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Undoubtedly, no one wakes up and thinks or imagines he/she could end up in police custody by the end of the day. However, life is uncertain in many ways, and an arrest could occur to any person regardless of status, race, or religion. When that happens, obtaining your release should be your priority, and posting bail or bond is one way to regain your freedom.

Although not every defendant qualifies for a release on bond, it could make a significant difference if you or a loved one is an excellent candidate. At Bail Bonds Company, we can help you with all your bail bond needs to be released from the detainment facility you are in custody as a suspect in an alleged criminal offense.

We look forward to conversing with you and offering you the Temple City bail bond service you need to be out of jail as your court case continues. Securing your release on bond allows you to remain at home before the court presiding over your case makes a judgment on the alleged violation. This article will provide more critical information about bail bonds and your options after an arrest.

Reasons Why You Should Not Expect an Own Recognizance ( O.R. ) Release After an Arrest

The court can release a defendant from jail on his/her "own recognizance" if the judge believes he/she is not a flight risk and bail is unnecessary. However, not every defendant is an excellent candidate for an O.R. release after an arrest, and most arrestees find that they must post bail to obtain their freedom.

Explained below are the main reasons why the judge could deny you an O.R. release upon an arrest in Temple City:

You Have a Violent or Severe Felony Charge

If the alleged violation is a violent or severe felony, the court will most likely deny your request for an O.R. release. However, the court must hold a formal hearing to determine whether you are eligible for an O.R. release even if your offense is a felony. During this formal hearing, the prosecutor and your attorney will be present.

Typically, the prosecutor will argue against an O.R. release and provide evidence to the court showing why you deserve to pay bail before your charge's outcome. On the other hand, your attorney will provide the best-mitigating defense to prove you are an excellent candidate for an O.R. release.

The court will listen to the prosecutor's and your attorney's arguments when determining whether to give you an O.R. release. Below are examples of severe and violent felonies that could make you ineligible for an O.R. release

  • Espionage.
  • Murder.
  • Terrorist threats.
  • Treason.

You Have Outstanding Warrants

In most cases, the judge will deny your request for O.R. release if you have outstanding arrest warrants. The judge will often consider any outstanding arrest warrant as evidence that you are a flight risk or likely to flee the country once you obtain your freedom on bail. In that case, you must post bail to show your commitment or willingness to make the required court appearances.

Judges deny bail applications only under certain circumstances. That means you could qualify for a release on bail even when you have outstanding warrants that make you ineligible for O.R. release.

Lack of Family or Community Ties

Although the court could have a reason to believe you are not a flight risk, lacking family or community ties could be detrimental to your odds of obtaining an O.R. release. In most cases, judges prefer to give an O.R. release to arrestees with clear reasons to remain for their trial date after obtaining their freedom.

Having a family to look after or community obligations could be adequate reasons to convince the court you deserve an O.R. release to stay out of legal custody as the alleged offense continues. Unfortunately, not every arrestee will meet these stringent requirements to obtain a release without bail.

That is why attending this formal hearing with your attorney is helpful to increase the odds of securing a favorable outcome.

The Prosecutor's Evidence Against You Overweighs Your Attorney's Mitigating Arguments

Although the judge's aim at this hearing is not to determine whether or not you are guilty of the alleged violation, he/she will consider the strength of the prosecutor's evidence against you. The court could deny the O.R. release request if adequate evidence is available against you to show you are likely guilty of the alleged violation.

In most cases, the judge will allow you to be out of jail without bail if you are a first-time offender and the alleged charge is non-violent. Often, even these standards are insufficient to convince the judge to give you an O.R. release if you or your attorney cannot provide clear evidence to show you are not a flight risk.

Therefore, the fastest way to obtain your freedom after an arrest is by requesting a release from jail on bail. While not all defendants are eligible for bail, the chances of convincing the court you are an excellent candidate to obtain your freedom on bail are high.

