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Sometimes, you may be subject to arrest from unforeseen circumstances. This means you may not have intended to break the law or involve yourself in illegal activities. Nonetheless, the arresting officers will undertake their duty and detain you for further questioning and investigations. You can then exercise your right to exit jail pending the official filing of a suit against you. There are different options to help you exit jail.

Among these options available are posting bail or bail bond. Doing so allows you to regain your freedom subject to court-issued conditions. Although the release is conditional, it is significantly better than remaining in detention until the trial begins. If you choose the bail bonds option, you want to work with a reputable bail bonds company. At the Bail Bonds, we will help you have a speedy jail release process through the services provided. Our team is accessible in Anaheim, California, for anyone seeking reliable bail bond services.

What Posting Bail Entails

The bail posting process involves paying a specific amount to the court to secure your freedom after an arrest. Usually, any detained person can exit jail at the earliest convenience to exercise their constitutional rights.

Therefore, a release on bail is among the options to explore after the detention officers obtain the required information from you through the booking process. The other two options are released on your own recognizance, where you confess to committing the crime and accept to comply with court directives. Alternatively, you may be released on a citation, whereby charges do not have to result in a trial.

Although the two discussed alternatives seem straightforward, they involve acceptance in committing an offense. This may easily tarnish your criminal record and serve as a poor reference point in the future. Therefore, release on bail or bond is advisable, as it gives you the chance to receive a fair hearing.

The difference between bail and bond is that bail involves standard monetary amounts for specific charges. In collaboration with the Department of Justice, the court system provides a bail schedule with the estimated payment rates for offenses that allow release on bail.

On the other hand, bond payments involve high-value transactions in exchange for release. Most requirements include transferring property lien to the court as the price for your release. Additionally, bond transactions may involve large sums of money that are not always available. Subsequently, bond transactions hold higher stakes for persons seeking release, as you stand to lose more.

The concept of loss after posting bail or bond arises from the conditions set in court to dictate the terms of release. Firstly, you must complete the bail/bond transaction before exiting jail. Further, you must comply with all court directives to help recover your money or property after completing the trial.

You should note that bail or bond is the court’s bargaining chip to push you into making court appearances and refraining from committing additional offenses. Due to this, failure to comply with the requirements leads to forfeiture of your money or property, on top of possible arrests. Hence, you want to be keen on fulfilling the expectations to avoid any inconveniences.

The Bail Hearing

Every arrested person has the right to a bail hearing within twenty-four hours of the arrest. The exception arises for persons apprehended during the weekend or long holidays, as they need to wait until the next available court arraignment date. In the meantime, you can contact an Anaheim bail bonds agent to inform them of your arrest. This way, they will prepare adequately for the bail bonds services to come later.

A bail hearing is held to introduce you before the presiding judge and take your plea. Afterward, the judge considers the factors affecting your case before approving the set bail amount. The judge may also use the case factors to raise or lower the bail amount accordingly. The considerations guiding this decision include:

  • Your likelihood to flee the country.
  • Possible negative effects of your release back to society.
  • The type and nature of the offense committed.
  • Whether you have a criminal history.

Ways to Post Bail

After a successful bail hearing outcome, you will have the chance to post bail and secure your release. Therefore, you want to establish the best mode of the payment beforehand to help you act efficiently towards posting the bail or bond.

Usually, the court will not restrict you from selecting your preferred payment option, provided you complete the transaction on time. Thus, you want to focus on your financial flexibility towards the costs to help you select the best payment option for you. The following are some viable options in posting bail or bond:

Through Cashier Checks

Firstly, you may opt for cashier checks to complete the bail or bond transaction if you have someone to undertake the bank duties on your behalf. The reason for this is that your bank or other financial institution must approve the check for the transaction before the court receives it. Moreover, the bank teller or manager responsible for the approval may need to be present to verify the transaction before the court approves it.

Therefore, the option is only viable for defendants working closely with their attorneys, trusted friends, or family members. This is because entrusting your private bank details to other third parties may endanger your access to the money, particularly through enabled fraud. Subsequently, you may face several challenges in presenting your cashier checks when behind bars, making you face detention for longer.

By Cash Payments

Alternatively, you can present cash payments directly to the court office handling bail transactions. Nevertheless, you will need to present the complete amount required to avoid creating delays or setbacks in processing your release.

Although cash payments are fairly straightforward, the option presents several challenges for your consideration. Firstly, obtaining the large cash amounts required in court may create financial constraints, particularly if you do not have emergency funds available.

Further, you draw more scrutiny to yourself by making bail or bond payments in cash, especially for large amounts. This is especially true if you face charges related to fraud, money laundering, or drug trafficking, as the offenses involve the possession of large cash volumes.

As a result, the presiding judge may exercise the guidelines issued in section 1275.1 of the Penal Code. The provision allows the judge to revoke any cash payments for bail or bond if the prosecutor can prove that the money came from illegal sources. Consequently, parties with funds linked to these sources risk spending a long time behind bars as a punitive measure and to allow for further investigations.

