If someone you love faces criminal charges in Bell, they could be held in jail until a court resolves their case. However, you can obtain their release by posting bail and accepting responsibility for ensuring they appear for trial and sentencing. The law allows those the police detail after an arrest to obtain freedom pending trial to prepare for trial and live as innocent people until the judge renders the final verdict in their case. Unfortunately, courts impose expensive bail on defendants who wish to await trial at home. Securing your loved one's freedom can be difficult when bail is expensive. But we at Bail Bonds Company can assist you with that. We provide dependable and affordable bail bonds service. Our service is immediately available following a defendant's arrest. They will not have to stay in jail any longer than necessary.

What Happens After an Arrest in Bell?

Law enforcement officers make arrests for two reasons: when they suspect someone of breaking the law and when they catch someone committing an offense. A judge will give the police an arrest warrant against a person they suspect of wrongdoing. The warrant authorizes law enforcement to arrest a suspected offender from anywhere the offender can be found. A warrant permits the police to pursue a suspected offender in their home, school, workplace, or streets. That makes police arrests frightening not only for the alleged offender but also for their family and friends.

If the police come after someone you love, you would do anything to have them back home with their family, work, and everyday life. It is because no one ever expects what happens after an arrest. If everything goes as planned, your loved one will be booked in and detained until a judge orders otherwise. However, the law allows bail payment to secure an arrestee's release pending trial. If the defendant is eligible for bail, you can pay it to have them released before the end of their case.

However, a defendant is not granted bail release until after their first arraignment. The first arraignment should take place within a few hours of the arrest. It is when the judge decides whether to grant the defendant bail or release them on their own recognizance. The judge will look into the specifics of their case and criminal history to determine whether they are eligible for bail. If they do, the judge will determine the amount and provide payment options to the defendant. They can post cash bail or surety bonds based on the amount set and financial ability.

Consequently, an arrest in Bell does not automatically imply guilt. Suspected offenders must stand trial and be allowed to defend themselves against the charges leveled against them. The judge will then decide based on the evidence and arguments presented in court. Also, a bail release allows a defendant to prepare for trial, ensuring a fair trial. When free, they can hire a lawyer, gather evidence, and appear well-prepared to defend themselves in court. If the defense prevails, the judge dismisses all charges and frees the defendant. If the defendant loses the trial, they will receive a sentence and punishment as per the law.

On bail, however, the judge will only grant pretrial release if they are confident that the defendant will appear in court on time on every scheduled date. Judges set an expensive bail to discourage defendants from fleeing after pretrial release. However, if the judge is unsure about a defendant's willingness to undergo trial, they will deny bail and have the police keep them in jail until the case is completed. Your loved one's case could last weeks or months before being resolved.

That is a long time for them to remain in police custody, out of work, school, and away from their family and friends. The defendant could suffer significant losses, particularly if they have a job, a business, a family, or a school to attend. That is why you should do everything possible to post their bail and secure their release after arrest.

Using Bell Bail Bonds Service to Obtain Pretrial Release

If a defendant qualifies for bail, the judge gives them bail payment options according to their financial ability and set amount. Cash bail is a very common type of bail throughout California. Paying cash bail entails paying the entire bail in cash, check, or money order. If a defendant has the financial means to pay the full bail, they can do so in cash. Paying cash bail has the advantage of being quick, efficient, and not involving many processes. You can post cash bail and have someone you love released in minutes. Another benefit is that the entire amount is available to you after the trial, regardless of whether the defendant is guilty or innocent of the charges.

However, paying cash bail is difficult for families who deserve pretrial release but lack the financial ability to post bail. Without an alternative, defendants from low-income families will be forced to remain in police custody until the resolution of their case. That would be unjust, given that the law only considers someone guilty after a judge declares them so. A suspected offender must go through a trial to be declared innocent or guilty of their charges. Before that, they are innocent and must be treated as such.

That is why the law allows third-party companies to provide bail bonds to low-income but deserving families whose loved ones are in police custody awaiting trial. You can obtain a loved one's release after an arrest through Bell bail bonds so they can return to their lives and prepare for trial.

Bail bonds are top-rated because they are used by many defendants today to obtain pretrial release. If your loved one is arrested over the weekend, you can quickly contact a bail bonds dealer rather than wait until the weekend is over to arrange for cash bail. Fortunately, bond dealers are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can reach them by email or phone, and they will respond promptly. If you are ready, the dealer will start the bond process immediately after booking. It means that your loved one can return home with you shortly after their arrest.

You can also use a bail bonds service if their bail is expensive. Judges set expensive bail when the charges against a defendant are serious. Remember that bail is usually set based on the specifics of a criminal case. If a defendant faces a misdemeanor charge, their bail will be lower than if they face charges for a felony. A serious felony charge with aggravating factors like serious injury or death will result in even higher bail. Paying cash bail could take a long time in that case. Bell bond dealers will help you post bail regardless of the amount if you meet their qualifications.

