Even though California law allows for the posting of bail for a defendant to be released before the resolution of their case, most people cannot afford to pay the entire bail amount after an arrest in Beaumont. That means being locked up for a longer than necessary period. A person can await trial from jail for several months or even years if they cannot post the required bail amount. Luckily, arrestees who cannot post bail can receive support from professional bail bond companies that devote themselves to assisting people in quickly being set free and safely returning to their daily duties.

At Bail Bonds, we provide reliable Beaumont bail bonds with simple and affordable payment and financing options to enable defendants to secure their release as fast as possible. Our bail bondsmen are available 24/7 to ensure the entire experience is as stress-free and organized as possible. Even better, we have a strong relationship with the local police and judges, which helps us expedite the release process. Call us for a consultation and kick off your or your loved one's release process.

How Beaumont Bail Bonds Work

When you are arrested in Beaumont, you will be transferred to a local jail, police station, or sheriff's department for booking. Booking entails the arresting officer recording your fingerprints, taking your mugshot, and recording the charges against you. Once the officer completes the booking process, they will permit you to make one call to notify your friends or family of your arrest. Afterward, the officer will transfer you to jail or a holding cell to await the D.A.'s decision regarding criminal charge filing.

Should the D.A. bring criminal charges against you, you will be subject to your first court appearance, known as the arraignment. Here, the judge will ask how you plead to your charges and then set bail. Sometimes, the judge will not set bail but release you on your own recognizance or O.R. release.

An O.R. release is where the judge releases you from custody without making bail. The only requirement from the judge will be for you to sign a promise that you will appear in court on the scheduled dates. This promise to show up in court as required is a written statement, which holds water legally. The O.R. release mainly applies to less severe crimes, like nonviolent misdemeanors.

If the judge does not decide to release you on your O.R., they will set the bail amount, which you must pay before you can be set free. Bail is generally a guarantee, in the form of money or property, that once you are released from custody, you will keep your promise of appearing in court. If you fail to keep your promise, the bail money will be forfeited to the court.

After the bail-setting procedure, you can post bail in one of these three ways: cash bail, property bond, or bail bond. Cash bail is where you post the entire amount using cash from your pocket or raise it from family and friends. A property bond is when you give property to the court in exchange for your release. The property can be anything of value, including a car, house, jewelry, et cetera.

The third option for posting bail is through a bail bond. Thus, once the judge has set bail, you can call a Beaumont bail bonds agency to start the bail posting process. The bail bondsman will need you to provide some basic details regarding you, including your name, date of birth, charges against you, the jail you are in, the set bail value, et cetera. Once the bail bondsman has obtained this information, they will kick off the process to secure a bond.

A bail bond is also known as a surety bond. It is an agreement between you (the defendant), the bail bonds company, and the criminal court. The bonds agency agrees to post the entire bail amount to the criminal court for a fee. In Beaumont, this fee is often 10 percent of the full bail value, and it is not refunded even if you make all the court appearances, are found not criminally liable, or the judge drops your charges.

Note that your bail bondsman may request collateral. This collateral secures the surety bond just in case you miss court dates. If you miss court dates, the Beaumont bail bonds company you contracted will forfeit the bond money to the criminal justice system. And so, to recover this amount, they may sell the collateral you provided. Collateral can be anything valuable, such as a house, a car, collectibles, et cetera.

After you have secured the bond, the bail bondsman will go to court to post it, and you will be released. However, remember that you must appear on all the scheduled court dates once you are out and comply with any conditions the court sets, like reporting to the probation officer and remaining in the state. Failure to adhere to these conditions could lead to the court revoking bail and you being re-arrested.

Remember that your friend or loved one can post the surety bond for you since you will be in jail. This person will meet with the bail bondsman and acquire the bail bond for you. The person will likely be your co-signer.

