Undoubtedly, finding yourself in trouble with the law for any alleged offense can be an earth-shattering and confusing experience. Having those cold metal handcuffs on your wrist can seem like the end of the world, but that does not mean you are guilty of the alleged offense. If you are in jail for any violation, you should work to receive your freedom as soon as possible.

One way you can protect your freedom pending the outcome of your case, which could take several weeks or months, is by posting bail. At Bail Bonds Company, we can help you obtain your freedom on bail soon after your arrest to move on with your daily activities and take care of your family.

Our understanding and confidential bail bondsmen are on standby 24/7 to ensure you, or anyone you love, is out of custody without unnecessary delay. Read on to understand what bail is and how important it is to obtain Lakewood bail bonds service after your arrest on suspicion that you are a culprit in any criminal offense.

What to Remember Upon an Arrest

Whether the alleged case is a misdemeanor or felony, it is important to know your rights when dealing with the police. Typically, upon an arrest, you have the following legal rights:

Right to Remain Silent

Aside from providing your name to the officers, you are under no legal obligation to give out any other information. The arresting officers could seem friendly to you, but they are not your friends. That means the information you decide to tell the officers during the investigation process will likely apply against you, reducing your chances of winning the accused case.

Hence, it is advisable to remain or stay silent when dealing with law enforcement officers upon an arrest for any accused offense for the best possible result in your case.

Right to Speak to a Personal Attorney

Although the court can appoint a public defender to defend your best interests and legal rights during the arraignment hearing, it is important to work with a personal attorney. A personal attorney with significant experience handling similar or related cases can increase your odds of obtaining a favorable verdict on the alleged charge.

A seasoned and skilled attorney could also help you avoid trial by convincing the prosecutor to award you a favorable plea bargain deal or diversion program, depending on your case’s facts. Ensure the attorney you will hire is:

  • Licensed and accredited.
  • Qualified and experienced.
  • Credible and reputable.
  • Accessible and available.
  • Cost-friendly.

Right to Obtain Your Freedom on Bail

Generally speaking, every defendant has a legal right to post bail upon arrest to protect their freedom pending the alleged case’s judgment. If the arresting police have a bail schedule at their station, you can post your bail immediately after an arrest to obtain your freedom. A bail schedule is typically a list of predetermined bail amounts for specific criminal offenses.

If the arresting police do not have a bail schedule or perhaps the alleged crime has no predetermined bail amount, you will wait for the arraignment proceeding to post bail with the court’s clerk.

Understanding What Bail is in a Nutshell

Bail is the predetermined or court-set amount of money you should pay to secure a release from a detention facility or jail awaiting your charge’s trial date. Typically, this amount is not a penalty for the alleged offense but rather collateral to ensure your availability in court during the case’s pretrial and trial hearing.

Once the trial is over, the judge will return the bail money to the person who put it up for your freedom. Since this amount is typically high, most arrestees or defendants opt to work with a bail bondsman to secure their freedom at an affordable cost.

While a bondsman is not an attorney, you can depend on him/her for speedy Lakewood bail bonds service if you are in custody on suspicion that you are a culprit in any criminal case.

Why Cash Bail is a Controversial Topic Among Most People

Cash bail remains a controversial topic among most people because it seems unfair to people who cannot afford to pay the bail amount for their alleged cases. Even if the required bail amount is a few dollars, a person with no ready cash to settle it could end up behind bars pending their case’s outcome.

However, a wealthy person charged with a similar offense will pay his/her cash bail immediately and have their freedom. Fortunately, in 2019, the court declared the cash bail system unfair and unconstitutional.

According to Senate Bill (SB) 10, the Money Bail Reform Act, signed by former Governor Jerry Brown, a defendant’s custody status after an arrest should not be determined by whether he/she can afford cash bail. Instead, the court should consider a variety of factors when determining whether to release a defendant on bail, including:

  • Whether you are a threat to public safety.
  • Your probability of showing up for the scheduled hearings after posting bail.

