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There's nothing scarier than having a loved one or friend sitting behind bars after an arrest. Many things are at stake, and it's only reasonable that you act as quickly as you can. Securing a bail bond release for your loved one has proven to be the easiest way to secure the freedom of your loved one.

At Bail Bonds, we understand the frustration and fear that comes with an arrest. That's why we work hard to ensure that you or your loved one gets back home as soon as possible. Our services are available to clients seeking quality bail bond services in Garden Grove, CA, and other areas in Orange County. Please schedule an appointment with us today, and let's help you in this challenging situation.

Understanding Bail Bonds in California

After being arrested and taken into custody, the first stop is at the closest police station or sheriff's station. The police will book and process you by taking your photograph and fingerprints and conducting a background check. This can take about two to eight hours to complete.

Once the processing process is completed, you will be scheduled for a bail bond hearing. The judge will refer to the bail schedule to determine how much to impose as your bail. Once you're allowed to file bail, you can post it and secure your freedom before the trial begins or wait until your trial date.

If you decide to post bail, you can choose to pay in cash or post a bail bond. You can pay in cash by producing a certified cashier's check or money from a traveler's check. The arresting agency or court clerk can also accept a personal check.

Please note, sometimes the court doesn't accept cash bail when there's suspicion that the money originated from a criminal activity where there's a large amount of money involved. If this happens, you should prove that the source of the fund is legitimate to have it accepted by the court.

Posting a bail bond is the most common method of posting bail that amounts to several thousands of dollars. You can obtain such money from a licensed bail bonds company like our Garden Grove Bail Bonds Agency. You only need to pay up to 10% of the bail amount and secure the entire amount needed for your release with the bail bonds. However, you should note that the 10% is non-refundable since it's regarded as a premium payment.

Your preferred bail bonds agent will attain information about you to draw up a bail application contract. You can quickly complete the contract online if you can't meet your bail bonds agent to face. Most of these contracts explain the client's financial responsibilities. It also warns the client about their confidence in meeting court dates and their responsibilities towards the bail bond.

After completing the necessary paperwork, our Garden Grove Bail Bonds Agents will post the bail on your behalf. The process is much easier since bail bonds agents can post bail bonds anytime. Therefore, you or your loved one don't have to wait until the official jail business hours to secure your release.

Reasons Why Choosing a Garden Grove Bail Bonds Company is Better than Other Bail Options

As you have learned, you have the chance to settle on a cash bail or a bail bond. If you're in the position to choose both options, it can be challenging to decide whether to post a bail bond or a cash bail. Here is an outline of a few benefits that a bail bonds agent can provide.

It Allows You to Exercise Your Constitutional Rights

The United States Eighth Amendment allows citizens the right to bail. Unfortunately, not all defendants can secure the required cash bail. That's where a bail bond agent comes into play. A reliable bail bonds agent will help you secure your freedom without the worry of raising the required bail amount and straining your finances.

A Bail Bonds Agent Allows You to Access Professional Help

The California judicial process is confusing and overwhelming. Therefore, any help from a professional throughout your arrest to the trial process can be helpful. A bail bonds agent will be the best professional to provide legal aid if you're yet to hire an attorney.

Hiring our Garden Grove Bail Bonds agent allows you to access someone knowledgeable about your rights and the limitations of California laws. An experienced agent will also give you a layout of California's legal process and how you would prepare.

Speeds Up Your Release

You or your loved one can end up staying in jail longer than you expect if you cannot afford to post bail. Fortunately, experienced bail bonds agencies have developed a sleuth of contact within the legal system, which would help you speed up your release and get you or your loved one out of jail as soon as possible.

Provide Help Throughout Your Paperwork

There's a lot of paperwork needed to be filled while securing a release for your loved ones. This paperwork is often difficult to understand. Fortunately, bail bonds agents are familiar with this paperwork and would guide you through these documents.

Our agents will help you navigate through the paperwork and prevent future issues. Remember, a small mistake in filling paperwork could result in more time in jail, rescheduling your proceeding, or delaying your hearing.

Keeps Your Financial Information Private

Courts tend to be apprehensive of defendants who can afford to pay large bail amounts. They might ask you to prove the source of your funds, which can be problematic. Judges might demand copies of your tax documents, bank statement, pay stubs, and stubs that prove your ability to pay the bail.

On the other hand, a bail bonds agent would not ask you to provide such proof. Therefore, you don't have to worry about the extra hassle of gathering relevant documents needed to prove your finances to secure your freedom.

