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California's justice system allows release on bail for crime suspects in Redondo Beach. Bail guarantees you will make all court appearances as the judge requires. If you cannot afford to make bail on your own, you could post it through Redondo Beach bail bonds.

With decades of experience at Bail Bonds Company, we understand unexpected events occur and can support you in securing your jail release. Our bail agents are highly trained and will strive to satisfy your needs. Additionally, they are available 24 hours a day and seven days a week to process your request and will come to bail you out regardless of the time. Call us once you are in detention to avoid spending one more minute in custody.

Understanding Bail

If police officers arrest you, they will not let you go unless they know you will attend court as directed. In most cases, to ensure this, the authorities will require you to leave some money with the court or jail facility where you are being held in exchange for your release. This money is known as bail and will be returned to you once your case ends and if you made all the court appearances. The police may release you OR (own recognizance release) if your crime is minor, you have strong community ties, and you are not a flight risk;

The Redondo Beach Bail Setting Process

The bail-setting process starts with an arrest. When arrested and transferred to jail, you will be booked. Booking entails the police collecting info regarding you and feeding it into the system, and it can take a few minutes to several hours based on how busy the jail facility is.

Part of the booking process involves the police taking your mugshot, recording your fingerprints, and seizing your personal belongings. The officers will also ask you to provide your name, date of birth, and physical address. Booking is a daunting process. However, you want to cooperate with their authorities and respond to their questions calmly and truthfully to avoid additional charges.

Once the booking is over, you will be transferred to a holding cell until the prosecution decides if it will press charges or drop the case. Meanwhile, the police will take the information collected during booking to the D.A. to review it and determine what to do. If the D.A. decides not to file charges, they will order police officers to set you free. But if they choose to press charges, you will have to be in custody for a while longer waiting for the decision on bail.

A judge sets bail during the arraignment. Every county in California has its independent bail schedule to which judges refer when imposing the bail amount. Redondo Beach uses the Los Angeles bail schedule. And whereas bail schedules are supposed to guide judges on what amount to set as bail, judges have significant discretion to reduce or increase the bail value.

When determining what amount to order as bail, that is, whether to set the exact amount on the bail schedule or increase or reduce it, the court judge considers various factors, including:

  • Your criminal history.
  • How severe your crime is.
  • If there is any aggravating factor in your case, for example, whether you utilized any weapon in committing the crime.
  • Whether you are deemed a threat to public safety.
  • Community ties.
  • Whether you are likely to flee the country.

Note that judges can also deny bail altogether. They will consider the above factors in deciding whether to deny bail.

If the judge sets the bail amount too high, you can demand a hearing and ask them to reduce it. Your lawyer can argue various factors in favor of your request to reduce bail while the prosecution can assert that your bail amount not be lowered. The attorney can also demand that the judge release you OR and provide evidence. Also, note that if your bail amount is lower, the prosecution has the right to request a bail hearing to request a bail amount increase.

How to Post Bail in Redondo Beach

There are various ways to post bail. They include:

Using Cash

Paying bail with cash is the most straightforward way of securing your custody release pending a court trial. Here, you should have enough cash to post the bail amount. Some courts accept personal checks, cashier's checks, money orders, and traveler's checks.

Although posting cash bail is the easiest way of securing a jail release, most people cannot afford it because arrests happen unexpectedly, and few people can raise the required bail amount quickly. Thus, before opting for cash bail, consider the following factors:

  • The court holds onto the money you post as bail until your case concludes and the judge reaches a verdict. If convicted in the end, you might not recover your bail money as the court might deduct fines and fees from it.
  • You will forfeit the bail amount if you deposit cash bail and fail to make court appearances as required. Additionally, the judge may issue an arrest warrant against you.
  • The court may subject you to scrutiny if you post cash bail for a higher amount. The court will need you to explain the origin of your money to prove its legitimacy.

Securing a Redondo Beach Bail Bonds Service

If you lack adequate cash to make bail, you can seek help securing Redondo Beach bail bonds. This is the most convenient and effective way of making bail, mainly if the bail amount is so high that you cannot afford it. A surety company backs the bail agent and will pay for your bail. In exchange, you will have to pay a fee of 10% of the whole bail amount. This fee is called a premium and is not refundable.

The bail agent may also need you to provide collateral to the bond so that they can sell it and recover their bond amount if you jump bail. When dealing with a bail agent, you need your friend or loved one to be your cosigner. If you jump bail, the bail agent will go after the co-signer to recover their bond amount. The bail agent usually requires the co-signer to be the one to pay the premium and collateral so that you are compelled to come to court to prevent your friend or loved one from losing their valuables.

The bail agent may hire a bounty hunter to find you if you skip bail. The court usually grants the agent 180 days to locate you. Once the bounty hunter tracks you down, they will rearrest you and return you to the authorities. Bounty hunters are usually paid a percentage of the bond amount, but only if and after they track down the defendant who skipped bail.

Using Property

Posting bail using a property is known as a property bond. This is where you use valuable property to post your bail. The property can be jewelry, a car, or a home. If you do not appear in court, the court will foreclose on your property and sell it to recover the bail money. Even though posting bail using a property is a lengthy process, it is an option if you need more money to pay the premium required to obtain Redondo Beach bail bonds.

California statute provides that the value of the property you post as bail be at least twice the bail amount. Before the court agrees to a property bond, it must schedule a hearing to establish the property's market value and legal ownership. The documents you require to post a property bond include the following:

  • An original or certified copy of the property deed.
  • All the persons whose names appear on the property deed must present themselves to the judge.
  • Affidavit of bail justification.
  • Balance of any loan on the asset.
  • History of the property liens.

