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Facing an arrest or having your loved one in custody can be intimidating. The good news is that by posting a surety bond, you or your loved one can be out of jail in no time. At Bail Bonds, we have experienced bail bondsmen in Cathedral City who can help you post bail conveniently. Our Cathedral City bail bondsmen are available 24/7, even during after-work hours and weekends.

Reasons For Using Our Cathedral City Bail Bondsmen

When the police arrest you, seeking a way out of custody will likely be your priority. Often, you will have an opportunity to post bail. You can hire a bondsman if you do not have money to post a cash bail. A bondsman will post bail to secure your release. As the defendant, you commit yourself to attending the court proceedings. Bail services make the financially and emotionally stressful release process more accessible. The main advantages of posting bail through a bondsman include:

Guaranteed Financial Privacy and Confidentiality

Bail services are always confidential, no matter the offense and circumstances of a case. For example, you could be worried about the financial investigation that could result if you post a cash bail. An investigation usually arises for higher bail amounts. If you post bail in cash, investigators could pursue you to find out about the source of the money. The investigations can take days, which could cause a substantial delay in your release. You can contact a bail bond company to post bail on your behalf without raising suspicion in court.

Smooth Process

There is a lot of paperwork in the bail process. You can also experience delays and confusion if you do not understand how the courts work. A professional Cathedral City bail bondsman can ensure a smooth bail process by handling the paperwork for you and gathering other crucial information. You can count on your bondsman to be professional and courteous from booking to the point you are released.

Faster Release From Custody

Reputable bondsmen understand the toll that jail time can take on you. Bail bond agents do everything possible to get you out of custody quickly. A bail bond agent will follow the right bail process and gather the necessary documents to enhance the release process.

Lower Financial Burden

The most obvious benefit of hiring a bondsman is monetary relief. Bail can be expensive, and for some defendants, it is not possible to post it all upfront. You will only pay 10% of the bail if you hire a bail bond company. This will save you a lot because you can handle other crucial case details and pay attorney fees. It will also save you from selling your valuables to post a cash bail.

The Qualities of a Good Cathedral City Bail Bondsman

It can be incredibly stressful and overwhelming to be in custody. The best way to respond to this predicament is by hiring a bondsman to secure your release. However, it is challenging to know whom to trust since not all bail bond agents are reliable. Understanding the qualities of a good bondsman is essential to help you make the right choice. The qualities you should look for in a bondsman include:


Trustworthiness is one of the essential qualities a bondsman should have. You should hire a bondsman with positive reviews from previous clients, a proven record of accomplishment, and a solid reputation.

Avoid hiring a bondsman if you have a bad feeling about them or if something seems off. Look for reviews and do some research on several bondsmen before making the final decision. Seek referrals from previous clients and ask questions regarding licensing, insurance, and fees. If a bondsman is not forthcoming with information or is evasive, this could be a red flag. You should be comfortable with a bondsman you choose before you entrust them with your freedom.

Licensing and Insurance

It is advisable to hire a bondsman who is licensed and insured. This ensures that you are protected if any legal matter arises. You can be sure that the bondsman is authorized to offer bail bond services. Before working with a bondsman, do not hesitate to request evidence of insurance and licensing.

A Bondsman Should Be Compassionate

Facing arrest and going through the legal system can be incredibly emotional and stressful. A good bondsman will understand this and offer you compassionate services to help ease your worries. During this challenging time, your bondsman should be empathetic and kind to make you comfortable.

A bondsman is not the right fit if he/she appears dismissive or uncaring of your situation. A great bondsman will do everything in their power to ensure successful results. A good bondsman will also be available whenever needed. It is best to look for an alternative if these qualities are absent.

24/7 Availability

Hire a bondsman that you can access at any time. Seek the services of a bondsman who can respond to your needs promptly and is available 24/7. An agent who is always out of the office and difficult to reach cannot offer you appropriate service. A bondsman who takes more than 24 hours to respond when you are arrested cannot provide the timely service you require.


A good bondsman will uphold a high level of professionalism. He/she should treat you with kindness and courtesy. It is good to move on and find someone else if a bondsman is unprofessional, pushy, or rude.

When it comes to bondsman professionalism, other red flags you should watch out for include:

  • Denying liability for mistakes.
  • Being evasive or vague regarding crucial details.
  • Not following through on promises.

A good bail bond agent will take responsibility for any issues that arise and do their best to meet your needs. The agent should always have your best interests and not confuse or frustrate you.