Other Factors That Can Affect Your Eligibility for Bail

In addition to the factors mentioned in the previous paragraph, the judge will consider several other factors when determining whether to give you a release from jail on bail. Some of these factors include:

The Severity of Your Charges

While every defendant has a legal right to pay bail, the severity of the alleged offense could disqualify you from obtaining a release from the detention center on bail. Below are offenses that could make you ineligible for bail:

  • Capital crimes like treason, first-degree murder, train robbery, or terrorism.
  • Felony sexual assault crimes like rape.
  • Violent felonies like assault, robbery, or homicide.

Repeat Offenses

Usually, the judge will check your criminal record when determining whether to approve your bail application. If you are a repeat offender, the court can deny your bail request because it means you haven’t learned from your previous mistakes.

Lack of Community or Family Obligations

If you do not have family ties or community obligations, the court could consider you a flight risk, meaning you can flee the state or country after posting bail. That is true, especially if you are a non-citizen.

Lack of Respect in the Court

Unfortunately, behaviors like shouting or yelling in court during the arraignment or bail hearing could lead to the denial of your bail application or request. Even when you do not have a past criminal record or could otherwise qualify to post bail, these misbehaviors could make the judge change his/her mind about your bail request.

A Past History of Missing Court Hearings

When you make a bail application, the judge will check your record of returning to the court after posting bail. If you have missed one or two court dates, there is a high chance that the court could deny your application request.

If the court denies your bail request, you should find out the reason and what to do next because staying behind bars pending your case’s trial is not an option. Your defense attorney can help you find out the reason for bail denial and help you reapply to receive your deserved freedom without delay.

Average Bail Amount for Common Crimes

Generally speaking, bail is not cheap because it gives a defendant a reason to adhere to the conditions of his/her release from jail. While several factors can influence the bail price you will pay, below are estimates for common crimes:

Driving Under the Influence (DUI)

Despite tough measures by law enforcement officers to curb road-related accidents, DUI charges are still common. Whether or not you pass a drug or breathalyzer test, the police can arrest you for an alleged DUI case for merely being impaired to operate a vehicle as a sober person would under the same circumstances. In most counties, a first-time DUI charge can attract a bail price of up to $5,000.


According to Penal Code (PC) 240, you commit the crime of assault when you intentionally attempt to inflict a physical injury on another person. Even if you did not inflict injury on the person, under this statute, you could be guilty of assault if the prosecutor can prove you had the capacity or ability to inflict injury on the person.

Depending on your case’s severity, the bail price the court could require for the alleged assault charge could range between $25,000 to $100,000.

Drug Possession

Another commonly charged and punishable crime is drug possession. Possession of illegal and controlled substances, including prescription drugs, without a doctor’s prescription can attract misdemeanor charges.

Typically, when you are in legal custody as a culprit in a drug possession case, the court could require you to pay a bail price ranging between $20,000 and $100,000, depending on the following facts:

  • The type of drug you had in your possession.
  • The amount of drug you had in your possession.
  • Your criminal history.

Weapon Charges

While you are legally allowed to own a firearm, you must abide by specific laws regulating gun use and possession. For instance, negligent discharge of a firearm could put you in trouble with the law even if it is licensed and you are the legal owner. Generally, on most weapon charges, the court could require you to pay a bail price of up to $20,000 upon an arrest if you are a first-time offender.

Restraining Order Violations

Also known as a protective order, a restraining order is a civil court order designed to protect individuals from being emotionally, sexually, or physically abused by another person. When a person obtains a restraining order against you, you should abide by the conditions of the order for the maximum time required by the court.

According to PC 273.6, violating a restraining order is a crime chargeable and punishable as a misdemeanor. Whether a permanent or temporary restraining order is in place, violating its conditions can attract a bail price of up to $15,000.

As you can see above, the bail amount or price is typically high, even for misdemeanor charges. That is where a bail bonds company comes in to help you settle your bail price immediately to obtain a release from jail.

