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Securing bail in California after an arrest might be challenging, especially for first-time arrestees. If you face a minor crime, you can leave the detention facility on personal recognizance. However, if you face a felony offense, you must post bail to secure your release. Therefore, how do you post bail? How does bail work in California?

You must work with a well-licensed and insured bail bond company to help you post the bail. At Bail Bond Company, we understand an arrest can occur when you least expect it. When the law enforcement officer arrests you, and you seek to post bail in Monterey Park, we are ready to help you exit the jail by posting bail.

What is Bail?

Bail refers to the amount you, the defendant, agree to pay to the court. You agree to pay a certain amount to guarantee that you will appear in court during the hearing. After making all appearances in court, the court reimburses your money back.

Failure to appear in court during the hearing will forfeit your money. If you cannot afford the bail, you remain in custody until your trial. Staying in custody may be stressful, so you want to post bail after an arrest.

What Are Bail Bonds?

A bail bond is an agreement you make with the court or bondsmen to exit jail before your hearing. You can pay the bail bond using your credit card if you have enough money. When your bail bond is set at a higher cost that you can not afford, you want to secure a bail bond as soon as possible.

Failure to bail yourself out you will stay in jail until your court date. You can call a bail bondsman to bail you out if you want to continue with your job or take care of your family. The bail bondsman will pay your bail at a fee, and then you pay back after completing your preceding.

The Bail Bond Process in Los Angeles County

Below is an overview of the bail bond process in Los Angeles county.

  1. Booking and Processing

After you face arrest, the law enforcement officers take you into custody. While in custody, you go through the arrest and booking process. The law enforcement officer takes your personal information about the crime during booking.

The booking process involves the law enforcement officers collecting your name, timing of the offense, contact information, nature of the crime, and series of photos. After the photos, the law enforcement officer may issue you an incarceration uniform. Next, the officer takes your fingerprints, conducts your health screening, and finally places you behind bars.

  1. Bail is Set

Judges use a bail schedule to set your bail amount depending on the crime you committed. The judge sets your bail during the bail hearing.

What is Bail Hearing?

A bail hearing refers to a court process where the judge determines whether or not to release the defendant from custody before trial. The judge presides over the court's decision. The defendant and the defense lawyer are also present at the hearing. During the hearing, the judge decides the following:

  • Whether to release you at his/her own recognizance. Before the judge releases you on recognizance, you want to promise to appear on all court dates.
  • Whether to release you on certain conditions apart from posting a bail.
  • Whether to set the amount of bail required.
  • If to deny your bail and you remain behind bars.

What Occurs During The Bail Hearing

During the hearing, the judge listens to both the prosecutor and your defense attorney concerning the bail. If your lawyer succeeds in fighting for you, then the judge concludes your hearing. Alternatively, your lawyer may plead for charge reduction if the judge denies your release on recognizance. When making the bail decision, the judge considers the following factors:

  • Your criminal record.
  • The type of crime, whether the threat or violent.
  • Financial status to pay bail.
  • Public safety.
  • Probability of appearing in court.
  • Your ties to family and community.

When the judge is setting the bail, they mostly consider public safety. If public safety is an issue, then you face charges for a severe felony. The court uses a bail schedule to set your bail. A bail schedule is a document that sets the amount you want to pay on a specific criminal charge.

There are unusual circumstances that the judge may find and deviate from the scheduled bail amount. For example, when the defendant is elderly, the judge may alter the bail amount. The judge can reduce or raise the bail amount during the hearing. You want to have a defense lawyer to impact the outcomes of the hearing.

  1. Call a Monterey Park Bail Bonds Service

After your bail is set, you want to speak with a licensed bail bondsman. The bail bondsman helps to pay your bail amount. Bail bondsmen issue you the bail at a fee of ten to twenty percent of your bail. Again, they require you to provide them with collateral.

After issuing the collateral, they issue you with the money for your bail bond. The collateral may include jewelers, your house title deed, or a car. In case you fail to show up in court, the bail bondsmen are answerable to the court.