Benefits of Using Bell Bail Bonds Service

A police arrest occurs when no one, not even the suspected offender, is prepared to deal with it. It leaves families wondering how to bring their loved ones back home and out of police custody. An arrest disrupts a person's social life, career, or education. The disruption can worsen if they remain in prison for an extended period. That is why you should act quickly as a family to have your loved one out of police custody after their arrest. Even if you cannot pay their bail, you can still find help with bail bonds. Here are the advantages of using a Bell bail bonds service:

It Offers a Quick Solution for Bail Release

Consider the significant disruption that an arrest causes. The police will not even let you say goodbye to your loved ones or arrange for someone to take care of your work while you are away. Some people lose their jobs immediately following an arrest because they must be present full-time. Others miss out on essential opportunities as a result of an arrest. However, a defendant can save their situation if they can return to their everyday life after arrest. If you consider working with a bond dealer, this is a possibility. Bail is handled quickly by bond dealers. They understand the bail process and are usually ready with the money required by the court to secure the release of your loved one.

Bell Bail Bonds Are Affordable

Remember that bail is usually high, making it out of reach for most defendants and their families. However, bail bond companies provide bail bonds at a lower cost. To get your loved one out of jail, you only have to pay a small percentage of their bail (usually 10% or less). If you pay the required premium, the dealer will process the release without charging additional fees. However, the defendant must appear in court at all times. If they do not appear in court and they lose bail through forfeiture, you must pay the full bail amount to the bond dealer.

It Saves You From Selling Your Assets

When someone you love is in police custody, and you lack the financial means to bail them out, you will consider other options. If you have valuable assets, you could be tempted to sell them to fund their bail. But keep in mind that acquiring these valuable assets took time and money. Some items have sentimental value that cannot be replaced. If someone you love is in police custody, you should consider using Bell bail bonds. You could use a valuable asset as collateral for surety bonds, but the dealer will return it after the legal proceedings.

You Enjoy Flexibility When Making Payments

The court does not give you much leeway regarding paying bail. You can only make a full bail payment if you choose cash bail, and the police will only process the release of your loved one at that time. If you choose property bonds, the court will only accept property worth more than bail. However, bond dealers allow flexibility to accommodate everyone needing financial assistance in posting bail. For example, they provide various payment options from which to choose. They also allow you to make flexible payments if you cannot pay the premium fully at the outset.

Bail Conditions

The judge issues defendants a set of bail conditions to follow while they await trial at home after granting bail. Bail conditions are severe, and violating them has serious consequences. If you agree to post bail for a loved one after their arrest, you must ensure they follow all of the court's orders. If you do not, you could lose the entire bail amount due to bail forfeiture. A bond dealer will also expect the defendant for whom you seek bail to comply with all conditions. If not, the court will charge the bond dealer the full bail amount, resulting in a significant financial loss.

Following an arrest in Bell, your loved one can receive the following bail conditions:

Mandatory Court Appearances

The court's primary responsibility following a bail release is to ensure that the released defendant attends all hearings in their case. The judge will set a hearing date following the bail hearing, which the defendant must attend without fail. Failure to appear is a criminal offense that can result in jail time and a fine. It will also result in a re-arrest and the possibility of future bail denials. Even if they are certain of their innocence, your loved one must attend all court hearings until sentencing.

House Arrest

In cases where the defendant is likely to flee after their release on bail, the judge can order house arrest. Instead of staying in police custody until the end of their case, the judge can order the release of your loved one but order them to wear an electronic monitoring device. The device will constantly notify the police of the defendant’s location. The judge will issue a re-arrest warrant if a defendant violates this condition, after which they will face a bail violation trial and could be denied bail.

Travel Restrictions

The judge can impose travel restrictions on your loved one after bail release. These restrictions are intended to keep the defendant within the court's jurisdiction until their case's conclusion. The judge can order you to surrender their travel documents and issue a stern warning to the defendant if they attempt to flee. If the defendant violates this condition, they will be arrested once more. The judge could revoke their bail and remand them in police custody until their case is resolved.

Order Against Committing More Crimes

The judge can order the defendant not to commit any crime while on probation. The defendant must take care not to be arrested again during that time. If they violate this condition, the court can order them to forfeit their bail and remain in jail until the end of their case.

Bail Process When Working With a Bond Dealer

Another benefit of working with a bond broker is that they handle everything without your involvement. All you have to do is agree to their terms and pay the premium, and the dealer will handle releasing your loved one from jail.

Bond dealers in Bell are typically located near the courts and jail to facilitate serving detained defendants. They are more familiar with the jail and court systems and can help you expedite the process. This reduces the amount of time your loved one will be imprisoned.

You contact a reputable bond dealer following the arrest of someone you love. You do not need to visit their office; you can reach them by phone or online. Bond dealers are always ready and willing to assist a defendant out of jail. The dealer will contact you for information about the defendant, like their name, address, date of birth, physical description, and the jail where the police detained them. The dealer will also explain how their services work and how much you will pay as a premium. They will send you an agreement to sign to begin the bond process.

Once you sign the agreement and pay the premium, a reliable bond dealer will take a few minutes to have your loved one out of jail.

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