If you or a loved one is under arrest for any alleged offense, do not hesitate to contact a bondsman for the quick Lakewood bail bonds service you deserve at these confusing times.

Factors to Consider When Searching for Lakewood Bail Bonds Service

For prompt Lakewood bail bonds service, you should dedicate ample time to finding a dependable company. Here are critical factors to consider when finding a dependable bondsman to obtain your freedom without wasting time:

  1. Whether the Bondsman is Available

Typically, the need for bail bond service can arise at any time of the day, even at night when your friends and family are asleep. Therefore, it is wise to consider whether your bondsman is available to help you at the time of your arrest.

A reputable and dependable bondsman will have someone available 24/7 for prompt bail bond service to prospective customers who are probably behind bars.

  1. Whether The Bondsman is Licensed

When finding a reliable bondsman, it is wise to check whether he/she is licensed. As part of the legal requirement, all businesses, including bail bond companies, must obtain a license before commencing with a bail bond service.

If your prospective bondsman is unlicensed, you should look for a different company because it could mean he/she does not meet the required eligibility criteria for obtaining a license.

  1. Whether the Bondsman is Trustworthy

Ensure the bondsman you choose to work with is trustworthy and dependable. To know whether your prospective bondsman is trustworthy, you should pay attention to his/her customer service during your first consultation. If you believe he/she will not keep his/her promises to help you secure a release from jail without delay, you should trust your instincts and find a different company.

  1. Whether the Bondsman is Reputable

The reputation of a bondsman can say a lot about his/her quality of services. To know whether your prospective bondsman is reputable, you can check his/her rating on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) website. If he/she has pending complaints, you should take that as a red flag about his/her quality of services and find another reputable company.

A bondsman with a credible reputation will most likely offer you an affordable and fast Lakewood bail bonds service to secure your release from the detention facility or jail.

  1. Whether the Bondsman Has Flexible Payment Options

Finally, you could want to ensure the bondsman you choose has flexible payment plans to clear his/her service fee or premium without a hassle. Typically, a bondsman will require ten percent of your bail price as a premium or service fee for their fast bail bond service.

Some bond companies could require a down payment of this fee or allow you to pay over a specified period. Ensure you ask your prospective bondsman about the available payment options to make an informed decision on whom to work with ahead of time.

In addition to this fee, your bondsman could require collateral to post bail. Collateral could be any valuable asset or item, like a car, house, jewelry, or real estate.

These tips will reduce your options to find a dependable bondsman without delay for speedy Lakewood bail bonds service that you deserve to receive your freedom upon an arrest.

Information You Need When Contacting a Bail Bond Company

Before you contact a prospective bondsman for fast bail bond service, you will need certain vital information in advance, including:

  • Your full legal names.
  • The address details of the detention facility you are in custody.
  • Your jail booking number.
  • Details of the charge you are up against.
  • Your residency information or address.
  • Your asset information.
  • Your job description and history.
  • Your current income.

If you want to help a loved one secure a release from jail on bail, the following jail and court information will come in handy for quick Lakewood bail bond service:

Jail Information

Lakewood Sheriff's Station

5130 Clark Avenue,
Lakewood, CA 90712

Courthouse Information

Bellflower Courthouse

10025 E Flower St
Bellflower, Ca 90706

Find a Lakewood Bail Bondsman Near Me

Aside from hiring an attorney upon an arrest, you could also need the services of a bondsman. Even if your bail price is affordable, most defendants opt to work with a bond agent to avoid putting their money on the line after an arrest. A bondsman can help you clear your bail price to receive your freedom immediately after an arrest.

We at Bail Bonds Company understand the importance of posting bail immediately upon an arrest. Regardless of the severity of the accused offense, our bail bondsmen are ready to work with you during these difficult times to receive your freedom without delay.

Call us at 323-579-1415 and let our bondsmen offer you the fast Lakewood bail bonds service you need to obtain your freedom as the alleged case continues through various stages of the legal justice system.


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