PC 1275 Hold

A PC 1275 hold occurs when a court places a hold on an accused's bail because it reasonably believes the finances being used to post bail were obtained through the commission of a felony, like drug sales. It is known as a PC 1275 hold since PC 1275.1 is the state's law that sets out the rules concerning the hold.

Note that the hold only applies if there is suspected felony activity. It does not apply to alleged misdemeanor activities. PC 1275 holds most often occur in cases involving drug charges, felony grand theft, extortion, embezzlement, and gang offenses. 

After a hold is placed on your money, you can contest it at a Penal Code 1275 hearing. At this hearing, the court would be forced to release or remove the hold if you can prove that you obtained your bail finances legally.

To prove you obtained the bail money legally, you can provide evidence such as:

  • Bank statements.
  • Credit card statements.
  • Pay stubs.
  • Tax returns.
  • Sales transactions.
  • Auto payments.
  • Loan agreements.
  • Evidence of the income you earn.
  • Rent/mortgage payment or documentation.

You could also bring witnesses to testify as to the legality of the bail money.

If you can prove that you legally obtained your bail money, the court will remove the hold and release you under the authorized bail amount. PC 1275 holds occur mostly in cases where a defendant has posted cash bail. Therefore, if your bail involves so much money, you want to work with a bail bonds company to eliminate the chances of your money being put on hold, speeding up the release process.

Requirements for Securing Redondo Beach Bail Bonds

If you wish to obtain a bond, you will be required to provide various information, like:

Information About Your Detention

The first info the bail agent will request you know is essential information regarding your arrest, like your name, when and where the arrest took place, and what crime you have been accused of. If your cosigner cannot provide these details, the agent can contact the jail facility where you are to obtain them.

CoSigner Details

As mentioned above, some bail bond companies demand that the arrestee have a cosigner to make bail. A cosigner is a person who consents to be accountable for ensuring a defendant makes all court appearances as ordered. They also pay any fees or fines related to your case.

The info the bail agent will need regarding your cosigner includes their phone number, address, name, and how you are related. The agent may also have to conduct a credit check on the cosigner.

Financial Information

Lastly, the bail agent will need your financial information before processing the bond. These details include your employment information, phone number, name, and address. The agent will have to verify whether you are financially capable of paying the premium or whether they can come after you should you jump bail. After you have collected all this info, you are ready to contact a bail agent and start processing your bond.

Conditions for Bail Release

You must meet various conditions to secure a bail release. They include:

  • Making court appearances as ordered— the first condition, and perhaps the most important, is that you must agree to attend court on the required dates. If you skip bail, the judge may issue an arrest warrant against you, and you will lose the bail money.
  • Compliance with court orders— apart from adhering to the law, you must also obey any orders the court has issued against you. This could include an order to enroll in drug counseling or an anger management class. And if your crime is domestic violence related, the judge may issue a restraining order against you that you must obey to continue staying out of jail.
  • Not violating any other laws— if you have secured a bail release bail, you must comply with all laws. Should you be arrested for committing another offense, the judge may revoke your bail and order you back into custody.
  • Travel restrictions— if released on bail, you will be restricted from traveling outside the state where you were arrested. But in given instances, the judge might allow you to go out of the state or country with prior approval.
  • House arrest— based on how severe your supposed crime is, the judge might order that you remain under house arrest. If you are under house arrest, you will not be permitted to leave your home except when attending court and pre-approved activities like school or work.

How to Locate The Right Redondo Beach Bail Bonds Service

Finding the right bond company for your needs is critical. After all, you will entrust the company to assist you or your loved one in securing their release, so you should ensure you are dealing with a trustworthy person. Here are some qualities to look for when hiring a bail bonds service:

  • Available 24/7 to respond to your questions — ensure the company you are considering operates around the clock. This is critical because you never know when you may need their services.
  • Insured, licensed, and accredited — you also want to ensure the company is licensed, accredited, and insured before hiring it. This is crucial because it shows you are working with a reputable, professional company.
  • Flexible payment plans — another critical factor to consider is a company that offers flexible payment plans. This is critical since posting bail can be costly, and you want to ensure you can afford it.
  • A good reputation — another thing you must do when considering a bond company is check its reputation. You could do this by looking for company reviews online or asking around to see if anybody has hired them. It is a good sign if most online reviews are positive.

Jail Information

Men's Central Jail

441 Bauchet Street
Los Angeles, CA 90012
Inmate Information: 213-473-6100
Bail Info: 213-373-5245

Redondo Beach Jail

401 Diamond Street
Redondo Beach, CA 90277
Phone: 310-318-0616

Lynwood Jail

11705 South Alameda Street
Los Angeles, CA 90059
Inmate Info. 213-473-6100
Additional jail information: 213-473-6075
Bail Info: 213-373-5245

Court Information

Southwest District Torrance Superior Court

825 Maple Avenue
Torrance, CA 90503
Main: 310-222-8061
Criminal Court: 310-222-6506

Redondo Beach Courthouse

117 W. Torrance Blvd.
Redondo Beach, CA 90277
Phone: 310-798-6875

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Receiving a call that your loved one has been arrested or having to inform your loved one that you are under arrest in Redondo Beach can be a frightening and emotional experience. At this moment, you only wish to secure your release as soon as possible. Quickly securing your release is possible through bail, and even if you lack the required bail amount, Redondo Beach bail bonds can come to your rescue.

At Bail Bonds Company, we know that mistakes happen and believe you are innocent until proven guilty, so you do not deserve to spend another minute locked up. We can work aggressively to deliver a quick release. Our bond services are confidential and 24/7. Our bail agents are also trained and experienced to process bonds quickly and help clients return to their everyday lives. Please call us at 323-579-1415 to know how we can assist you.

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