Spanish-speaking people are the second largest community in America. This means immigrants are many and can break the law and face time behind bars. Like the native Americans, the immigrants want to post bail and continue their regular duties.

Due to the language barrier, many immigrants seeking to post bail in the US find it challenging to work with bondsmen. Our Costa Mesa bail bond agents offer bilingual services to customers. We have helped countless immigrants seeking to post bail in America.

Payment Plans

The law requires you to post bail in total if you decide to post bail. It might involve liquidating your assets if you have insufficient funds to post bail. But you may avoid these by working with our Costa Mesa bail bond agents. We discuss your financial capability with you. After discussing, we choose the payment plan that suits your finances. We may allow payment options like debits, credits, and checks.

Efficiency and Competency

We offer better bail services compared to our competitors. Our primary goal is to ensure our clients secure their release from jail within the shortest time possible. The arresting officer will release you immediately after we post your bail. Our bail bond agents are well versed in the bail system in California. Consider choosing a 24-hour bail bond as we are deficient in our services.

Secure Your Release Faster

Filling out the forms in a courthouse can be confusing and time-consuming. Bail bond agents are familiar with the justice system. To post bail quickly, you must seek bail services from a reputable bail bond agent. You want to skip the bondsmen without certification. Instead, work with a well-licensed bail bond agent in California. We ensure you walk out of jail immediately. Once you contact our agents, everything is done quickly.

Bail Anytime Anywhere

It does not matter the location of the detention facility. The police can arrest you at any time. Our bail bond agents are ready to help you post bail anytime and anywhere across California. Even if the police arrest you in a different state, we can help you secure your release.

Therefore, when the police arrest you in or outside the state, you want to contact an active bail bond company. Our bail bond agents can help you regardless of when the police arrest you. Ensure you work with a bail bond company that offers 24/7 bail bond services. Our bail agents are ready to answer you whenever you call us.

Jail and Court Information in Costa Mesa

Costa Mesa Police
99 fair DR,
Costa mesa, California 92629

Orange County Booking Center
525 north flower street
Santa ana, California 92703

Santa Ana Jail
62 civic center plaza
Santa ana, California 92701

Harbor courthouse
4601 jamboree road
Newport Beach, California 92660

Wallace Courthouse
1955 Wallace avenue
Costa mesa, California 92627

South Court Apartment
736 baker street #E1
Costa mesa, California 92626

Apex Courthouse
1901 Newport blvd
Costa mesa, California 92627

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An arrest might be a stressful experience, especially when you have never been arrested. Again, you might be confused when the court sets your bail too high. So what to do next? If you have insufficient money to post bail, a well-licensed bail bond company can help you.

At Bail Bonds, we can help you post bail and resume your duties at a favorable fee. So, contact us immediately when the police arrest you in Costa Mesa. Contact us at 877-373-3631, and we will start working on your case.


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