Personal Check Payments

Additionally, personal check payment is accepted to post bail, provided the required amount does not exceed $7500. You will also need to present your Identity Card to aid in the verification of your transaction. A failure to do so may jeopardize your chance to exit the jail, creating more inconveniences for you.

Through Your Bail Bonds Agent

Finally, the most convenient option to post bail or bond is by instructing a bail bonds agent. Not only will you benefit from the speedy service you receive, but you will also avoid serious financial constraints. Hence, the option is popular among detained persons because it enables you to worry less about exiting jail. Instead, you can focus on finding a criminal defense attorney and beginning the research for your defenses.

In the meantime, your Anaheim bail bonds agent undertakes the necessary applications and transactions for your release. Although your input may be necessary for various application processes, you do not have to undertake any official duties yourself, mainly because you will still be in detention.

Benefitting from a Bail Bonds Service

Upon choosing to work with a bail bonds agent, you need to understand the type of service delivery you expect. Doing so will help you anticipate the expectations to fulfill on your end, even as you await the finalization of your transactions and your release

Firstly, the agent assigned to you will contact you or a loved one to obtain specific details. The information is required when preparing an application form for court presentation. Subsequently, issuing the details as soon as possible gives you a better chance of securing an earlier release. The following are the important details to provide your Anaheim bail bonds agent:

  • Your name and date of birth
  • Where the arrest occurred
  • Your physical address
  • The name of your current detention center
  • The approximate bail amount set for your release

After the agent receives the details, a notification is sent to you or a loved one, requiring collateral fee payments. The concept is introduced to help protect the bail bonds company from financial liability in case you default in making court appearances. As discussed, you will forfeit the amount posted as bail or bond upon the default, meaning the court keeps the total amount for itself.

Consequently, the bail bonds company holds the collateral fee until you complete the trial period without any defaults. This is because they will have posted bail on your behalf, meaning they risk losing their amounts if you do not comply with court directives. Nonetheless, they will refund the collateral amount upon the successful conclusion of the trial.

When the collateral figure is forwarded, your Anaheim bail bonds agent will begin making your application and providing it to court for processing. You should note that most court facilities now allow persons to post bail online for efficiency. As a result, the agent only needs to log into the court website and fill in the information as required.

Sometimes, you may need to append your signature on specific documents before the court allows for posting bail or bond. For example, you may need to pledge not to flee the country or commit another offense upon release. Thus, your bail bonds agent will need to contact the officers in your detention center to further assist in obtaining your signature.

Eventually, the court will process the application and receive the bail or bond payment. You should then receive a notification for your release within hours to help you return to your normal life. Moreover, you will have the chance to discuss your payment plan for the services rendered to you by the bail bonds company.

Fees Payable to Access Bail Bond Services

Typically, you will access numerous benefits thanks to the convenience and practicality provided by bail bonds services in your jail release. Therefore, a service charge applies to bail bond service beneficiaries to help run the company issuing assistance.

In California, bail bond companies issue charges guided by a standard rate, usually 10% of the bail or bond fee required in court. Hence, if the judge or bail schedule sets bail at $10,000, you will pay the bail bonds company a $1000 service fee.

Some instances involve clients with high bail or bond figures, translating to high service fee percentages. Due to this, your bail bonds agent is happy to discuss various payment plan options to provide a flexible and comfortable plan for you.

You should also note that the payment plan can include the collateral figure required by your Anaheim bail bonds agent, especially if you were unable to transfer it while in detention.

Since you are entitled to recover the amount upon completing your criminal trial, the bail bonds company holds the amount. Thus, the rates charged for regular payment plan interests do not have to apply in payments done for your collateral payment.

Jail and Court Information

Having jail and court information is essential for anyone looking to follow up on their loved one’s detention. Thanks to the details, you can contact different government offices easily for faster assistance. The following is important jail  and court information for reference when detained in Anaheim:

Orange County Superior Court-Lamoreaux Justice Center

341, The City Dr. S,

Orange County, California,

92868, United States.


The Anaheim Detention Facility

425 S, Harbor Boulevard,

Anaheim, California,

92805, United States.


Anaheim Police Department

425 S, Harbor Boulevard,

Anaheim, California,

92805, United States.


Anaheim City Prosecution Office

200 S, Anaheim Boulevard,

Anaheim, California,

92805, United States.


Contact a Bail Bonds Service Provider Near Me

When you or a loved one faces detention for a criminal accusation, you want to act fast and post bail or hire a bail bonds company. However, the availability of funds is not always guaranteed, so you want to work with a bail bonds service provider. Their assistance will make your release process smoother, giving you a chance to return to your everyday life faster.

At the Bail Bonds, we will help you exit jail at the earliest chance. The assigned bail bonds agent will handle your matter expeditiously, giving you the chance to avoid the financial pressure associated with posting bail from out of pocket. If you or a loved one requires bail bond services in Anaheim, California, contact us today at 323-579-1415.

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