Due to the financial risk the bail bondsmen incur, they ensure you attend all your court dates. The bail bondsmen will call you before the court dates and remind you of the upcoming trial. Again, they will sometimes require you to visit their bail bond offices.

  1. Understanding the Cost Of a Bail

The total cost of the bail varies depending on the number of crimes you are convicted of. Again bail amount changes depending on the severity of the crime you commit. Judges charge the bail amount depending on the risk you are likely to pose.

The bail fee ranges from ten to twenty percent of the entire bail amount. As per the California department of justice, the fee is 10 percent. The court does not refund the bail fee. The fee covers the cost of acquiring capital and administering it.

  1. You are Released From Jail

There are factors at play in releasing you from jail. You want to complete a lot of paperwork. The arresting officer wants to oversee your paperwork to ensure they are not releasing you with a separate arrest warrant. You will be released within twelve hours after the bail bondsman pays you.

Types Of Bail Bonds in Los Angeles County

You may use different types of bail bonds if you or your loved one is charged with a crime awaiting trial. The differences depend on the defendant’s charges, citizenship, and financial status during an arrest. Our Monterey Park bail bonds service offer the following bail bonds:

Cash Bail Bonds

Cash bail bonds are common and easiest to understand. Cash bail bonds refer to bail paid in cash by the defendant. Mainly, the judge uses cash bail bonds where you have a higher-than-average flight risk. Especially when you commit violent crimes, the court ensures they receive the payment despite you failing to appear in court during the hearing.

Cash bail is the best bail bond you can use if you have sufficient funds. When you pay the bail amount in cash, you will not access the funds until two months after your trial. You will receive the entire bail cost if you appear on all court dates and appointments. Therefore with cash bail, you do not lose a single dime.

Property Bonds

Property bonds are only accepted in some states in the US. California allows defendants to use property bonds. Property bonds refer to bail bonds paid by property as collateral. To acquire a property bond, you want to use the full rights of the property. You have to note that, with property bonds, you cannot use partial properties. A common type of property bond is real estate.

Property bail bonds involve a lot of inspections and paperwork. Therefore the process of obtaining a property bond takes several weeks. You have to note that after giving your property as collateral, the court determines the property’s value.

For the court to accept your property as collateral must be valued at twice the original bail amount. Using property bonds comes with its risks. You want to appear in court during the hearing and adhere to the bail conditions. Failure to do so means the court may revoke bail and execute your property lien. Speak with Monterey park bail bondsmen to help determine whether you qualify for property bonds.

Immigration Bonds

Immigration bonds are only applied to undocumented immigrants. Because of the defendant’s lack of citizenship, it is tough to secure immigration bonds. The Department of Homeland Security and ICE handle immigration bonds.

Due to their international nature, immigration bonds are very complicated. Applying g for immigration bonds comes with strict requirements. Therefore, you do not want to handle immigration bonds alone.

Surety Bail Bonds

Surety bonds are three-party contracts between the defendant, bail bondsmen, and the surety company. To obtain a surety bond, the bail bondsman requires you to pay only ten percent of the total amount in cash and then guarantee the remainder with collateral. The collateral can be anything worth the amount, like jewelry. The surety company pays the remaining bail amount in full to secure your release.

The bail agency pays the amount under the legally binding assumption that you will pay the amount back in full. Again the bail bond agency pays the bail as a guarantee that you will appear in court during your hearing. Many people use a surety bond as the judge sets the bail amount at a higher price. If you cannot afford the cost alone, you want to use the Monterey Park bail bonds service to purchase a surety bond. After you are free, you will pay it back.

Federal Bail Bonds

A federal bail bond is used by defendants charged with a federal crime. Examples of federal crimes include kidnapping, homicide, and robbery with violence. Compared to other bail bonds, federal bonds are more costly. Again, federal bond systems are complex hence challenging to obtain.