Fees and Transparency

Sometimes, the judge can impose an expensive, hefty bail amount. In this situation, you need a bondsman who is upfront regarding fees and pricing structure. Your bondsman should be transparent regarding the costs of the bail and not be surprised by hidden fees.

Many Cathedral City bail bondsmen provide affordable repayment plans. They are willing to provide detailed documentation and receipts displaying all the transactions. You should avoid a bondsman who seems to hide information or is evasive regarding the costs.

Experience and Understanding

Expertise is another crucial characteristic of a bondsman. You should hire a bondsman with years of experience in the bail industry and deep knowledge of the legal system. A knowledgeable bondsman can easily navigate the process and paperwork, ensuring a faster and smoother release.

Avoid inexperienced bondsmen who do not have the connections and understanding required to get the work done right. The following are also signs of inexperience that you watch out for in a bondsman:

  • Does not understand the local laws about bail.
  • Has no referrals from other satisfied clients.
  • Is not confident when answering questions.

Communication Skills

Effective communication is one of the most essential qualities of a bondsman. A bondsman should be able to respond to all your questions and explain the bail process clearly. Your bondsman should also communicate with you promptly. Avoid bondsmen who are unavailable to you or are difficult to reach. You should also watch out for the following red flags when it comes to communication:

  • Bondsmen who avoid answering questions.
  • Bondsmen who do not answer your emails or calls fast enough.
  • Bondsmen who are unable to explain the bail process effectively.

A good bondsman is always available and responds to your questions without hesitation.

Ways To Keep The Defendant From Jumping Bail In Cathedral City

You can use the following strategies to keep your loved one in line after their release on bail:

Inform The Bondsman If The Defendant Shows Unusual Behavior

At times, your loved one could have elevated agitation, a drastic change in mood, or lose touch with the attorney about their case. These are signs that the defendant could prepare to escape or skip bail. At this point, you should call your bondsman to ensure that the defendant does not jump bail. If the defendant fails to attend the court hearings, the Cathedral City bail bondsman can revoke the bail, resulting in the defendant returning to custody.

Reporting the defendant to the bondsmen can be a hard decision for fear of making the defendant feel abandoned and unloved. However, you must remind the defendant of your role as their cosigner. If the defendant skips bail, the cosigner is responsible for the full bail amount and could lose the property offered as collateral. The defendant should know that you only called the bail bond company to protect them and prevent a re-arrest.

Track The Defendant’s Phone

If you and the defendant have smartphones, you should request that the defendant install a locator app on their phone so you can locate them quickly. With a tracker app, you can always be sure of the defendant’s whereabouts.

Keep The Defendant Close

Keep the defendant close, assuming he/she is part of your household. Keeping them close ensures that the defendant does not move out of town. The defendant can feel like they are still in custody, mainly due to the travel restrictions. You must remind the defendant that he/she is out on bail and must adhere to the bail conditions.

Always Keep The Defendant Busy

A person released on bail can develop stress, especially when idle. Your loved one can look for ways to escape out of fear that the worst will happen. Engage the defendant in any activity that will ease their tension. If the defendant has a job, ensure he/she goes to work.

Hire A Good Attorney

An attorney is always a source of hope for the defendant. A skilled and experienced attorney will assist your loved one to understand their case and prepare for trial. The attorney will also help the defendant create the proper defense strategy to have the charges reduced or dismissed. An attorney also ensures that the defendant understands the risks of skipping bail.

The Common Reasons For Skipping Bail

The judge expects the defendant to attend the court hearings as scheduled after his/her release on bail. It is illegal to skip bail even if the offender believes he/she is innocent. Failure to attend court hearings can lead to further charges. The unacceptable reasons for failing to attend court hearings include:

  • Doctor appointments.
  • Nervousness.
  • Minor illnesses.
  • Failure to receive court date notification because of change in residence.
  • Attending school or work.

The acceptable reasons for failing to attend court hearings include:

Withdrawal Of Your Attorney

Your court hearing could be rescheduled for you to have proper legal representation if the attorney working on your case decides to withdraw. Your attorney will give you notice since these types of withdrawals have a specific time limit. If this happens, you should hire a new attorney before your court date.

Having a Health or Family Emergency

The judge will consider your situation if you have a health or family emergency and can prove it with documents. Failing to attend a court hearing due to a minor illness is not considered a valid reason. You can only prove your case to the judge if you were admitted to the hospital for some time.

You Were Not Informed Of The Hearing

You can present this defense if you are unaware of the applicable court dates. You can explain your case to the judge if the court does not send out your court date. However, you cannot use this defense if you changed residence and failed to receive the court date notice. You must update your address with the court if you change residence when your case progresses.

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