You have probably landed on this page because you need to secure your loved one’s release from detention. Take a deep breath and relax because Bail Bonds Company can help you through this challenging moment. We understand how frustrated you could feel and can act swiftly to post bail and secure a prompt release of your relative or friend. In this article, you will learn more about Monrovia bail bonds, how they work, and that you do not have to go through this embarrassing and challenging moment alone.

Defining Bail and Bail Bonds

Bail is the money the court requires to release a defendant and ensure they will attend their court hearing. The judge determines the bail amount based on factors like the crime’s severity and nature, whether the defendant is a flight risk, and community ties. The judge will set a high bail amount or even deny it altogether if you are a threat to your community or likely to flee the jurisdiction after your release.

If you cannot raise the required amount, you will remain detained until your criminal case closes. It can result in significant financial hardship due to the inability to operate your business or return to work on top of stress on your loved ones from being short on services you offer at home. That is why paying bail should be your priority.

You can post your bail as cash bail, property bond, or bail bond. The judge can also release you on your own recognizance. With an O.R. release, you promise to comply with your bail conditions and will be released without paying any amount.

Bail bonds are common in cases where the defendant cannot afford to raise their bail amount. They are available through bondsmen who post the entire bail amount to the court for a non-refundable 10% premium. For instance, if the set bail amount is $30,000, your bail bond will be $3,000.

If there is a suspicion that your cash bail money originated from a crime, you have to prove that you legally obtained the money. Otherwise, you will be denied bail. The court believes you are less likely to return to court, especially when accused of engaging in a profitable criminal enterprise. Posting bail bonds is an effective way to avoid scrutiny.

Generally, the release process takes a couple of hours after your experienced Monrovia bail bonds company posts the bail. However, you can speed up the process by preparing the following details before contacting the bondsman:

  • The defendant’s name.
  • The accused address and phone number.
  • The defendant’s occupation or employer’s information.
  • The defendant’s birthday.
  • The name of the jurisdiction holding your loved one.
  • The alleged crime.
  • The required bail amount.
  • The defendant’s booking number.

Paying Your Bail Using Tax Refund

The due date for filing taxes is around the corner, which means expecting significant refunds. Tax refunds stem from a citizen's tax amount to the Internal Revenue Service when they have paid more than the total bill cost. The government determines whether the citizen is owed a refund and the amount. If it finds that the taxpayer has paid more, it will send the payee a tax refund as a check.

Moreover, you could qualify for a tax credit. Tax credits are when the government gives taxpayers more refunds than the tax they overpaid.  The rationale for giving out tax credits is to aid working persons who are not privileged.

The best thing about tax refunds and tax credits is that the taxpayer and their family should determine how to use the amount. Most seasoned Monrovia bail bonds service providers understand that sometimes posting bail for a relative is the best way a family can spend the money given. At Bail Bonds Company, we can assist you through paying bail bonds using tax refunds in a pocket-friendly manner.

One thing you should know about posting your bail using tax refund money is that jails and bail bond companies cannot cash or take the tax return check. Consequently, you should cash it beforehand, ensuring the funds are paid either:

  • On a prepaid credit card
  • Into your bank account
  • In PayPal account

Also, paying your bail using the tax refund might not be an effective use of the amount. Bail is tailored to discourage defendants from fleeing the jurisdiction as they await trial, and the judge will set a considerable bail amount. Regrettably, only a few people can receive tax refunds that cover the total bail amount.

However, seeking bail bonds is an effective alternative that requires a 10% premium of the necessary amount.

What You Need to Carry When Using Your Tax Returns to Post Your Bail Bonds

Remember to cash the tax returns check before contacting your Monrovia bail bondsman.

Other documents you should bring include the following:

  • Proof of your residence — You can use a utility bill with your name, rental agreement, or mortgage agreements
  • A recent photographic identification like your passport
  • Proof of your income, like a payslip or bank statement

You should also carry your completed bail bond application form to secure a prompt release. Nonetheless, your friendly and knowledgeable bondsman can guide you if you require assistance completing the application.

Revoking Monrovia Bail Bonds

A bond is a surety that assures the defendant will make all court appearances. It means the accused will be released from police custody without posting the required bail amount, which is often vast sums of money. Parties involved in the agreement include the defendant, the judge, the co-signer, and the bondsman.

As a co-signer, you are financially responsible for the accused person’s bail through the bondsman. In most cases, it means paying the 10% premium and putting down collateral as a guarantee of the total bail cost should your loved one skip bail.

While assisting a loved one is the best step to take, there are situations in which you might want to revoke their bail bond. They include:

  • You fear the accused will not comply with their release terms —You think the defendant will miss the scheduled court hearing or violate another law
  • You have fallen out with your loved one or have discovered more case facts
  • Financial pressure —You have financial struggles and feel like you are under increased pressure that can result in anxiety, sleepless nights, stress, and poor health.

If you are on friendly terms with the accused and they can pay bail themselves if you revoke their bail bonds, you can guide them on how to post their bail and remain free.

However, the situation is complicated if you are concerned about the defendant’s conduct or reaction.  In this case, you should contact your bondsman and explain your situation. Then the bondsman will inform the relevant court of the changes and ensure the decision is final. Once you revoke the Monrovia bail bonds, the accused person will be re-arrested unless they post bail themselves or find another indemnitor.

Steps to Take to Protect Yourself as a Co-signer

When contemplating co-signing, you should consider the person you are signing for. The last thing you want is to waste your hard-earned funds on a person who is likely to commit another crime or will put you in financial difficulty due to their irresponsible conduct. You will be taking financial and personal responsibility, so the person should be trustworthy, responsible, and reliable.