The federal government does not tolerate crime and takes financial transparency very seriously. When applying for federal bonds, you want more time as they need additional court hearings. The federal courts require more hearings to ensure the money used for paying the bail is legally obtained. If the government does not establish the source of your funds, then the court rejects the bail.

Recognizance Release

Recognizance release is the bail that everyone desires. With recognizance release, the judge determines that you, the defendant, are granted freedom of trust. You only promise the court that you will appear on all the dates and times. You promise by signing paperwork to the agreement. The judge releases you freely, and you wait for trial without paying bail.

Mostly the judge will release you when charged with nonviolent offenses like shoplifting and traffic offenses. Again, the judge will release you on recognizance depending on your criminal history, employmen status, community ties, and the seriousness of the crime. However, you will have to appear in court after the release and fight for your freedom.

Why Work With Monterey Park Bail Bonds Company?

Many people will never want support and help from a bail bond company. However, what should you do when you are behind bars without enough money to post a cash bail? Do not worry. Bondsmen can help you post bail at a minimum bail fee.

You, however, need to choose the best bail company to help you escape jail immediately. By working with our Monterey park bail bondsmen, you rest assured your case is in good hands. Our clients enjoy the following legal services from our bondsmen:

Insured and Licensed Bondsman

One of the main things you want to consider from your bail bond company is whether the bondsmen are well-licensed and insured. By doing so, you will know you are receiving bail services from an established bail company instead of untrustworthy proprietors. You want to work with someone you can trust and avoid errors.

That is why our bondsmen are the best to work with. We ensure our legal experts are well-insured and licensed by state laws. So, feel free to work with our bondsmen to secure your bond from legal experts.

Confidential Bondsmen

When you find yourself in jail, you may want to keep the information a secret. Our Monterey Park bail bondsmen are empathetic and non-judgemental. They understand the vital need for discretion when it comes to your case. We provide you with an opportunity to secure money for your bond apart from asking from friends, family, employers, or loved ones.

Experienced Bondsmen

The worst thing you can do is work with unprofessional, incompetent, and regrettably inexperienced bondsmen. Before you walk in, you want to find out how long the bail bond company has been providing bail services.

The older the bondsmen have been serving the clients, the better the odds you have of receiving better bail services. Inexperienced bondsmen only make your bail bond process challenging. However, a good bail bond company with depth experience in posting bail bonds will speed up your bail process. Our Monterey bail bonds agents have helped countless people post bail at an affordable price.

Available Around the Clock

When searching for the best bondsmen, try to work with bondsmen who can receive your calls whenever you require their services. Bondsmen who offer 24/7 bail service, you receive timely services. Many arrests in California do not take place within regular working hours.

Therefore you want to start the bail process immediately after the arrest. The bondsmen should have a free phone number that the clients can call anytime without expecting charges. Our bondsmen offer around-clock services. Do not work with bondsmen offering services within business hours. We are ready to start working with you anytime.

Efficient For You

Our bondsmen at Monterey Park operate 24/7 and guarantee better customer service. As soon as you call our bail bond agents, they will do everything possible to secure fast release from jail. Your loved one will not have to wait as jails are cramped, uncomfortable, noisy, and chaotic. Our bondsmen will post the bail quickly and follow up to ensure it is processed.

Jail Information in Monterey Park

Monterey park detention facility

320 west Newmark avenue
Monterey park, California 91754

LASD inmate center

11705 Alameda street
Los Angeles, California 90059

California State prison

44750 60th street west 
Lancaster, California 93536

Los Angeles County Jail

441 Bauchet street
Los Angeles, California 90012

Courthouse Information in Monterey Park

First Legal Courthouse

2501 Davidson Drive
Monetary Park, California 91754

Superior court of California

1200 Aguajito road,
Monterey, California 93940

Los Angeles Superior Court

1945 Hill st. Los Angeles
Los Angeles, California 90007

Edmund D. Edelman children's courthouse

201 center plaza Drive
Monterey park, California 91754

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