Since bail could be worth hundreds of thousands, depending on your unique case's facts, most defendants prefer working with a bondsman or bond agency for fast Temple City bail bonds service.

Convincing Reasons to Work With a Bail Bond Company for Temple City Bail Bonds Service

Since an arrest is an unexpected and unplanned issue, it is a financial strain for most arrestees to settle their bail value immediately after an arrest. Hence, many find working with a bondsman the quickest and most reliable way to obtain their freedom and return to their families. Below are reasons that make most defendants hire a bondsman upon arrest for Temple City bail bonds service:

  1. A Bondsman is Available to Help Even at Night

One sad issue about an arrest is that it could occur even late at midnight when you least expect it. For instance, if you had a few alcoholic drinks after partying with your friends at a nightclub, there is a high chance that the police can arrest you for drunk driving when driving back home, which is illegal under Vehicle Code (V.C.) 23152(a).

When that happens to you, immediately securing your freedom could be challenging, especially if you do not have money to pay cash bail or a friend who can do that for you. That is where a bondsman comes in to help you obtain your freedom, even in the wee hours of the night.

A reliable bondsman will be available around the clock, seven days a week, to ensure their clients receive the speedy bail bond services they deserve whenever an arrest occurs.

  1. A Bondsman Understands the Legal Justice System More than You

Unless you are an attorney, it is undoubtedly true that the bondsman has more knowledge and understanding of the legal justice system than you. Since the work of the bondsmen revolves around the court system, their knowledge of the legal justice system could come into play when posting bail and after your release.

The bondsman you hire will know the paperwork necessary to begin the bail bond process and secure your freedom without delay. After obtaining your freedom, your bondsman can also offer you helpful information on what to expect as the alleged charge continues through various stages of the criminal justice system.

Additionally, your bondsman can help you find a reliable attorney to investigate the alleged offense and prepare defenses while the evidence is fresh in the eyewitnesses' memories.

  1. Bail Bond Services are Cheap and Affordable

Working with a bondsman to obtain your freedom is cheap than posting cash bail. Although the bondsman services fee is non-refundable, it is cheaper to pay this premium than cash bail. Generally, a bondsman will charge you 10% of your bail value as a fee for his/her service.

If your bondsman rate is above 10%, you should look for another agency or bondsman because it is illegal to charge a defendant a premium higher than that. Luckily, a reliable bondsman can also offer you flexible payment plans to make it hassle-free for you to settle his/her premium.

For instance, he/she could allow you to settle the premium weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly using the payment option that suits your financial situation best, for example:

  • Credit cards.
  • Paypal.
  • Western Union.
  • Bitcoins.

Sometimes, a bondsman could also require collateral to secure your payment plan. Most common types of collateral your bondsman could accept include:

  • A house or land.
  • A car.
  • A boat.
  • Stocks.
  1. You Will Reserve Your Savings

As mentioned, bail could be worth hundreds of thousands, especially if the alleged violation is severe. Hence, it is a financial strain and challenge for most defendants to pay bail soon after an arrest without breaking the bank or risking going bankrupt. Fortunately, by working with a bondsman, you can avoid the risk of using your savings or retirement money to settle your bail.

Once you retain the services of a bondsman for Temple City bail bonds service, the only financial obligation you have to worry about is his/her premium which is affordable.

Finally, the bondsman will also keep you in check with your court dates to ensure you attend them promptly as required. Not only is it a crime to skip bail, but doing that can also make you lose your property once the court forfeits your bail, which the bondsman was liable for after obtaining your freedom on bond.

Legal Consequences of Skipping Bail After Securing Temple City Bail Bonds Service

According to Penal Code(PC) 1320.5, failing to show up or return to court after obtaining your release from a detention facility or jail on a bond is a crime. In addition to the underlying charge, failing to return to court after obtaining a release on bond can attract misdemeanor or felony charges and the possibility of staying in jail without bail until the alleged charge's verdict.