You Can Focus on Other Things with Your Money

Suppose you're required to set a bail of $10,000 for your release. This means that you'll have to part with a large part of your savings until your case completes. However, with a bail bonds agent, you only need to raise $1,000 instead of the entire $10,000 needed by the court. With this, you can focus on other essential factors like hiring an attorney and other crucial financial obligations.

Factors to Consider Before Cosigning a Bail Bond

If your loved one has been held in jail, the fastest way to help secure a release is by cosigning a bail bond. There are a lot of factors that a cosigner must know about before making this decision. Remember, cosigning a bail bond is similar to any other form of indemnity. Therefore, you must take the due caution needed to complete this process as smoothly as possible. Here are a few pointers you should consider before cosigning a bail bond.

Understand Who You're Cosigning For

Every person is not as good as they seem. That's why you should be very careful about the person you're about to cosign for. You should agree to cosign for someone responsible and trustworthy. Remember, all financial implications of failing to appear in court will fall to you. Therefore, settling on someone trustworthy would help you reduce the financial liability of cosigning a bail bond.

Read through The Paperwork to Understand What You're Getting Yourself Into

Our Garden Grove Bail Bonds Agent will provide the required paperwork that you should fill before cosigning a bail bond for your loved one. Ensure that you read through the document and understand its detail well before you sign it. Ask the agent to clarify any questions that arise from the documents.

Understand Your Responsibilities

Cosigning a bail bond comes with significant responsibilities. One of the most crucial responsibilities is ensuring that the defendant attends all court hearings. You should also keep the defendant out of bad influence and create a positive environment while waiting for the trial.

Know That You Have a Financial Responsibility in Your Decision

When your loved one fails to meet the requirements of his or her release, the bail bond becomes your responsibility. Therefore, when the court forfeits the amount paid, all the expenses and liabilities fall on you. In that case, before you decide to cosign the bail bond, determine whether you're capable of handling this financial responsibility or not.

You Must Meet Certain Qualifications to Be a Cosigner

Bail bonds agents don't agree on any cosigner as they come. There are particular factors that a cosigner candidate must meet to be accepted as a cosigner. Every bail bond agency has its qualification requirements, which you must familiarize yourself with before you decide to cosign a bail bond. These qualifications are as follows:

  1. Having a Good Credit History

If you have maintained a good credit history, this means that you can make regular payments when required to do so. Additionally, having collateral or property worth more or equal to the bond amount makes you better suited for this responsibility.

  1. A Good Job History

Apart from having a good credit history, having a good job history increases the possibility of being accepted as a cosigner. An excellent job history refers to working at the same job for quite some time, getting a regular paycheck, and having no disciplinary issues with your employers. All these will make our Garden Grove Bail Bonds agents feel secure that you'll be able to pay an upfront premium and pay up all the bonds if your loved one fails to appear in court.

  1. You Must Be Responsible

As you have learned, cosigning a bail bond comes with several responsibilities. Failure to meet these responsibilities means that you'll have to deal with the consequences outlined in the bail bonds agreement. That's why potential candidates must go through the paperwork to determine whether they can meet the responsibilities that come with cosigning a bail bond.

You Should Know Your Rights

It's crucial to understand that there are rights that come with agreeing to cosign a bail bond. For instance, you should only enter into a legal agreement if you fully understand your responsibilities. You can also revoke your rights to cosigning the bond if you are suspicious of the person you intend to cosign a bail bond for.

Garden Grove Jails and Courts Information

You should know about Garden Grove jails and courts information to make it easier to locate where your loved one has been held and the court they will be charged in. Below are the addresses of jails in Garden Grove, CA.

Garden Grove City Jail

11301 Acacia Pkwy

Garden Grove, CA 92840 United States

Phone: + 714-741-5704

Orange County Central Men's Jail

550 N Flower St.

Santa Ana, CA 92703, United States

Phone: + 1 714-647-4666

Santa Ana Jail

62 Civic Center Plaza

Santa Ana, 92701 United States

Phone: + 1 714 245 8100

Below are the addresses for courts in Garden Grove, CA

Harbor Justice Center

4601 Jamboree Blvd., Room 108

Newport Beach, CA 92660 United States

Phone: + 1 657 6222 5400

Superior Court of California of the County of Orange(Nin-Family Court)

700 West Civic Center Drive

Santa Ana, CA 92708

Phone: + 1 657-622-5800

Superior Court Service Center

27673 Puerta Real

Mission Viejo, CA 92691 United States

Phone: + 1 657 622 8459

North Justice Center

1275 N Berkeley, Room 360

Fullerton, CA 92835

Phone: + 1 657 622 5600

Lamoreaux Justice Center

341 The City Drive South

Orange, CA 92868 United States

Phone: + 1 657 622 6878

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