If you or a loved one is arrested, it can be difficult to know what to do next. The first step should be to try and get yourself or a loved one out of detention as soon as possible. If you are unable to raise the required bail amount to secure a release, you can get in touch with us at Bail Bonds. Our bail bondsmen will advise you appropriately so that your loved one is freed from custody as soon as possible. Getting your release from detention with one of our local Perris bail bonds agents is easy. All you have to do is get in touch with us.

We are aware of the legal framework and the fears you may have for your loved one's security and welfare. For decades, we've been helping people post bail. As soon as we have the necessary details, we'll begin working toward the goal of getting you or your loved one released from custody as soon as possible.

Overview of California Bail Bonds

Bail refers to a sum of money that an accused person is required to pay to the court to be released from custody. An accused person is taken into custody and booked, after which they are kept in a detention cell until their court date. According to California law, you can post bail to be released from custody during the period between your arrest and court hearing. The payment of bail ensures that the accused person will show up for their trial or other court dates.

The bail amount is determined during the initial court appearance. Bail is normally set based on the several facts of each case, with the amount set by referring to California's bail schedule. The California superior courts in every county refer to a legal document known as a bail schedule that details the specific bail amounts for various crimes.

A defendant who wishes to post bail before their initial court appearance can do so by paying the specified amount. This may also be applicable if you have an arrest warrant linked to you. If you're held up in police custody, the bail schedule can serve as a guide for the judge in determining the bail amount. Additionally, the nature and seriousness of the offense can affect the bail amounts outlined in bail schedules.

The magistrate will use the following information to determine a suitable bail amount at the bail hearing:

  • The Severity Of The Charges

The judge has the discretion to modify the amount of bail based on the specific facts of each case, after consulting the bail schedule to establish the suggested amount. Some crimes are regarded as more serious than others, which means they carry higher bail amounts.

  • Prior Criminal Convictions

By posting bail, you promise to appear in court for your trial. The presiding judge will consider past convictions when determining your bail. If you're a first-time offender, your bail will most likely be lower. However, if you've ever had a criminal conviction or a history of missing court appearances, you could face a hefty bail sum.

  • Flight Risk

The likelihood that an accused person will run away to avoid appearing in court is known as flight risk. Bail amounts for individuals who pose a significant risk of fleeing will be increased. Your community relationships play a role in determining flight risk. If you have a reliable job and your family lives in the jurisdiction, you could not pose a high flight risk.

  • The Risk To Public Safety

Although granting bail keeps accused individuals out of custody while their legal cases proceed, the courts usually guarantee that granting bail won't harm the safety of the community. The judge can impose a higher bail amount or reject your request if your actions pose an imminent danger of causing harm to other people.

Types of Perris Bail Bonds

There are many ways you can get discharged from custody once the court issues your bail amount. The various types of bail bonds include the following:

Cash Bail

You can post bail by handing over to the court clerk the full sum of money if you have the necessary funds at hand. In many cases, posting cash bail has been the quickest and most convenient way to get an individual out of jail while awaiting trial. However, it's important to keep in mind that posting bail can put your finances under investigation, particularly in situations where a significant bail amount is required.

 Personal Recognizance Bond

In certain situations, a defendant with an ongoing case can be released without posting bail. If the magistrate grants you release on your own recognizance, you won't be required to post bail. However, it's important to note that not everyone is entitled to the OR release. First-time offenders who are charged with less serious offenses have a higher chance of getting a personal recognizance release.

Property Bonds

If you do not have the necessary funds to post bail, or if it turns out to be more economical, you have the option of posting a property lien. If you choose to use a property bond to get your loved one out of jail, you will guarantee the defendant's appearance in court by pledging the value of the real estate to the courts. California property values should be not less than 150% of the total bail amount before you can use them as collateral. If the defendant does not appear in court for the scheduled hearing, you will forfeit the property.

The presiding judge will schedule a special court hearing to ascertain who is the rightful owner of any property before accepting it in exchange for the accused person's release. When attending the property bond hearing, you should bring either the original property deed or a certified copy. Presenting any documentation of recent property liens and appraisals is also advised.

Bail Bonds

A bail bond can be used to guarantee a person's release from custody if the amount of bail exceeds what you and your loved ones can afford. You should get in touch with a Perris bail bonds company in this situation. The firm will dispatch a bail bondsman to assist in posting bail and assisting your loved one in navigating the bail procedures.