Factors Determining the Bail Amount

Before a judge sets bail in Beaumont, they consider various factors, including:

  • How severe the crime is—if the offense is more serious, the judge will set bail higher, and vice versa is true. For example, someone facing nonviolent misdemeanor charges will be subject to a lower bail than a person facing charges for a violent felony.
  • The odds of the accused appearing in court—judges assess the possible risk of the accused making court appearances when deciding the value to set.
  • The accused’s criminal history—if you have an extensive criminal record, you will be subject to a higher bail amount than an accused who is a first-time offender.
  • Caring responsibilities—when determining the bail amount, the judge considers if you are a parent, caregiver, or spouse.
  • Flight risk—if there is any chance you will flee before your court date, the judge will set a higher bail amount than they would for a person who is not deemed a flight risk.
  • Community ties—if you have extensive community ties, the judge may grant you a lower bail amount than they would for somebody not well connected to the community.
  • Threat to public safety—before the judge releases you on bail, they will assess you to determine whether you pose any risk to the alleged victim or the public in general. If you are a danger to public safety, the judge may deny bail or set a higher amount.

In certain instances, a judge may automatically set bail based on the court-established Riverside County bail schedule. A bail schedule lists a pre-determined bail value for different crimes; each county has its own. Nevertheless, depending on the case facts, the judge can still deviate from the bail schedule and impose a lower or higher bail value.

Advantages of Beaumont Bail Bonds

Cash bail and property bonds are not commonly used in Beaumont because of their several drawbacks. One of the disadvantages of cash bail is that most people cannot afford to post cash bail because of the high bail amount judges usually set. Bail in Beaumont can be as high as $100,000. Very few people can afford this kind of money to be able to post cash bail.

Additionally, since the money will be held in court, you cannot use it elsewhere, for example, to invest, until the case is resolved. And even after case resolution, you must wait six months to receive your money.

For a property bond, the process is time-consuming and complicated. For one, the court must first appraise the property to ensure it is valuable enough to be posted as bail. Secondly, the court requires that the property value be at least twice the bail value, which places valuable property at risk of forfeiture.

Beaumont bail bonds, on the other hand, are the most commonly used option to post bail because of their various benefits. These advantages include the following:

You Will Avoid Financial Scrutiny

We mentioned that the bail value can be as high as hundreds of thousands of dollars. Even if someone had this kind of money, paying it in a lump sum to the court would trigger investigations into how the person obtained the money, regardless of whether the money was earned legally. You may raise some eyebrows if you post cash bail, particularly in significant amounts. You can avoid all this by securing a bond. The bail bonds agency will only charge a small percentage of the bail value, preventing investigation bodies from knowing your worth.

You Will Be In Safe Hands

If you work with a bondsman, you can ask your questions freely. Seeking a surety bond rather than paying cash or providing your valuable property means you will be safe. Bondsmen are professionals, having undergone the process several times. They possess the required experience and knowledge in everything court-related and legal. They can understand how the Beaumont bail bonds process works and will ensure you are released promptly and obtain 24/7 assistance.

Quick and Seamless Jail Release

Being arrested, transferred to the police station, and arranging to be released can overwhelm a person. The whole procedure is lengthy. It entails completing the necessary documents, filing them, speaking with the relevant parties regarding your release, et cetera. In addition to the stress, jails are often crowded, and self-incrimination is real. However, you can remain calm once you have hired a bonds agency to help you with bail posting.

When you contact a bail bondsman, you can relax because they understand the procedures involved in making bail and focus on only one thing: to have the court release you as fast as possible. The bondsman will also advise you on how to carry yourself between your release and court trial.

Bail Bonds Save Money

As mentioned, bail amounts vary. For some offenses, it could be five hundred dollars, while for some violations, it could be up to a million dollars. When you hire a Beaumont bail bonds company to help you post bail, you do not need to pay the whole amount. You only have to pay a stipulated percentage of your bail amount. This has enabled many arrestees to post bail and secure their release.

Considering you must pay for your lawyer, this will be a significant financial relief. You can spend the amount you saved on hiring an experienced lawyer. This advantage alone means Beaumont bail bonds are better than posting with cash or property.

Maintaining Confidentiality

Confidentiality is essential in financial and legal matters. Bail bondsmen maintain discretion about your case. You might be shy about telling them how you found yourself in trouble with the law, but all your information will remain a secret if you do. They will know what to tell law enforcement and what not to say. Additionally, they will assist you in obtaining a good attorney if you ask them.

Court Information

Banning Justice Center

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Banning, CA, 92220

Phone No.: 951-777-3147

Jail Information

Beaumont Police Department

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Telephone No.: 951-769-8500

Smith Correctional Facility

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Telephone No.: 951-922-7300

Robert Presley Detention Center

4000 Orange St.

Riverside, CA 92501

Telephone No.: 951-955-4500

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