If the underlying charge is a misdemeanor, the prosecutor will file and pursue the alleged PC 1320.5 violation as a misdemeanor, carrying the following potential penalties upon conviction:

  • Up six months of jail time.
  • Up to $1,000 maximum fine.
  • Both imprisonment and fine.

Similarly, if the underlying charge is a felony, the court will file a PC 1320.5 violation as a felony, and your penalties could include the following:

  • Up to three years of jail time.
  • Up to $10,000 fine.
  • Both imprisonment and fine.

As you can see above, jumping or skipping bail will only worsen your case in the eyes of the law. If you have any issues making your court appearance as required, your first step should be talking with your attorney or bondsman. Your bondsman or attorney can work with you to reschedule your court hearing dates and avoid the risk of forfeiting your bail to the court.

What You Should Understand About Bounty Hunters

In a nutshell, when you hire a bondsman, he/she will post your bail on your behalf in exchange for an agreement that you will make your court appearances promptly as required. When you fail to do so, the court will forfeit your bail, meaning the bondsman will lose his/her money.

Since making losses is not part of the bondsman's plan, he/she must hire or partner with bounty hunters to ensure they do not lose their money to court when they lend bail or post bail for a defendant. Bounty-hunting jobs could seem outdated, but that is far from the truth.

When you skip bail for whatever reason, the bondsman will send their bounty hunters to find you and bring you to court. Bounty hunters could seem scary, especially if they are "hunting" or chasing you. Fortunately, not everyone is qualified for the bounty hunter position. Bail bond agencies will hire only qualified individuals for the job. Typically, a qualified bounty hunter must be:

  • Above eighteen (18) years.
  • Have proper licensing.
  • Well-trained and educated.
  • Have no criminal record.

Like police officers, bounty hunters must have their licenses with them whenever they pursue a defendant for jumping bail. However, it is illegal for them to pose as police officers or even wear official badges that make them appear like police officers.

Also, except in rare situations, bounty hunters cannot force their way into your residence. That means a bounty hunter cannot enter your residence if you do not want to leave or walk outside your home. However, they can contact local law enforcement officers to arrest you and take you to court.

To avoid being another target for bounty hunters after receiving your freedom out of jail on bail, you should adhere to your release conditions as required, including returning to court for the scheduled court dates.

Quick Facts About Immigration Bond

If you are under arrest for any immigration reasons, you could qualify for an immigration bond to be out of custody while waiting for your immigration hearing. An immigration bond is more like a typical bail bond.

However, this type of bail is specifically available for defendants detained by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officers for immigration reasons, for example, an illegal entry into the country. Like a typical bail bond, to qualify for an immigration bond, you must meet the required eligibility criteria, for example:

  • You must have no criminal history of a serious offense like murder or sexual assault.
  • You must be in the country at the time of your application.
  • Have no record of failing to appear in court after posting bond.

If you win the alleged case at your immigration hearing, you will receive your bond money back. Similarly, if you had to use the services of a bondsman to obtain your freedom, he/she will receive his/her money back once your case resolves. That is true even if you are convicted of the alleged offense and face deportation.

Crucial Information the Bondsman Will Request for Temple City Bail Bonds Service

If you need Temple City bail bonds service, you should be ready to give your prospective bondsman the following information for the quick services that you need:

  • The alleged charge's legal name.
  • Your legal name.
  • The address of the jail that has you in custody.
  • Your jail booking number.

The above information will help the bondsman locate you and immediately begin the bail bond process to obtain your freedom without unnecessary delay. If you are unsure of your jail address or booking number, consult with the officers to ensure you have the correct information the bondsman needs.

The following addresses for courthouses and jails could come in handy if you want Temple City bail bonds service:

Courthouse Address

El Monte Courthouse Admin

11234 Valley Blvd

El Monte, Ca 91731


Jail Address

Temple City Sheriff's Station

8838 Las Tunas Drive

Temple City, Ca 91780


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