Once you get in touch with the bail bondsman, you need to let them know the defendant's legal name, the detention facility where they are being held, and the allegations they're facing. The bail bonds company will evaluate both your financial situation and the defendant's odds of showing up for court proceedings. Once your eligibility is confirmed, the bail bond agency will proceed to post bail and keep track of the individual's release.

California bail bonds cost ten percent of the total bail amount, and you are obligated to make payments for the full bail if the person under arrest fails to show up in court. You should note that the 10% bail bond premium is not refundable, even though the bail bond company will receive payment from the court once the case concludes. A bail bondsman not only posts bail but also makes sure the accused appears in court.

Bail Bond Cosigner

Many individuals who get released on bail require a bail cosigner. If you agree to co-sign an individual's bail bond, you assist them in contacting the bail bonds firm and securing the bond. Anyone can be a cosigner, including friends, family, and coworkers. Although an accused person may choose anybody to co-sign the bail bond, the bail bondsman determines whether that individual is eligible to serve as a co-signer.

A Perris bail bonds firm will evaluate your employment status and credit score before authorizing you to co-sign a defendant's bail bond. By signing the document together, you assume some of the liability for making sure the defendant complies with all court requirements. You will also be responsible for settling the bail fee. If the accused person fails to appear for bail and the court renounces the bail amount posted, you would be liable for the full bail amount.

Whether or not you choose to co-sign a bond depends on your connection with the accused. Understanding your responsibilities is essential before proceeding as a co-signer. You could terminate your co-signer agreement if you believe the defendant is unlikely to appear in court after you co-sign the bail bond.

The Benefits of Hiring A Perris Bail Bonds Company

It is crucial to act as quickly and efficiently as possible when trying to secure someone's release from jail, be it a loved one who has been arrested or you. As soon as you hear about your loved one's arrest, you want to post bail on your own. Nevertheless, many defendants and their families do not always have the money to post cash bail. The stress involved in getting out of jail can be reduced when you work with a Perris bail bonds agent to guide you through the procedure.

Working with a bail bond agent has the following advantages for you:

Saves Money

California often imposes high bail amounts. Because of this, most individuals and their loved ones find it difficult to raise the necessary funds on time. You may be forced to stay in jail until arraignment if bail isn't posted. Jail isn't a pleasant environment, and being separated from friends and family can be traumatic.

Using a bail bonds company reduces your financial obligation to the court to a fraction of the total bail amount. According to California law, the service charge for a bail bond is ten percent of the total value of bail. By doing this, you can avoid the stress of having to raise the entire bail amount and save money.

Prevents Liquidation of Properties

If you choose to post bail in cash, you might have to sell off some of your possessions or make tougher financial decisions. You won't have to sell off your possessions or take out a new mortgage to apply for a bail bond.

Avoid Financial Investigation

If you're able to raise the necessary funds, posting a significant cash bail could lead to further financial investigations. The prosecutor, judge, or law enforcement could launch an investigation to find out where the money came from if they have reason to believe that you received the bail funds unlawfully. This might put your financial situation in jeopardy and prolong the bail bond process, lengthening the period your loved one is detained. You can keep an eye on your finances without worrying by engaging a Perris bail bonds firm to secure your loved one's release.

Legal Expertise

A professional Perris bail bonds company should have prior experience with the local legal system and detention facilities. Also, it's important to learn how it works, which is especially challenging for first-time perpetrators. Collaborating with a bail bondsman simplifies your daily affairs as they can leverage their expertise to expedite the bail procedure and your subsequent release.


Arrest-related issues are sensitive and should be handled with care. As a result, you'll want to keep the bail procedure as private as possible. Bail bondsmen are aware of how important it is to maintain the privacy of information regarding your arrest and allegations.

Bail Bonds Companies are Responsible

When posting bail for someone, you're making a legal commitment to see that they comply with the terms of their release so that they can stand trial. You risk losing the bail money if the offender fails to adhere to the commitments that you made to the court. A bail bonds company assumes the risk and duty of making sure the defendant appears in court when they post the bail.

If you are arrested in Perris, California, you may be held at any of the following detention centers:

Robert Presley Detention Center

4000 Orange St

Riverside, CA, 92501


Perris Sheriff Station

137 North Perris Boulevard

Perris, CA, 92570


The following is the court information for defendants charged in Perris, CA:

Riverside Superior Court

4050 Main St

Riverside, CA, 92501


Sheriff's Court Services

4095 Lemon St

Riverside, CA, 92501


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