You are entering into a lawfully binding agreement by agreeing to co-sign a Monrovia bail bonds agreement. If the defendant violates their release terms, the court will forfeit the bond, and you should pay the court the entire bail amount. Therefore, you should read and understand the document. Typically, the agreement will ask for your personal information, like banking and employer information. If you disagree with its terms, you can refuse to cosign.

Another way to protect yourself is by introducing additional conditions to the agreement. You can request that your loved one:

  • Sets up a repayment plan to repay what you have spent
  • Attends all court hearings
  • Does not leave the state
  • Surrenders their driver’s license and passport

The Authorities Can Also Revoke Bail Bonds

Authorities like courts can also revoke bail bonds if any of the following statements are true:

  • It is challenging to find the defendant because they are not putting on the GPS tracked offered
  • The accused broke their bail conditions or engaged in unlawful conduct
  • The court believes the defendant is a flight risk

Whom to Call First: A Criminal Defense Lawyer or a Monrovia Bail Bonds Service

Being arrested can be horrifying and confusing. If it occurs, you should make an informed decision on whom to contact for help. Well, some of the first two options are a bondsman or a criminal defense attorney. Here are reasons why it could be in your best interests to contact a bondsman before a legal counsel.

Your Bondsman Can Help You Avoid Spending Time in Jail

When a suspect is arrested, they are sent to a local jail and should post bail. Otherwise, the individual will be transferred to a county jail. Consequently, a bonding company can help you leave jail quickly. Once you post bail, you can leave the jail and return to the scheduled court proceedings.

Retaining a Lawyer Does Not Guarantee Liberty

While a lawyer plays a significant role in proving your innocence, it is not guaranteed that they will be successful. On the contrary, the bondsman can secure a prompt release as you await trial.

Securing a release allows you to return to work immediately, maintain employment, spend time with your loved ones, and protect your right to be presumed innocent until proven guilty. It also eliminates the burden on taxpayers to track defendants. Finally, it allows you to work with your lawyer, collect evidence, and build a strong defense case.

Bailing Out Will Give You More Leverage

When detained, the prosecutor can offer the defendant a plea bargain. A plea bargain happens when the defendant accepts the prosecutor’s offer for a less severe charge or penalties. While the deal might seem reasonable because you will obtain a release quickly, you could end up serving time for a crime you did not commit.

By posting bail first, you give your attorney ample time to work on your case while keeping you free.

A Bondsman Can Help You Secure a Prompt Release

While your lawyer can visit you in jail after your arrest, some require a retainer to be paid before visiting a potential client during business hours. Moreover, bail is expensive, and most suspects do not have enough money to arrange to post their bail immediately.

Most Bail Bonds Companies Offer 24/7 Services

Lawyers do not work on holidays, weekends, or at night. On the other hand, most seasoned bondsmen offer a 24/7 service. That means regardless of what time of the day it is, a bondman can help you and your family.

You can also apply for your bond application online and do not have to make physical visits.

Bail Discounts and Flexible Payment Plans

The standard bail rate set and regulated by the California Department of Insurance is 10% of the total bail amount, making bail expensive. If you are arrested and facing financial challenges in paying the total bail bond cost, you can turn to your bondsman for payment plans and discounts.

Payment Plans

A payment plan permits you to obtain your Monrovia bail bonds in installments if you cannot raise the required bail bond amount.  For instance, if you cannot pay a $1,000 bail bond upfront, you can make a down payment of $400 and pay the outstanding balance in agreed-upon installments. The higher the downpayment you are willing to give, the higher the possibility of obtaining the payment plan.

Bail Bonds Company offers a wide range of payment options and can work with you to determine what you can afford. We offer payment plans for as little as 1%.

When creating your payment plan, please find the applicable interest rate for your outstanding balance.

To qualify for a bail bond flexible payment plan, you should:

  • Be a California resident.
  • Have a cosigner with proof of income, California residency, and a valid California ID.
  • Not have committed an out-of-state crime, federal crime, or an offense that requires immigration bonds.

Your cosigner’s gross annual income should equal or exceed the amount of bail needed. Alternatively, they should be a homeowner with adequate equity in the real estate to cover the bail amount alongside fees owed to the bondsman

A few factors determine the required down payment, including the following:

  • The set bail amount — The more significant the bail requested, the larger the down payment needed.
  • Proof that you can make your payments on time.
  • Credit score.
  • Living condition.
  • Employment and work history.

Having a co-signer can reduce your down payment. Suppose you have 2% of the total bail amount and need more money to make the required monthly payments for the payment plan or are unemployed. In this case, the bondsman will consider you a high-risk client, and failing to make timely payments could mean the bond firm returning you to jail. However, having a co-signer means while you are still accountable for the bail bond payment, they will pay it if you are behind on your monthly payments.

Please note that Monrovia bail bonds payment plans work like loans, and the bondsman can ask for collateral when determining eligibility for the plan. Collateral can include vehicles and homes.

When negotiating your payment plan, ensure you choose an amount you can comfortably pay monthly. Failing to make timely payments can lead to loss of collateral and accrued interest rates. It is wise to contact your bondman if you have an issue. You will be surprised to learn how the bond service will be willing to help you.

Please note that you are still responsible for your payment plan regardless of your criminal case outcome.

Taking Advantage of Discounts

Some of the special discounts you can use to secure your release include:

  • Union members discounts.
  • Homeowner discounts.
  • Family member discount.
  • Military discounts.
  • Repeat client discounts.
  • Healthcare workers.
  • AARP Member Discounts.
  • Government worker discount.

Jail, Courthouse, and Police Department Contact Information

Monrovia Police Department

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Los Angeles Superior Court, Monrovia Court

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Metropolitan Detention Center, Los Angeles

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Twin Towers Correctional Facility

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